i'm so sorry it's been so long, but school is over.
i guess i kinda forgot it was here, megalolz.

"Dude. What are you doing out here?" Samoa Joe asked, shoving his hands into his pockets seeing one of his best friends sitting on his car in the parking lot. Colt looked up at the huge Samoan with a huge grin on his face.

"She's coming to the show." He smiled proudly. Joe laughed and sat down next to him, slapping his shoulder. "You're teacher chick huh?" Joe asked. No doubt all of Colt's friends had heard all about her and by now everyone knew that she would be there, safe to say they were all very very curious.

"Brooke, yeah." He smiled, standing up as he saw a car drive by that she had described to him over the phone. It pulled into park and he grinned, she was here to see him, and just him.

"Sup Colton." She grinned getting out of the car. Cabana smiled even wider as he walked over to her. She looked so good outside of school, in her jeans and her white t-shirt and her hair up and her cute little smile. "Nothin much, Vaughn." He smiled, throwing an arm around her waist as if he had done it a million times.

"Ready for some good times?" Colt smiled at her, wiggling his eyebrows. "Depends on what you mean by that, weirdo." She said, before punching him in the stomach softly. He faked hurt and cried out to Joe, who was now standing up.

"Man, she's a tough one." Joe smiled as they walked over to him. Brooke couldn't lie, she was intimidated by the huge samoan standing in front of them with his arms crossed, looking straight at her. Hell, she was a little intimidated by Colt at first, and then realised that he was probably the sweetest man on the planet.

"Don't be afraid of this douchebag either, he's like a big teddy bear." Cabana smiled, punching Joe in the arm before pushing Brooke forward a little bit so greet him. "Hey Brooke, I'm Joe. I've heard alot about you." Joe smiled sweetly at her, letting his arms drop to his sides. He stuck out a hand to him and she shook it softly and he sent her this huge smile that almost made her heart melt.

"Joe's not doing anything tonight, so you and him can hang out in the bar area if you want. Make sure his fat ass doesn't get you drunk though." Brooke's mouth dropped and she grabbed Joe's arm and frowned at Colt. "Don't be mean to Joe, he's just a teddy bear, remember?" She smiled Colt's way and he almost died. Joe grinned and let her hold onto his arm, even if it was just a rib. "I like this one, Cabana." Colt shook his head as Brooke and Joe walked ahead, already talking and laughing like old friends. "Yeah, me too..."

"...Here he comes." Joe said, clapping his hands above his head as Colt's music began to play. Brooke began to laugh, Colt had warned her that it was somewhat 'out there' but seeing him strut to the wrestling ring to copacabana by Barry Mannilow? Outragous.

"Who's that?" Brooke asked, pointing at the heavily tattooed and angry looking blonde man walking toward the ring. "Ah, That's punk. Cabana's best friend, so don't worry you're pretty little head about it." Joe smiled at her as she watched the match like her life depended on it. "Oh yeah, /See-Emm punk/! Colt talks about you and him all the time!" She smiled as she watched the lock up, pushing each other around. Sure she was worried, but he had told her all about it. How he was gonna get thrown out of the ring, and how punk was gonna kick him in the head, and how the crowd was gonna love it, and how he was gonna love it.

Joe smiled as Brooke got so into it, screaming and booing like any fan would. It was adorable, how she watched every move he made like it was all real.

"Colt told you it was all a-"
"A work? Yeah, of course." She smiled at Joe as he sat there stunned.

He shook his head as if shaking off a daze and laughed a little. "A work? Have you ever seen wrestling before?" Joe asked as she shook her head sweetly. Joe laughed, "And Colt taught you all the lingo-" She grinned as she realised she'd been talking like a wrestling vet when really this was her first show.

She laughed and shrugged, "Yeah sorry, He just get's so exicited about it." He really did. He was so excited when she said she would come see a show that she couldn't help but get excitied too, he was just too cute. "Nah, it's cool. Trust me, theres nothing more annoying that a girl who thinks she knows the biz better than you do." Brooke smiled. She could really get used to hanging around this kind of place. I mean it was small and rowdy, and the whole wrestling ring set up next to a bar just spelled trouble but it was kind of different, and awesome.

"One! Two! Three!" The crowd chanted as the ref's hand smacked the mat. The crowd errupted in a chorus of boo's as Punk raised his hands above his head with this cocky dememnour. Brooke booed loudly and punk caught her eyes for a second, before throwing a nod Joe's way in some manly greeting.

"Come on, they'll be out soon and I know 'bana will be dying to know what you thought." Brooke nodded at Joe as he stood, following his lead. "So-" Joe asked "What did you think?"

"Yeah, what did you think?" Colt said, coming up behind the pair witha huge smile on his face and a hand on Brooke's back. "Eh, you were all right. Punk's a bit of a no sell though." Joe sighed with a less than impressed look. Sure it was a joke, but that guys a great actor.

"I'm gonna no sell your mother giving birth to you!" Punk yelled at Joe, pointing a finger in his face coming from where Colt did. "Whatever clown, you're still not getting my title." Joe laughed at the very serious young man. "Darn it." Punk mumbled, crossing his arms.

"Vaugn, this is punker. Call him punker." Cabana smiled, nodding toward the bleach blonde tattoo covered man. Punk held out his hand a met her with a cheezy grin. "How'd you like the show?" He asked as she shook her hand. She nodded, "Pretty darn entertaining."