Chapter 1: Leaving the Nest

Drunken Lullabies

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Chapter 1: Leaving the Nest

At Hogwarts school is in session. In fact there are three and a half months left until the end of the school year.

Since its Saturday today there are no classes. So Harry and Severus are in their chambers relaxing. "Severus, there's something that I need to tell you."

Severus looked over at his lover. "What is it?" He said and it sounded a little gruff. Almost like he doesn't care what Harry has to say.

Harry gazed at Severus for a moment with shocking green eyes and began. "Sev, I think that I'm preg…"

Suddenly there's a knock on the door. "Hold that thought for a minute, would you?" Severus asked as he went to answer the door.

On the other side stood the Headmaster, of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Albus Dumbledore. "Severus, Harry. I hope that I'm not interrupting anything important."

But, before Harry could answer Severus spoke up for the both of them. "No, not at all Headmaster. Is there anything that I can help you with?"

Both of the older wizards walked down the hall as Dumbledore spoke. "Well, I was wondering…"

Harry couldn't believe what had just happened. He had something really important to tell Severus and he just dismissed it as if it were a comment about the weather or something. He just acts on the whim of the Headmaster. Harry decided that since Severus wouldn't listen to him then he was leaving. He stalked into the room that he and Severus shared and kicked open his barely used trunk. With a quick flick of his wrist all of his belongings were neatly packed into his trunk and then he shrunk it. After he put it in his pocket, he walked over to the fireplace and threw in a handful of Floo powder. He then clearly stated his destination, "Riddle Manor" and was gone.

After whirling by many grates Harry stumbled out of the fireplace. He started coughing because of all the soot that he had inhaled. One of the many Death Eaters that was passing by heard him and came running in. "You must think that you're pretty brave coming here, don't you brat? Did you think that you would be able to just sneak in here to kill the Dark Lord, Potter?"

Gasping for air Harry noticed that his eye sight was fuzzy. He felt like he was going to faint or puke, whichever came first. "Take… me to… Voldemort…," with that said Harry passed out at the man's feet.


Harry woke up several hours later in a lavishly decorated room. He was lying on a king-sized bed decorated in green, silver, crimson and blue. The room itself was larger than the Gryffindor Common Room and was decked out in the same colors only with slightly lighter shades. Sitting in a black, wing-back chair was the Dark Lord himself, Lord Voldemort. "Well, well, well, Potter. Did you miss me sssooo much that you decided to return to me? Did you decide that the light side wasn't as much fun as it used to be?"

Harry sat up with some difficulty and said in a voice husky with sleep and still a little sore from coughing from the soot. "I got tired of being walked all over if that's what you mean. Can I have some water?"

Voldemort summons a glass of water for Harry. "Hmmm, I sssee. So, how is our dear Sseveruss doing? He hasn't answered any of my summons lately. Does he have an excusse?"

Harry drinks some of the water and clears his throat to dislodge the soot still in his throat before drinking some more water. "Thanks for the water."

Voldemort waves his hand. "Well?"

Harry then smirks. "If by excuse, you mean that he's being Dumbledore's lap dog then yes. He's spying on you for that old fool. I'm actually surprised that you never suspected him as the spy."

Voldemort growled and seemed to glare at nothing. "I suspected, but I didn't want to believe it." He gave a dramatic sigh. "Well, damn, I just lost myself the best Potions Master in Britain if not in the world. None of my other followers are anywhere near as excellent as Severus."

Harry cleared his throat, getting Voldemort's attention. "Did you forget already that I was his "lover"? Do you really think that he wouldn't have taught me everything he knows?" The twenty-two year old smirked.

Voldemort smiled at him. "Now then, Potter, tell me the reason you left your beloved Potions Master and the Old Coot."

Harry looked down at his hands which were messing with the blanket. "Do you remember last Halloween when you took me as your captive and used me as your..." Harry blushes, "...your personal sex toy?"

"Yes, you screamed so nicely," he smirked at Harry's blush.

"Ahem, yeah, well, that came with some repercussions. I got pregnant. And I was going to tell Severus-"

"You mean, you're with child?" Harry nodded. "My child?" Another nod. "When did you find out? How far along are you?" He asked softly, which was odd for him.

"The end of December and I'm three months along. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't tell anybody. Severus and I haven't done anything major even after I came back. I didn't want him to. I just felt so dirty and I had a bad feeling when he tried something like that."

Voldemort moved from the chair to the bed and pulled Harry into a tight embrace. "Why? Don't you love him?"

