Like all porn, it started with a blow job.

Blair's mouth was wrapped around Banks' cock, his skin even paler against the darkness of Simon's skin. Simon pushed him off after a time, his hard cock glistening in the light.

Blair crawled to the next man in the circle. Jim's eyes were dark, and his nostrils flared in a way that let Blair know he was using his senses, taking in the arousal of the police officers around them, taking in Blair's arousal. His eyes darkened as Blair rose up on his knees and gently stroked Jim before sucking on the tip of his penis. He laved the sensitive head reverently, luxurating in the taste and feel of Jim. Too soon, hands pushed his head away, and it was Rafe's turn, then Brown's, then Taggert's. Megan was a startling change, her taste so completely different from the others'. She locked her legs around his head and rode his tongue to climax, much to the men's disgruntlement.

He was back where he started, Simon's cock even heavier than when he'd left. Blair allowed himself to be guided to the center of their circle. Simon and Jim methodically stripped him, rendering him as naked as he felt. Slick fingers delved into him, spread and stretched him. They guided him to his knees, and Jim's cock was pressed against his lips again. Blair opened accommodatingly, moaning at the fingers snug against his prostate and the heavy cock in his mouth.

Jim shivered as the vibrations from Blair's groan traveled up his cock and settled low in his stomach. He opened bliss-heavy eyes and saw Simon poisoning in and out of Blair, a look of sexual desperation on his face; Jim could concur, he knew the power of Blair's ass.

Simon finished with a muffled curse, and Blair had a moment's respite before another cock was filling him, shorter and thicker than the first. The pace was faster, more demanding, and it was all Blair could do to relax his throat muscles as his body was rocked, beyond his control, mouth sliding on and off Jim's length to the rhythm of whoever was behind him. Blair felt the man behind him come, felt the added wetness in him, felt his hole spasm as the softening cock withdrew.

Blair came as the third cock breached him, rubbed against his prostate. The man mutter appreciative expletives about the clenching of Blair's ass as he came, whimpering in protest as Jim slipped out of his mouth. Arms braced him as he collapsed, his body limp and satiated. He let them rearrange him as they wanted, a body sliding beneath him. Blair felt something new press up against him, already filled with one cock. He whimpered as he was stretched more, and realized they were doubling up, two cocks pushing into his entrance. He whined and shook, Jim whispering words of encouragement in Blair's ear.

The feelings were amazing, Blair's dick trying to fill again despite coming moments ago. He was gone, washed away in the sea of sensation, body wracked with pleasure as they used him. He was so sensitive that every touch felt like molten pleasure; he wondered if this was what Jim felt like.

And then Jim was there, balls-deep in him, the familiar weight and curve of his dick finding his prostate and hitting it mercilessly. He was letting himself go, concentrating on Jim, when something pressed against his mouth. He looked up to see Megan, legs spread, wearing a strap on. She pressed her cock against his lips, making him suck on the bulbous head, thrusting into his mouth with her substantial girth. Jim muttered something that could've been 'So fucking hot,' and came.

By the time Megan slid into him, Blair was hard again. She fucked him hard and fast, twisting her hips and doing sinful things to his body. He heard her gasp, heard her rough Aussie accent growl nasty words in his ear. Her hand wrapped around his dick and striped him roughly, demandingly.

"God, you're a good little bitch. Come for me."

Blair did.