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The voice in my head growled against the roar of the motorcycle.

Trying to focus, to not let the voice startle me, I relaxed my hand by tiny degrees. Suddenly, the gear caught and wrenched me forward.

And I was flying.

There was wind that wasn't there before, blowing my skin against my skull and flinging my hair back behind me with enough force that it felt like someone was tugging on it. I'd left my stomach back at the starting point; the adrenaline coursed through my body, tingling in my veins. The trees raced passed me, blurring into a wall of green.

But this was only the first gear. My foot itched toward the gearshift as I twisted for more gas.

"No, Bella!" the angry, honey-sweet voice ordered in my ear. "Watch what you're doing!"

It distracted me enough from the speed to realize that the road was starting a slow curve to the left, and I was still going straight. Jacob hadn't told me how to turn.

"Brakes, brakes," I muttered to myself and I instinctively slammed down my right foot, like I would in my truck.

The bike was suddenly unstable underneath me, shivering first to one side and then the other. It was dragging me toward the green wall, and I was going too fast. I tried to turn the handlebar the other direction, and the sudden shift of my weight pushed the bike toward the ground, still spinning toward the trees.

The motorcycle landed on top if me, roaring loudly, pulling me across the wet sand until it hit something stationary. I couldn't see. My face was smashed into the moss. I tried to lift my head, but two things stopped me. The snarling bike above me and the stinging, searing pain in my head. Okay, moving was definitely out of the question.

"Bella!" someone yelled above me. I wasn't sure, but I thought it was a combination of Jake and the velvety soft voice in my head. The weight above me was lifted, and then all went dark. I blacked out laying in the mossy grass, Jacob kneeling over me trying to help me.


Bella crashed into the ground and I ran to her aid. When I pulled the bike off of her, her eyes snapped shut and she stopped moving. Moving my hand to check her head, I tried picking her up. When I moved my hand back from under her head, I saw the warm red blood covering it. Carrying her back toward the road, a woman appeared in front of me from out of nowhere.

"Give her to me, Jacob Black" her voice was beautiful but she smelled disgusting.

"Who the hell are you?" Why the hell did she think I was giving my sweet Bella to her?

"It's not important, but if you must know, I'm Edward Cullen's sister. She needs medical care now. Give her to me and I can help her." She held out her hands in a demanding way. Reluctantly, I handed her to Cullen. I knew her father was a doctor and she would probably prefer that over the hospital. Plus, Bella's truck was pretty far away and her car was right there.

"Go home now, we will let you know when she wakes up."

She ran off and I turned to gather the bikes. I threw the first and then the second into the bed, and then climbed into the cab. I would visit the Cullen's house tomorrow afternoon.

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