I'm not really sure what I should do here, so I'm leaving it all up to you. I personally think that this would be a perfect place to end this story, but I want to know what you all think. Don't just say to continue it cause you want it to go on, but really tell me if it would end well here. Although if I do end it here, I already have a title for a sequel in mind, The Chance to Love you. Thanks

Village Voice

It had been a week since Erica had been awake. A week since the doctors and nurses had made themselves scarce, only sending Dr. Bailey in once a day to make sure everything was on track and healing well, and a week since Dr. Sloan had even been on the floor…they assumed. He hadn't been back since that day he caught them kissing. But none of that mattered because today, today Erica was going home.

After getting a plethora of antibiotics and pain killers, a walking cast for her leg, she was good to go…that is, as long as she had someone to stay with her for the next few weeks. A condition of her release since they wanted to keep her in the hospital for a while longer. It was either that or she walked out against medical advice. So Dr. Bailey had agreed to release her as long as she had someone who could be there for her 24/7.

Guess who had been the first to offer her services?

"You know Callie" Erica began as Callie helped her into the wheelchair. "I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself for a few days. It's not even that serious….Ow." She grimaced.

"Not even that serious? Erica, you were hit by a car. An actual fresh off the highway speeding in a hospital zone barreling through a stop sign…car." Erica grimaced again. "You can't even sit without being in pain."

"No, but I can lie down. It doesn't hurt as much when I'm horizontal."

Callie smirked, but held in that laugh she was dying to laugh. There are a million things Callie would love to do with Erica horizontal, but now was not the time. She rounded the wheelchair and squatted down in front of Erica, meeting her eyes. "I want to do this. And not because I feel guilty for getting you hit by the car, which was my fault,"

Erica laughed. "Ow." It would take a while for her lung, rib, and abdomen to heal and until then she would have to deal with pain when she laughed. But it was alright because Callie was the only one who really made her laugh, really laugh, and she would endure the worst kind of pain for that woman.

"But, I want to do this for you. I want to be there for you." She licked her lips and scanned the room quickly. "I want to be the one to kiss the pain away."

Erica leaned closer. "I have something you can ki-"

"Alright." Dr. Bailey charged into the room interrupting the pair once again. Someone always seemed to know exactly when not to walk into the room and do it anyway. "A condition of your release…"

Callie stood up. "I already talked to Chief and he said I can take as much time as it takes."

Miranda scoffed. "I'll bet. He's just worried that no one's going to come here with Seattle Grace's 'Cardio-God' gone. It's bad for business."

"Aw, thanks." Erica said, sarcasm dripping from her tongue. "I'll be sure to get better as fast as I can so I can back here before the whole cardio wing disappears."

Callie bit her tongue and wheeled Erica right to the door, stopping at Dr. Bailey to get Erica's discharge papers.

"It's been a pleasure Dr. Bailey." Erica said.

Miranda rolled her eyes and deposited the papers into Callie's waiting hand. Callie wheeled Erica out of the room and the duo immediately started laughing the minute they turned the corner.

After a few minutes Erica doubled over in pain. "Doctors make the worst patients." Callie scolded, running a hand under Erica's shirt over her abdomen to make sure she hadn't ruptured anything.

"Yeah, well I'm sorry if it feels good to laugh."

Callie removed her hand and could have sworn she saw a look of disappointment cross Erica's face.

"I haven't had much to laugh about being locked up in a hospital twenty-four hours a day."

"Are you saying I'm bad company?" Callie stopped the wheelchair at the elevator.

Erica reached up and took Callie's hand, pulling her around the front of the chair. "I'm saying that I would never laugh at you."

Callie smiled. This is why she wanted to be with Erica, because deep down the woman had a heart of gold. If, on the off chance Erica found some quality in you that didn't annoy the hell out of her and you became friends, which, granted, is rare…very very rare, but once you were in, you were in. Period. Once she let you in, you would see that she was the funniest, sweetest and most generous person you would ever meet in your entire life . . . but that was Erica. Dr. Hahn, on the other hand, would only gave you the time of day if there was a strong prospect she could slice open your chest and take a nice, long look at that pretty little thing that beats inside your chest.

She again assumed the position squatting down in front of Erica in her wheelchair. She looked so much better. There was color in her cheeks, her eyes had their sparkle back, their zest for life, and the best part of it all was…she was smiling again…smiling at Callie. That smile that lit up her eyes and made everything else disappear. She reached up and put her hand to Erica's cheek. Erica covered Callie's hand with her own and wiped the tear that ruined Callie's otherwise perfect face. "You don't need to be crying."

Callie smiled and swallowed the rest of her tears. She always knew the right thing to say. Always. "I don't know…what I would have done-"

"Shh…Don't think about that. You don't have to worry about that because I'm right here." She put Callie's hands in her lap and placed her own on either side of Callie's face. "I'm right here. With you. In this hospital I can't wait to get out of."

Callie laughed and wiped her face. "Okay, point taken." She stood up and walked around to the back of the chair waiting for the elevator to get to their floor. With a quick glance around Callie leaned down and brought her lips dangerously close to Erica's ear. "I can tell you one place I desperately want to get into." She whispered.

Erica was about to come up with something equally witty and seductive, but just as she went to open her mouth the elevator chimed and who should step off but Dr. Sloan himself.

"Do you two have some sort of radar that goes off whenever I'm close by?"

"Don't I wish." Erica mumbled.

Callie straightened up. "Not everything is about you Sloan." Erica chuckled and looked innocently around. 'He's back to Sloan now.'

He gave Erica a look and grabbed Callie's arm dragging her far enough away so Erica couldn't hear. "What are you doing Callie?"

"I'm trying to go home."

"Home? You're already calling Erica's place home?"

"I meant her home. Look, the point is I'm leaving." She started walking away.

"We need to talk about this."

She turned around and walked back over to Sloan. She didn't need to bother Erica with anything this man said. "Other than maybe talking about Erica's stitches or overall wellbeing, we don't have anything to talk about. This is none of your business." And with that she re-joined Erica and wheeled her into the elevator, leaving Sloan and that chapter of their lives well behind.