Chapter XV

Harry's hand slipped into Severus's and they began walking to the room that once belonged to both Harry, as a bedroom, and Severus, as an office.

Severus chewed on his bottom lip in a contemplative way.

Harry took a sideways glance at the man he loved, noticing the long face that he wore, and the worry that was slightly etched into the man's high cheek bones. Giving the hand he held a squeeze, he looked into the face fully now, and stopped walking, jerking the older's arm gently to get him to stop.

"What's bothering you?" Harry asked softly, shinning green eyes boring into dark black ones.

"Harry…I-…I need to get the…the fingerprints…that are…that are…"

The least expected thing happened.

Harry's eyes twinkled in amusement.

"Get the fingerprints that are…where, Severus," Harry asked in a sweet, innocent manner.

"This is no light issue, Harry! That bastard's hands defiled your body!" Severus exclaimed, causing Harry to flinch slightly.

Harry cast his eyes down at the ground. His next words cut through the air with a stainless steel blade as if the air were the softest mousse.

"Many people have defiled my body in worse ways than just touching me, Severus."

Severus took a step back at the icy words that came out of Harry's mouth.

"Ha-Harry, I'm sorry. I just…it hurts to know that inside…inside you're still upset about what happened…that he touched you, but you pretend to be alright, pretend to move on as if nothing ever happened. If you're smiling just to reassure me that everything is fine…then please don't…it's too painful to see the lie that you emit for me. It's as if you don't trust me, not that I wouldn't be surprised after the information you just-."

Severus was cut off as a pair of lips flew up to his mouth and began moving over his in a soft tender way with even softer lips.

Harry stood on his tippy-toes to reach Severus's mouth. In all seriousness and honesty, Harry felt so touched and moved by Severus's words that he had to kiss the man.

The black eyed man moaned into the loving kiss and opened his mouth to let is tongue out to massage Harry's bottom lip. The younger boy moaned loudly into the kiss and opened his mouth to Severus's pleading tongue.

Instantly, the tongue slipped into Harry's warm, cavernous mouth to delve deeply into its confines, pleasuring the other occupant and tasting the wonderful deliciousness of the soft, satisfying, and willing opening.

The two separated after a few minutes without breath.

Severus finally realized that Harry's hands were on his chest, gripping the material there, and that his own hands were clasped at the small spot on Harry's back, holding them close.

"Harry, you know I have to get those fingerprints."

"I know."

"And I'll have to…touch you…to get them."

"I know."

"If I can't stop myself-."

"You can't rape the willing," Harry told the older man smiling delicately.