There are those who somehow always manage to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Sadly, I'm one of them. PrattyxVaril and CleruxSugar.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Chapter 1: Cleru and Sugar

I woke up to the sound of mischievous giggles. The boat was no longer moving atop soft waves, and thus I concluded we must have reached the Wystern port. The voices from above deck continued and I wondered what that was about. I'm pretty sure Master Bron must have been in a good mood to let me sleep in on his boat, but I'm not sure why.

I make my way above deck. The sun has already set but I didn't sleep last night so I ended up sleeping during the afternoon and early evening. The stars are shining and the moon is full, providing enough light for me to clearly see a young man with silvery hair and a young woman with pink hair kissing, or more like making out, and it is once again confirmed that I am one of those people who inevitably will always finds herself in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

I wanted to sneak past them and not disturb them, I really did, but when I opened the door, it gently tapped the girl's foot, stretched out in the way as she laid on top of the boy. The pink haired girl, whom at the time I did not realize was a summon creature, looked at me curiously, as if wondering where in the world I came from, while her silver haired companion blushed in the brightest shade of crimson red.

"I'm sorry!" I apologized, it was the only thing that came to mind when I thought of what to do. "I was sleeping below deck and didn't realized we reached the port. I um... Sorry I should be going to the Silver Guild now. I stumble out of the boat cabin. I don't know exactly where the guild is located but I can't possibly ask them for directions after stumbling on their love session.

I am in fact so distracted and surprised I forgot to grab my luggage. Furthermore I slipped when trying to get from the boat to the docks falling into the water and I can't swim. I frantically splash around and try to grab a hold of anything to stay afloat and when I look up I see the pink hared girl floating above the water and offering her hand in my aid. I grab it and she helps me out of the water. "Thank you, I don't know how to swim."

"You don't?" She sounds a bit surprised. "I thought everyone who came to Wystern knew how to swim. How come you didn't yell?"

"I didn't want to disturb you further. I didn't mean to barge in like that," or rather barge out of the boat's cabin at that very moment.

"Don't worry about it, Sugar is a happy girl! I'm glad you saw that." The girl clasped her hands together, smiling from ear to ear, and I realized she was floating.

She was floating when she saved me, but I was too distracted by both impending doom and embarrassment to notice. "You can fly?"

"Oh yes, I'm a summon creature," she explained, "my name is Sugar, nice to meet you."

I introduced myself as well and after we both knew each other's names another question came to mind. "Why are you happy that I saw you? I thought you would want some privacy."

"Oh no, couples do that all the time. It's called PDA, that's short for public displays of affection. Master Cleru is too shy to do that, but I'm glad that we finally did and you're the very first to witness us kissing." Sugar is a bit unusual, she's innocent and mischievous all at once, like the perfect mixture of cute and attractive, it's too bad I'm not like that at all.

"Well I'm happy you're not mad at me," I smiled. Then I remembered my luggage. "Um... I left my stuff on the ship."

"No problem, Master Cleru is very much a gentleman; he'll help you with your things. You are a fellow craft knight after all," Sugar is a very kind being, I concluded.

We looked up at the edge of the boat; still a bit embarrassed Cleru was there, listening to our conversation. "I'll get your luggage," and he bolted below deck.

"How do you know I'm a craft knight?" I'm honestly not the best, but I'm not the worse either. I'm just an average craft knight with no hopes of being a craft lord but also not bad enough to be unable to join a guild... and the answer to my own question appears.

"You mentioned the Silver Guild," Sugar replied, of course, I forgot I even said it since I was in such a hurry to get out of there.

Cleru arrives with my luggage, just two big suitcases; I don't own a lot, those are all my possessions right there. "I'll help you carry this back to the guild."

"Oh no, I couldn't ask for that. Thank you for getting my luggage safely off the boat though, I probably would have accidentally dropped them and everything would get ruined." I take the suitcases and start to walk away. "Thank you both for your help, thank you very much! I'll leave you two alone now; we'll probably meet again some time at the guild, bye!"

I heard Cleru say a shy goodbye, he was probably still a bit uneasy being caught with his girlfriend like that. Sugar was quite cheerful.

I ran thought the park and once again stumbled upon another loving scene. A young woman who looked a lot like Cleru, save for the difference in gender of course, was kissing with a handsome blond young man. My heart nearly stopped there and then, how could I be so clumsy as to stumble upon two couples in one night? I really do have a talent for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

To be Continued

Disclaimer, I do not own Summon Night: A Swordcraft Story. I wanted to try something new with this story. Most of the time stories are either about Pratty or Cleru but I wanted to include them both. As you might have guessed they're twins in this story.

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