Summery: She had always been there for him, standing by his side

Summery: She had always been there for him, standing by his side. She was the one that had comforted him through all the years, gotten him out of trouble countless times, and well has always been there. And she loved him, but he was to in love with Cho to notice. And is her spot being taken from her?

Chapter one: Best Friends?

Hermione sat in a compartment on the train when her two friends Edward and Emily. She had been avoiding Harry ever since he had started to date Cho.

"Hey Hermione listen to this one!" Emily said as she chewed on the cap of her muggle pen. Emily was a 5th year Ravenclaw. She was smart, caring, and she was also a magnificent poet.

'My heart is a forest

Dark but also light

With every turn of the corner

There is a new sight

So many things run through it that it is hard to keep track

What is in this small forest and

What's good and bad'

"So, did you like it?" She asked the two 6th years.

"It was wonderful Emily!" Hermione said with a smile

"It was magnificent M, you grow more talented each summer." Edward said as he put his arm around his girlfriend and kissed the top of her head.

Edward was a 6th year Gryffindor; he was brilliant which was one of the reasons Hermione like to spend time with him. They would often get into debates about things and Emily would have to come brake them up saying, 'I can't have you killing my boyfriend now can I?' They were a cute couple.

Emily was very small barley 5 feet. Edward was tall around 5 "7" Emily had very dark brown hair that she cut just above her shoulders at a slant, her eyes were kind dark brown and Edward had shaggy blonde hair, it was very light and it cut off just above his shoulders. It was a little longer then Emily's. His eyes were a kind topaz and gold, they would change with his moods.

"Oh!" Hermione said as she jumped up and reached for her backpack.

"What is it Hermione?" Emily asked as she looked at her friend.

"I got you guys something this summer." She said as she sat back down.


The door opened and Luna Lovegood walked in with a smile.

"Luna!" Hermione said with a smile. "I thought you were with the guys?" She said as Luna sat down in a huff. Luna had been dating Ron for the past year. "Is everything alright?"

"No Hermione!" She snapped at the wall. "That darn Cho Chang is the meanest person on the surface of the Earth." She said. All three of them sighed.

"What did she do now?" Emily asked as she cuddled up to Edward.

"Apparently I'm Loony" she said in a harsh voice. "And the worst part is Harry and Ron did nothing to stop her." In that moment Luna burst into tears and fell into Hermione's lap. She cried soaking her white tank top.

"Oh, Luna. Don't cry. We all know she is a jerk. You can stay here with us. I have something for you anyway." Luna sat up and whipped her puffy red eyes.

"What is it?" She asked. Hermione smiled and pulled out five packages wrapped in brown paper.

"I went to see my friends over the summer. They live in America on a island called Mackinaw. I got you load of things I thought you would love." She took the first package and handed it to Emily who took it with thanks. She opened it and gasped when she read the words.

"Dream Catcher" it was a dream journal. It was blue with a raven on it.

Emily had countless dreams, they were really visions of the future and she never told anyone and Hermione thought it would be band for her to keep all of her thought bundled up like that. After many thanks Hermione took another package and handed it to Luna. She opened in and found a box, which she opened.

Inside were many seashells, stones. One is particular caught her attention. It was flat, polished, and had a small dent in it that fit her thumb perfectly.

"What is this?" Luna asked as she picked up the stone, Emily and Hermione laughed (they were both muggles)

"It is called a worry stone. My friend Lilly made that one just for you. You see when you began to worry you rub it and it is supposed to help ease you worry." Hermione and Emily both reached into their pockets and pulled out their own worry stones. Hermione's was a ruby red and gold, and Emily's was a dark blue and black the same color as Luna's stone.

"Thank you Hermione" Luna said as she hugged her friend.

"Anytime." Then Hermione took the next package and gave it to Edward who smiled.

He opened it to see a book. It a large and had the words 'American History' printed on it. They all laughed and Edward thanked her before he dug into it and began to read.

"Who are the others for?" Emily asked. There were two small boxes and the other was a card.

"I might not like them but I still got them something, I should go give it to them before we get off the train." She sighed and picked up the packages and put them back into her back and left the compartment with a 'I'll be back soon.'

Hermione made her way down the long corridor that held all the compartments until she found the one that Ron, Harry, Cho, Ginny, and Neville were in. Neville looked close to tears and stood up and walked to the do.

"Hermione!" He yelled as he arms wrapped around her and he sopped into her tank top.

"Not you to…I swear by the time the day ends this tank top will be worthless." She groaned as she gently rubbed Neville's back.

"Do you know where Luna is?" He asked.

"How do you think my shirt ended up like this the first time?" She asked as she pushed him back. "She is in the same compartment I was, ten down on the left. She will be with Emily and Edward." She smiled at him but it quickly faded when her eyes locked with Harry's. "I'll be right behind you, I just have to do something first." Neville nodded and smiled

"Thanks." With that he left to the other compartment and Hermione looked at the other four in the compartment.

"How is Luna doing?" Ron asked

"I would advise you stay away from her for a while." She said in a sharp voice. She opened her bag and brought out the smallest package and gave it to Ron and then the larger to Ginny. "I told them that you weren't worth it but the said that it would be rude, your darn lucky my friends don't know you." She tossed the card to the floor and turned away. "Happy Birthday." With that she walked away to join whom she considered her true friends.

Harry picked up the card and saw it was addressed to him and his saw in neat handwriting on the back of the letter.

'For all the times I made you smile' He opened the envelope and pulled out the card that was clearly made by hand. It was red and gold. On the front it was decorated with Hermione's favorite flower, a jade leaf. He opened the card to and a picture fell out. Cho looked at it and gasped. They stood ten people.

Neville, Luna, Emily, Edward, and many of Hermione's friends from America. They were all dancing. Hermione was there she was dancing with the most grace and charm, she was laughing as the boy spun her around and around. He had soft blue eyes almost black hair. Then she turned to him and smiled it was the same smile that always made him smile, it was the smile she had for him and only him, but he hadn't see that smile in so long that it seemed to only be a memory. He looked over at the words and read in Hermione's neat handwriting


Happy birthday I guess, I'm sorry I'm not there to celebrate with you. I'm doing ok, not the greatest, but I'll survive. I guess you are wondering what I meant back there when I said that you were lucky my friends didn't know you. I meant it; my friends would cringe if they knew you. You don't even know how much you have hurt Luna, Neville…me. But I guess you will never know. Happy birthday once again and I'm truly sorry I can't be your friend any longer.

All my love Hermione Harry dropped the card, his hands were shaking horribly. He looked down at where the picture was and found it gone. He looked back up and saw Cho with her hands on top of the picture preparing to rip it. Harry was to stunned to move. Tow seconds later the picture lay in pieces on the cold floor, the figures no longer moving. Hey everyone, hoped you liked it. Second chapter will be up soon. Please review.