"I don't know... it just didn't feel right" was the muffled response. There was silence before Harry asked, "can I call you Tom?"

The Dark Lord stiffened, "why?" He asked in a tight voice.

Harry looked up with bright, innocent green eyes. "Because, Voldemort is such a mouth full to say. Don't you agree?"

Tom laughed and nodded, "but only in private. My subordinates don't know about my heritage."

"I just have one request" said Harry as his eyes began to droop with weariness.

"What's that, love."

"Don't hurt Mione's family. She was my first and only true friend." His eyes fell and he drifted off back into the arms of Morpheus.

A few days later, Tom summoned all the Death Eater's to his side for a meeting. Harry stood next to him, draped in a black velvet cloak that covered him completely. Among the followers was one Severus Snape who looked extremely anxious. In Tom's ear, Harry whispered, "I think that he thinks that you kidnapped me again."

Tom, who was also wearing a cloak to mask his face, smirked. "I wonder what gave him that idea, love?"

Tom stood and spoke to everyone. "I'm surprised that everybody came today. Many of you I have missed these past few weeks," some of them shifted uneasily, "and I have recently discovered who the traitor was among us. I would have never guessed it was the one who claimed to be my most devoted and loyal follower."

Many stared at him. Those of his inner circle were the only ones who pledged their undying loyalty to their Lord. Harry stood still, with his hand on his abdomen, listening to and watching all of it. He couldn't wait to see the look on Snape's face when he was revealed as the traitor. One of the devoted stepped forward and knelt before his Lord. "Rise, Lucius."

Malfoy Sr. rose and took off his mask revealing cold grey eyes and white blonde hair. "My Lord, might I ask how you found out this information when none of us could?"

Tom cocked his head to the side and smiled, though no one could see it. "Recently I have come upon someone who was kind enough to reveal him to me." He waved his hand vaguely in Harry's direction.

"Who is that, My Lord?" Lucius asked in his most cautious voice.

"The one who carries my heir." The Dark Lord replied.

Murmurs erupted throughout the crowd as Harry stepped forward and placed his delicate, feminine like hand in Tom's masculine one. "They came to me and told me everything they know about Dumbledore's plans. They also know the layout of Hogwarts very well and know how to disassemble the wards that protect that old castle. It will have to happen slowly though, so that the old coot doesn't find out."

"And the spy, My Lord," came Lucius' question.

"Ah, yes, thank you for reminding me. Severus, come forward please."

The crowd parted and Snape slowly walked forward, head held high. "Tell me, Severus, would you like to see the person who sold you out?"

He nodded sharply and Harry grinned from beneath his hood. As he leaned against his Lord, Harry removed his hood and revealed himself to the whole room. He looked completely different now. With a few simple spells, he corrected his eyesight, which now looked as though they were glowing. With a hair growth potion, he made his hair grow so that it was now to the middle of his back and it looked as though it absorbed the light of the room. "Hello Severus," he said in a quiet yet dignified tone, "surprised to see me here?"

"Harry? Why are you... what are you doing here?"

"I got tired of it, Severus. You and Dumbledore were just using me. I was just your little pawn. Well guess what, not anymore. I never want to see your ugly face again."

Tom smirked beneath his hood. "Well spoken, my love." Then he, too, lowered his hood.

What everybody saw shocked them far more then the revealing of Harry Potter. Their Lord now looked normal. He was very handsome with ebony hair and crimson eyes. His face was no longer snake like though his eyes did retain their slits. "Now then, who would like to escort our dear Potions Master to the dungeon?"

McNair walked over with a sadistic grin on his face, "if I may have the pleasure, my Lord?"

Riddle nodded and McNair dragged Snape down to the dungeons. After another hour, the death eaters were dismissed and Harry and Tom went back to their rooms. Harry took off his cloak and sat down on the bed and began to braid about half of his hair. Tom went to his desk and began to make plans for the downfall of Hogwarts. "Tom?"

"Hmm?" He asked, clearly distracted.

"Can I go and visit Hermione?"

"Isn't she with the youngest Weasley boy?"

"Yea, but... he isn't treating her like he should be and she's farther along than I am."

Tom turned to face Harry and looked him in the eye. "What do you mean? Do you think that he's abusing her?"

"Yea, I think that he... he beats her. And I don't think it's safe for her there. Could I bring her back here? Please?" his sparkling green eyes were imploring.

"Very well you may go and get her."

