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By – Hime no Ichigo

Genre: General
Rating: G
Pairings: still more or less one-sided Yami("Atemu")/Yuugi
Story Type: Drabble/one-shot
Summary: Upon visiting his high school, some memories are brought up again.

Disclaimer: Yuugiou is the property of Kazuki Takahashi.

Spoilers: It's like a "sequel" to Striving (see "chapter one" of this "story"), so there might be some background information (e.g. Atemu's feelings, cough cough) from there you need to make sense of this.

Warnings/Notes: This takes place in Sendai, Japan. Names are in "Surname First-name" format.


vilipend (VIL-uh-pend) verb tr.: 1. To treat someone with contempt; 2. To disparage.
– from Old French vilipender, from Latin vilipendere, from vilis (cheap, worthless) & pendere (to consider)
– the words vilify, vile, revile, and venal are all cousins of this word


Several years passed. Since the beginning of his second year allowed him some time, he made up his mind to visit his high school.


Motou Yuugi peered from behind two easels, and he saw his former teacher's face light up in recognition. "Atemu! It's so nice to see you again...don't just stand there, get in here!" He pulled up a step stool and patted on it, motioning for Atemu to take a seat. "How was your first year of university?"

Atemu walked in, feeling slightly apprehensive, but managed to make it to the stool with relative ease. "It's been an all right year...though the professors are nothing compared to you."

Yuugi grinned. "Please, stop flattering me, I'm just a high school teacher, I'm sure the professors are better... You haven't changed one bit, Atemu."

He blushed, hoping it was a compliment. "Ah..."

The bell rang. Atemu started to get up. "You can stay if you want. They're continuing with still lifes today, so I don't have to instruct them as much."

"I won't be a bother, Motou-sensei?"

"Of course not." He waved at him to sit back down. "You can help me keep an eye on them. And stop calling me 'Motou-sensei', I'm not your teacher anymore."

The students filed in, and Yuugi clapped his hands for attention, never noticing Atemu's deepened blush and whispered confession that it was a good habit.


The clock was ticking steadily when Yuugi's voice sliced through the air. "Ito-san! This is the third time this week – I specifically warned you to keep those comments to yourself if all you will do is vilipend others. Art is beautiful; art is expression! There are no rights or wrongs in this room. To the principal's office please, Ito-san, and don't make me repeat myself."

Ito Hiromi shuffled out, grumbling. After the door slid shut, Yuugi turned to the other. "Don't mind his words, Yamamoto-san."

She sniffled and nodded, picking back up the piece of charcoal she dropped when insults started spilling into her ears.

"Okay, get back to work, we still have forty-five minutes left." Yuugi resumed his class-check before apologizing to Atemu beside him. "I'm sorry you had to see that... I forgot that this class is usually more difficult than my other art classes."

Atemu chuckled lightly. "That's nothing. Do you remember our class? Now that was bad."

Yuugi laughed. Atemu liked that laugh. "Oh yes, how can I forget... You, Katsuya, and Hiroto, grumbling all through the first time you were here because it was a mandatory course. I still can't believe the mess you three made; it was a good thing that acrylics could be washed off. Do you realize how much it took me to get it out of my clothes? Honestly, you guys were such troublemakers..."

"You managed to make us like art by the end of the year."

"That was no small feat, believe me..."

And they continued chatting, pausing only to address the students if needed be, until Atemu realized it was near sunset.

"Oh! Mother will be expecting me home, I have bothered you so much today, I'm so sorry, Motou-sensei—"

"Atemu, it's okay, really. I didn't notice it was getting so late... Do you need a ride home? I'll be able to after I clean up, if you want."


"I'll take your silence as a yes."

Atemu stared determinedly out the window, willing the blush away.

Outside, one of the cherry blossom petals fell from its tree. Atemu decided this was the best start to a new school year.

"Are you coming?"

- Owari -

Story Word Count: 599

Authoress' Notes: I didn't expect this to turn out like it was supposed to be linked to the other one. (scratches head)

And this concludes Tanpenshuu, until other 'strange' words pop up and I get the inspiration to write about them. Next on the line to be updated is, of course, In All Due Humour and Seriousness.

posted 07/05/08