It's been a while since I did any work

It's been a while since I did any work. This is just a one shot I did out of boredom. Cain belongs to crave and polygon magic. Emermi belong to me.

Dry those tears

One tear


Another tear


Now a load more. Tears on her work, washing away the ink with her tears, always crying, always alone. "Why..." She always asked this question and she never known the reason why. "You know every time I see you you're always crying" The girl looked up to see the gothic young man standing there. She knew him they always talked, so she wiped away her tears. "Hello Cain" Cain unfolded his arms and walked over to her, sitting next to her "you ok?" Emermi nodded "Liar" she looked at Cain "What?" Cain smirked "your lying, you always say you're alright when you really aren't. Am I correct?" Emermi just turned away Cain's smirk disappeared "Don't be scared Emermi you can tell me anything" He ran his fingers through her long black hair, he smiled a bit "you know if you smiled a bit more I bet you'll be the prettiest girl here" Emermi blushed a little " I don't feel pretty" Cain moved a little closer to Emermi.

"Believe me your very beautiful" Emermi looked at him "but I'm not, my face is plain, I have no fashion sense, I'm just plain old Emermi" Cain put two of his fingers on her lips "you're so negative about yourself Emermi" Emermi looked at him "I'm sorry" Cain's hand reached up to stroke her cheek "Don't apologize Emermi you just need…a lot of love and care that's all" Emermi showed an facial expression of confusion "Love and care?" Cain nodded and smirked "I'll show you…just how beautiful and special you really are to me" Before Emermi could say anything, Cain pressed his lips against her. Emermi's eyes widen as Cain wrapped his arms around her, deepen the kiss he's giving her. Emermi finally relaxed and put her arms around his neck and closed her eyes. For nearly five minutes the two kissed shyly but gently, but they eventually pulled away, panting in each others arms. After catching his breath back Cain smirked "Feel better now? Don't feel like crying anymore?" Emermi smiled at him "Don't worry, I won't cry anymore?" Cain smiled back "That's my girl"

He planted a kiss on her cheek and one more on her lips then got up to leave but before he left her room he turned to her "Your beautiful to me remember that" then he turned back and walked out closing the door behind him. Emermi just sat there, thinking on what just happened, the kiss, the love and care Cain gave her. Then she smiled she just thought to herself at least Cain loved her for who she was. She felt a lot better when she was around him. So she closed her eyes and fell asleep to dream.