Harry broke into the first real smile that Tom had ever seen. He walked over and kissed Tom soundly on the mouth, which took him by surprise. Harry pulled away grinning, grabbed his coat and disappeared with a crack. Tom sat there, eyes wide. 'Did he just kiss me? I don't think... no, must have been happy about getting his friend.' He returned to his work, trying to get his mind away from the warmth and softness of Harry's lips.


Meanwhile, somewhere in the countryside of Scotland, Harry was walking up the front walk of Ron and Hermione's house. Even from where he was, he could hear Ron yelling at Hermione and throwing things around. He hastened towards the small cottage and knocked on the door. It swung open to reveal the reddened face of Ronald Weasley. "Oh, Harry, um... now's not a good time. Can you come back later?" He asked as he started to shut the door.

"I don't think so Ron. I'm here for Hermione."

"I knew it. I knew something was going on with the two of you. And I here I thought you were into blokes," he seethed.

"She's my best friend and yes, I am into... blokes, as you so plainly put it. Now let me in. I'm here for Hermione."

Harry pushed passed his once friend and into the house where he saw Hermione sobbing on the floor. Her face was covered in livid bruises with a few cuts that were still bleeding. While her arms had many bruises and cuts that were still bleeding. Harry's eyes flashed as he rushed over and knelt next to her. "Don't worry Mione. I'm here to take you with me. You'll be safe. I don't know about this prat though, but I know you will be."

"Harry, he (hic) he just wouldn't stop. I tried to... tried to tell him...," she sobbed harder.

"Shh, don't worry. Nothing will happen to you anymore. Come on. Get your things and we'll get out of here."

"She's not going anywhere with you Potter, even if it means I have to hurt you."

"You really think I'm scared of you Ronald?" He paused for a second, "I wonder who he sent to look after me..."

As he said that, three people appeared dressed in black robes but they didn't have their masks on. "Ah, Malfoy, Nott and Lastrange. Care to help me subdue the Weasel here while I help my friend gather her things?"

"It will be my pleasure, my Liege." Said Bella as her hooded eyes gleamed with glee.

"Don't hurt him too much Bella." he said with clear amusement as he helped Hermione into her room. "Are you alright?"

"What are..." sniff "Death Eaters doing here?" sniff "And why did they..." sniff "call you that?"

"Let's just say that the Dark Lord and I have... a little pact, if you will. You're going to be safe now, Mione. He swore he would never harm you or your family... can't say that much for the Weasley's but... you know."

He packed her trunk and led her back to the sitting room where the other four were. Bella was having a grand time casting Crucio on Ron. "That's enough Bella. We will need him to be sane for a while longer."

The woman turned to look at Hermione and surprisingly, her eyes softened as she laid eyes on the beaten and bruised woman. "Don't worry; this bastard will be dealt with accordingly."

"My Liege," started Malfoy, following Bella's lead this time, "what are we going to do with him?"

"I think McNair will love someone new to play with, don't you agree?" Bella and Nott nodded and dragged the unconscious Weasley out of the house and to where the portkey was.

"Harry, I'm not sure how much longer I can remain standing." Harry motions for Lucius to come over to them. The baby chooses that time to start kicking, causing Hermione to gasp. "Harry, give me your hand." She has her eyes closed as she says this as she is focusing on breathing. What she didn't know was that she had grabbed Lucius' hand instead and placed it on her abdomen. Lucius' eyes had widened a little when she grabbed his hand by mistake and they widened even more when he felt her baby kick against his hand. He had a glazed look in his eyes and a small smile on his lips. Harry noticed it before…

Hermione is soo exhausted from crying that she passes out. Harry tries to hold her up but he can't quite manage it. "Lucius, a little help if you don't mind. She's just a little too heavy for me to keep holding up."

Lucius nods and sweeps Hermione up bridal style and carries her out to the portkey with Harry right behind them.

Lucius holds Hermione's finger on the portkey while his is right beside hers. The others put a finger on it and were transported back to Riddle Manor where Tom was waiting. When they landed a healer that was in the inner circle rushed over and leads Lucius and the pregnant and beaten woman to a room where she could be taken care of. Harry, on the other hand, plopped down in a chair that was close by and closed his eyes. He, too, wasn't feeling very well. "I hate portkeys about as much as I hate traveling by floo."

"Oh before I completely forget. Bella, Nott, take the weasel down to keep the bat company." Harry told them.

The two nodded before taking their new prisoner down.

Tom walked over and kneeled in front of the chair. "So I take it that you don't feel very well?"

Harry nodded and sighed. Then, suddenly, he was picked up. He snapped his eyes open and saw Tom. Smiling, he closed his eyes again and fell asleep.


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