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"Okay; see you Monday," Rory Gilmore said as she hung up the phone and breathed in slowly to calm down.

"New York, here I come," she thought to herself. Okay, so she would not be working for the New York Times, but a new, offbeat online magazine "Old York". She was not going to be doing anything fancy, but she was promised to write features and a daily column – sort of a small town, somewhat privileged girl meets big city life. This job is what she wanted after two years of campaign trailing. Currently, she was sitting in a bus in the middle of summer stuck in traffic in Missouri. She could not wait to leave the life of hotel rooms and gas station coffee behind.

A lot had changed in the past two years. Her Mom and Luke were back together, living together and staying together. She was happy for them. She could not help it. It was the kind of love she wanted to have some day. They had had their fair share of difficulties but they made it work. They connected and committed. "Maybe I should have committed." she thought bitterly.

If Logan had gotten his way, they probably would have been married and living in some penthouse apartment in San Francisco or wherever the winds had taken them after that. She loved him, but she could not have married him then and he did not want to go long-distance again. She had to let him go, and she thought she was over it.

She had moved on, hadn't she? She'd been with other men, a lot of other men. However, she had not been on a date in weeks after she realized that she would have gotten married to Logan this summer. A wedding takes at least two years to plan she remembered her grandmother saying.

A loud buzz yanked her out of her thoughts and back in reality. Traffic was moving again, and they were moving north. Rory flipped her phone open, "How can I be of service to you today?" she said teasing her mother Lorelai, who called her at least three times a day.

"Well, for starters you could have called me back after you had that job interview. I've been waiting to find out if we can call Daddy to put a down payment on a fabu New York loft?"

"Well, call Mr. Warbucks – I'm coming home," she screamed in the phone.

"Oh babe," Lorelai gushed. "That's awesome!"

I HEART New York

My name is Rory Gilmore and I heart New York.

That is probably one of the cheesiest first sentences for a first time column in the history of column writing but I simply do not care. I am in love with this city. And, even though we are just meeting, I am compelled to let you know the most important of my being. I LOVE coffee and since inquiring minds want to know – a splash of milk and no sugar.

Anyway, back to the point: I have been living on the road for the past two years and there are only so many sleazy motels that a girl can take. So maybe I just like my apartment, my bed and my bathroom. Oh, don't be mad, New York. I still love you! And, while we are on the subject of being honest I have one more confession to make. You are not my first love.

My heart belongs to Stars Hollow. I lost it there a long, long time ago. Whom, you ask? Stars Hollow, the epitome of Small Town America. You true New Yorkers out there are probably wondering why I could love Small Town America more than your fabu city, but I cannot help it. Stars Hollow is non-stop entertainment and always a ton of fun. Have you ever seen New York been converted into a Hay Bale Maze? Plus, they have the best burgers in the world. My point exactly.

Logan sipped his coffee and read the column one more time.

"Wow," he thought, "her dreams are coming true."

Not that life had treated him badly, mind you. After the rejected proposal, he moved out to San Francisco, but he could not get used to the San Fran kind of life. He had taken some time off, to clear his mind and work in his 'idea book.' He had traveled the world but always stayed in touch with journalism - he had a subscription to all kind of papers and magazines.

Every so often, he would write an article or short story about his travels. When Travel Magazine shot him an email, inquiring if he was interested in doing some editorial work he jumped at the chance. He was tired of living out of his suitcase and wanted to put some stability back in his life. He had no idea that Rory would be in New York. He glanced down at his watch – 9.00 a.m. He was late for work.