Author's Note:

Here's the real Preface - a peek at things to come...eventually!

"There is no dark side of the moon really. Matter of fact it's all dark."
-Pink Floyd, Eclipse


Author's Chapter Notes:

Here's the real Preface - a peek at what's coming later in the story. Can you tell where it fits?

We made no sound as we walked across the cobblestones in the moonlight. The two vampires on either side of me were filled with questions, but neither spoke.

How does he stomach animal blood? Why bother?

I hope he puts up a easy kill would be boring. He doesn't look like much, maybe he's fast?

Neither one knew what my fate would be. The Volturi had made their decision alone, wanting to surprise me with their verdict. Apparently their power came with a healthy dose of pride and arrogance.

"He should be here momentarily." Aro's voice echoed in Caius's ears. I assume that you are in range by now, my young friend.

I scanned the other minds present, looking for clues as to my future, but Caius was guarding his thoughts as well. The white haired ancient was looking at Jane. We should let her have some fun with this one, he thought, and he remembered how the last vampire she'd tortured writhed and screamed.

I should have been afraid, knowing that I was facing the sadistic young girl, but if it led to my demise, I didn't really care. I deserved nothing less. Bella was dead because of me. Physical pain would just disappear into the void created by her loss.

Only the end result mattered to me - that I became a smoking pile of ash.

Felix opened the golden door before me, and I calmly stepped forward to meet my fate.