Grey's Anatomy
'A Love that Dare Not Speak its Name'

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Summary: Callica. After their kiss on the elevator, Erica goes one way, and Callie goes another . . . or so it seemed. FemSlash

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They were all riding the elevator down to the lobby. Callie, Erica and Mark. Well, it had just been Callie and Erica, but then Mark interrupted, as he always seemed to do. At one point Callie would have much preferred being with him to spending time with Erica, especially Erica alone, but that had all changed.

When Addison came back to Seattle Grace and asked Callie if she was "speaking the Vagina Monologues" with Erica, Callie had been a bit confused. She liked Erica, but only as a friend. She didn't have any romantic feelings for the other woman. Did she? For a while after that she had avoided Erica. She needed time to sort out her feelings and time to figure out what she really wanted, and time to stay away from Erica and let the talk of them together to die down. Besides, it was just awkward after what Addison said.

But then she came to realize that time away from Erica only made her want to be with the blonde even more. So she had finally stopped avoiding her and told her what Addison said. They both had a good laugh and an awkward silence ensued, so it was a good time. She wasn't too sure what it meant, but she got the feeling that Erica may possibly feel the same way about her. If she hadn't and Addison had been totally off the mark, then that silence after she told her wouldn't have been half as awkward.

"You couldn't handle the two of us." Erica said to Sloan. He must've said something before that to make Erica say that, but Callie couldn't tell what it was. As soon as he mentioned threesome, or as soon as she mentioned a threesome...and thinking about it all day, all she could do was picture Erica naked. Her and Erica naked . . . together. Okay, so maybe she was just thinking of a twosome, and without Mark, but what was going on in her head was ten times hotter than anything she had ever had with Mark.

The sound of Erica's voice brought her back to the conversation. "You wouldn't find it intimidating?" Callie put everything she had into staring straight ahead and not watching Erica's lips move. God knew her turn-on button was already on high just by hearing the blonde speak, and speak about sex . . . sex with her. Okay, sex with her and Mark, but he could be gotten rid of easy enough. She had no idea when she started thinking about Erica like this, but she had to admit, she liked it. Just as long as no one found out – ever.

"Not at all." Mark said.

Callie smirked. She could barely handle these fantasies, so she highly doubted that Mark could handle the real thing. Just as she was beginning to simmer down, Erica reached over and kissed her. Right there . . . in the elevator . . . in front of Mark. Holy shit, Erica Hahn was kissing her in front of Mark. Mark, the man she was sleeping with, Mark.

Erica brushed her thumb over Callie's cheek and for a few short seconds they were all that mattered. Not what would happen if everyone found out, or if the guys who watched the elevator cameras were actually awake. Just them.

But just as soon as she had started it, Erica ended it and pulled away. She looked right at Sloan, "See, too much for you." With that, the elevator opened and she walked out, proud of her ability to taunt the elusive Dr. Mark Sloan.

He said something about the third floor on-call room and walked out of the elevator in the opposite direction that Erica had just left in. Callie stepped straight out of the elevator, still in a state of shock. Erica had kissed her. Of her own free will, Erica had kissed her. Maybe to taunt Mark, but still . . . a kiss is a kiss. And a damn hot one at that. Maybe she didn't have to be so afraid. Maybe Erica did feel something more than friendship towards her.

Now was decision time. To the left was Mark, and sex...with. To the right was Erica. Erica who always looked beautiful no matter how many hours she'd been on her feet in surgery. Erica, who could open up someone's heart and save their life. Erica who had been plaguing her dreams. . . Erica. But to go with Mark would be so much easier. No one would even think she had feelings for another woman if she was with him. No one would think her best friend made her wetter than Mark, or any man, ever had. No one would know that at the end of the day when it came down to it, she just wanted to be with Erica.

She went to the left.

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