-1In the Flesh

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Tangel was a planet in the unknown part of galaxy. A rather harsh world, but not uninhabitable, as the Imperial Remnant discovered. They had placed a base there as a first step in colonizing. What happened next would make them wish they had changed their minds.

The watch party was the first to fall, their last message was that of them screaming. Next were the AT-STs. They never saw the attack coming; The enemy attack with such speed and stealth that the Imperials had no chance to fire back, the survivors wishing they had perished with their machines.

The remaining Imperials pulled back into the base, panic and fear in all of them, almost to the brink of madness. The base commander sent out a distress signal, but knew it was pointless. Soon the barricades fell, leaving the Imperials their blasters as the only defense left. All discipline failed as the enemy came closer, the last thing they uttered was screaming.

In the end, every last Imperial was dead, their bodies mutilated in a way almost to gruesome to speak of. The attackers went back into the darkness from which they cam. Anyone who cam upon the sight would have nothing but fear for the rest of the galaxy.