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Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Chapter 63: A New Era

The days pass and I can't help it but to wonder of the truth of my condition. Then I realize I'm scared, terrified and though I am technically old enough to face this, I'm not ready. I've decided to talk to Rumari, she always has good advice.

So the next day I went to talk to Rumari... "I thought so," I wasn't expecting her to be able to tell so easily.

I sit in the living room of Rumari's house, blink, then carefully set my cup of cocoa on the coffee table. "You thought so? How?"

"It's not something I can point out directly; I just thought it might be true. Then, it was true after all?"

"Ah... well... I... It's only been a few months and..." everything points towards the possibility of a baby on its way.

"Then it must be true, but you should go to the doctor anyway." Rumari stands up, "we could go right now."

"Now?" And before I know it, we're on our way to the clinic.

I don't like going to doctors, thus it resulted in only a partial examination and I think I scared the doctor pretty badly with my constant "get it over with or die." The fact that I'm known to make deadly drills and I'm the wife of a craft lord who is occasionally trained by him, serves to make the threat quite believable.

When we left the clinic, the confirmation had already been given, and I walked back to Rumari's house at a slow pace. I'm not sure if I should be jumping with joy or shaking in fear. "What's going to happen now?" I choke out.

Rumari tries to calm my worries as much as possible. She went through this and knows what it's like, but my mind is only filled with worry. All the worse case scenarios play out one by one. I find myself holding back tears one moment, and the next I'm holding back the need to hunt down Ureksa and deliver a painful death. All the while Rumari continues to offer words of comfort.

We went to see how Rumari's son was doing; learning basic craft knight techniques from his father, though he's still quite young. Tyram always keeps a close eye on him to make sure he doesn't get hurt, but the boy simply cannot be kept out of the work shop, he's a true craft knight and maybe the next craft lord.

"Aunt Mira!" He shows me his latest work; he's really come a long way for someone so young. At least I know what it's like to be around a growing child. I've been around my nephew since he was born, and Rumari and Tyram are there to give us advice, so maybe I can face this after all.

Later that day, before I told Ureksa the news, there was no big drama, no running around in circles, no guessing games, no hints or clues. We were cuddling in front of the fireplace, Pouso contently sleeping on my lap. "I think I'm having a baby." It felt so unreal I sounded unsure, but the truth was that I knew it was happening.

There was a silence that felt far longer than it actually was. "Baby?"

"Yes, a baby, you know... I mean I'm expecting a child," I drabbled.

"Baby," Ureksa tried to assimilate it, "you're having... you mean? A baby?" He looked kind of funny trying to make the idea sink in. "Really, are you sure? That's... great! Tomorrow we should go to the clinic so you can see the doctor-"

"I went, Rumari knows I hate going to the doctor. She tricked me into going in the rush of the moment when I told her what I suspected, I'm not going back there," I pout.

"Then the doctor said it was true?"

"Yes," at this point Pouso revealed being awake and squeaks in happiness. He really likes children and often plays with our nephew.

"Wow a baby, I'll be a father..." and I feel him lean on me a little more heavily than before.

"Ureksa, did you fall asleep just now?" No, not at all, he's just unconscious. I'm not sure if I should be alarmed, upset or worried that Ureksa fainted. But with my unpredictable moods I find that I am amused, and spend the next few minutes in a fit of laughter while Pouso tries to wake Ureksa.

The next few months passed very slowly. I shifted from being hungry, to not wanting to even look at food; from yelling at Ureksa to wanting to be near him all the time. In short, I've been really moody.

For the final two months, Ureksa has been with me all the time, which means he would get spoiled and showered with love when I felt like it, and become a target when I felt like throwing things. Lucky for him I have bad aim.

The time of birth is a bit of a blur to me, as my moodiness hit an all time high and though I looked calm and loving when it started, the murderous rage in my eyes as process went along would give the doctors nightmares for a long time.

I don't remember much except that Ureksa freaking out while we were rushing to the hospital. I gave birth almost a month early, but the baby was healthy so it's okay. The coincidence was that this time, not only Sakuro happened to be visiting, but also Kouren, with whom he would later when go on a trip after their wedding. Also the two craft lords of Iron, Pratty and Cleru with their husband and wife respectively, Varil and Sugar were there as well.

I remember Pratty cheering for me as if I was in a battle, which must have made Ureksa worry further just out the door. Sakuro later told me that Ureksa looked like he would have a nervous break down at any second, which shouldn't come as a surprise with how he handled his nephew's birth.

Originally it was just doctors, nurses and close female friends who were allowed in the room since the father was such a nervous wreck. But I guess Ureksa must have talked them into letting him stay with me, and by that I mean threatened, but hey it worked. The first thing I did when I realized Ureksa was there too, was to throw a punch at him. I caught him off guard and actually hit him, I love him dearly but I was pissed off at the time and needed to take it out on someone.

Some time later, I'm not sure how long as my notion of time wasn't very precise during the process; I finally gave birth to a healthy girl. I was really tired and short tempered, but relieved. Ureksa was also happy, despite having a black eye, but his hair covered it so it wasn't too noticeable.

A new era began in my life that day. Time continued to flow as it always has, and we still live in Vance; but it almost feels as if with this new life, we started to live in an entirely new time and place.

The End

Here's a little poem I wrote to go along with this story.

Always searching, never finding,
In the shadow of someone great,
Never shining, always hiding,
I fear "someday" will be too late.

Wrong place, wrong time,
Why does it always go this way?
Wrong place, wrong time,
Will it forever be the same?

Always running, never fighting,
Don't kick me off my comfort zone.
Always waiting, never trying,
Why won't trouble leave me alone?

Wrong place, wrong time,
Why does it always go this way?
Wrong place, wrong time,
I won't let it forever be the same.

Maybe someday walls will crumble,
I'll finally stand on my own.
Maybe then I will know,
What all of this was done for.

Wrong place, wrong time,
Courage I summon in this night.
Wrong place, wrong time,
Give the strength to make it right.

Wrong place, wrong time,
Give the love to make it right.