"If you want a sperm sample come back without the needle

Summary: What I think should have happened after Cameron kisses House in Season 3. Pointless smut. Likely a one shot but might throw in a couple more smutty chapters if the fic is well received! 

Pairing: House/Cameron

Rating: Definite M rating… kiddies stay away.

Disclaimer: Written purely for mine (and hopefully your) non-profit enjoyment. I don't own House, but a girl can dream right? sigh

"If you want a sperm sample come back without the needle!"

Cameron's hand froze on the door handle. Already turned on more than she'd thought possible, what little control she had left snapped when House uttered those playfully snide words. She turned her head and saw his cobalt blue eyes darken and widen at the expression he saw there. That look of lust managed to do the one thing that was nearly impossible to do to Dr. Gregory House. It left him speechless, unable to move.

In a handful of heartbeats, Cameron locked the hallway door, shut the blinds, and casually strolled over to the conference room door and snapped the lock shut with a seemingly deafening click. Her eyes locked once again with House's.

House's cock tightened as another wave of lust shot through his body. He wanted this. Oh God he wanted this. What red blooded middle-aged male would not admit fantasizing about fucking a woman nearly 20 years his junior? But he had prostitutes for that… this was different. This was Cameron. He had to stop this. But then she was on her knees unbuttoning his pants as he backed against the desktop with a shuddering sigh. He tried to stop her, he tried to tell her no, but who was he really kidding? His attempts at speaking came out as nothing but strangled moans and whimpers as she freed him from his trousers and grasped him firmly in her small soft hands. Burying his hands in her hair, he almost came on the spot when her soft lips wrapped around his engorged member. He managed a strangled "God, Cameron…" before once again dissolving into more unintelligible noises.

His head dropped and he watched in fascination as her perfect lips pumped him up and down, her hands seeming to know exactly where and when to add just the right amount of pressure. Every so often she would look up at him and he would get lost in her lust darkened eyes. She loved what she was doing to him, loved the power she had over him. And he didn't give a damn she knew it either.

All too soon, he felt the pressure rise and he knew it wouldn't be long before he was pouring himself in the back of Cameron's hot wet throat. He wondered idly if she would pull away, but that thought was banished from his head as he suddenly came hard in her mouth, unable to stop the loud groan that escaped his lips. House shuddered and spasmed, eyes squeezing tightly shut as he felt Cameron swallow each and every drop of his seed.

Slowly returning to earth, his eyes opened when her mouth left him and he felt the cold air tease his heated flesh. Unable to stand, he remained gasping for breath as he leaned heavily against his desktop. Cameron smiled seductively, licking the single remaining drop of him from the corner of her mouth. Her smiled widened at his answering groan. Moving her body up his, she kissed him hard, thrusting her tongue into his mouth, making him taste his own fluids upon her tongue. Pulling back as suddenly as she had begun the kiss, she spun around on her heels and confidently walked out of the office door.

It was a full minute before House recovered enough to have the sense to stuff his flaccid cock back in his pants.