Name: Jade Ebony

Name: Jade Ebony
Age: 18 (Senior in High school)
Hair: Long, straight, onyx black hair that reaches past your shoulders.
Eyes: Bright green
Body Type: 5'3" tall (kind of short :) Skinny with subtle curves, but elegant. Pale skin.
Current Location: America (Pennsylvania)
Family: Mother and Younger Sister (Alex).Your father is dead, but you have a stepfather. You also have a little kitty named Scotty! Unfortunately, you have 3 stepbrothers who just LOVE to beat up on you. One is your age, 18, and his name is Ryan. The other is 17, Ben, and the last is 13, Mike.

You lay peacefully on your bed, letting the rays of the sun shine on you as you reluctantly started waking yourself up.

It was Monday…awesome.

You lifted the covers from your slender form, ridding yourself of the warmth they provided in an attempt to fully wake yourself up. Not such use. You walked over to your dresser, half-conscious, and began to pick of an outfit that would suit this beautiful spring day.

"Only two more months…then I'm out of here" you happily thought.

Home wasn't home anymore, at least not for you and your sister, ever since your mother remarried. Your stepfather was like the demon spawner of three boys: Ryan, Ben, and Mike…the names of evil. All little clones copies of one another…all the same…all down to their dark brown hair and liberal freckles.

Your step-father had successfully turned your mother into an oblivious bitch, always taking his side and not heeding to your needs

However, there was hope. You were leaving for college this fall…all the way to England. You couldn't wait! You had always wanted to go there, but weren't sure how homesick you would get. But now that your dad was out of the picture, that acceptance letter was your calling. In fact, there was no way you could even afford to go to college there if your father hadn't left you so much money in his will. You were thankful, but sad.

Of course…there were some things you would miss…such as-

"Jade! Jade!" your six-year-old sister called franticly. Her deep blue eyes had a sense of worry in them, and her dark black hair was disheveled from sleep.

She ran up to you and hugged your right leg, yanking on your blue pajama shorts. You knelt down beside her to comfort her.

"What's wrong, Al?" you asked. Her name was Alex, but she liked it when you called her Al for short.

"They're hurting Scotti again!" she cried and tears began to spill down her eyes. "Make them stop!" she pleaded further.

Rage was present in your eyes. They would always do this. They couldn't give your poor cat any peace. You swiftly picked up your crying sister and marcher toward the boys' room.

Opening the door, you saw Ben and Mike annoying your cat. They were pulling her tail while her arms and legs were tied up by rubber bands. Ryan was most likely in the bathroom.

"Honestly…" you said, marching up to them. Ben was a year younger than you, and Mike was in 7th grade, "Don't you have anything better to do before school. You should be-"

You were cut off by Ryan pinning you to the opposite wall, clad in only a towel, water dripping down his toned form. You stared him down. He smirked at you.

"Like what you see?" He asked suggestively.

"You wish." You said through clenched teeth, trying to pry free.

He pushed himself closer to you, his lips on your ear. "What seems to be the problem?"

"What do you think?" you replied.

Ryan turned around, analyzing his brothers at play. "Leave the stupid cat alone." He said. His voice was like finality for his dumb lackey brothers. He turned back to you, "Anything else I can help you with?" he asked with raised eyebrows.

"No thanks." You said turning around to leave as Alex rescued Scotti and left the room. You were stopped as a rough hand grasped your upper arm. You turned around to receive a smack in the face.

"Say thank you next time, bitch." He let go of your arm and pushed you out of the room. You followed Alex back to your room, holding you left cheek in pain as you went.

Alex laid Scotti on your bed, petting her excessively and whispering "I love you" and "Sorry" to her lovingly. She looked up at you.

"Jade…are you really leaving?" she asked. You hated when college was brought up. You didn't know how you could even bear to leave her alone in this madhouse. You sat on your bed and scooped her in your lap.

"Don't worry, Al" you cooed, "I'll get a few jobs and save up money to bring you over to England with me. It may take a couple years, but I promise you, I'll find a new home for the both of us. I'll take you away from here." You both hugged each other in fear of ever having to let go. When you parted, you noticed she was smiling.

"Am I going to go to school in England too!?" she asked excitedly.

"Of course!" you said, "It'll just be the two of us." She smiled in satisfaction.

"I can't wait!" she jumped off of you and began to clap her hands in excitement.

"Me either! Now hurry up and get ready for school. You know how mom gets when you keep her waiting."

She happily skipped out of the room and you returned to your dresser, picking out a flowy, long white skirt and a matching tight, white spaghetti strap shirt that showed a bit of your flat stomach.

"Don't worry, Alex. I'll find a new home for the both of us." You thought as you prepared for the long day ahead of you.