They ran down the astronomy tower, and made it to the ground level when apparently fate had to pull them apart. Ron was standing at the bottom with his wand in hand and a fierce scowl on his face.

'Ron, I can explain,' she said, trying not to tear up. This is what it all came to, ruining her friendship or starting a new relationship.

'What is there to explain, you're with him,' he spat out.

'I want to be with Draco, I just wished you'd understand,' she whispered, burying her face into Draco's shoulder. He tensed up, unless...

She looked up at him. 'You do want to be with me, right?'

Draco looked down and was instantly memorized by her eyes, eyes that so desperately wanted to shed tears, and that didn't because the person who beared those eyes was strong and beautiful.

'Of course I want to be with you,' he grumbled. Lord, he was getting fancy.

Her smile was brilliant, radiant. Everything he knew he could never be, but that's why he needed her. She was his light, the one he bared his soul to, who wouldn't judge him or lash out at random. She was his.

Hermione looked back at Ron and regarded him with a unperturbed expression. 'I just want to be happy, that's all. I'm sorry, Ron, I really am.'

She took Draco's hand and walked away, and maybe for once she wasn't going to come back. Stay with Draco always, and forget everything but him.

He pulled her along once they hit the next corridor, they crawled stairs and bypassed darkened alcoves until they reached the room they needed the most. Draco stepped forward and passing the room three times, he muttered something under his breath that Hermione couldn't hear.

The door opened and in the corner was the most exquisite bed, that held silk sheets and a dozen of pillows, settled on a high platform and a canopy on top. In the the other corner was a huge fireplace that was blazing and across was a couch.

'Oh..Draco,' then he turned towards her, and her body was suddenly a lit with nerves that needed prodding and shivers that needed settling and aches that needed satisfying.

'Come here,' he shut the door behind him and held out his hand. This is no way could be a mistake, it was her and Draco. Although it was strange at first, it seemed that it could artfully change into something more outrageous. A relationship that had no business even existing, but that didn't matter, nothing did.

She went to him, no questions asked. And his mouth took possession of hers, the fierce growl at the back of his throat let use, and with that her whimper. A breathless moan, a hiss. All the noises that could only be identified as two people coming together in the bliss of love- making.

Arching against her body, he all but ripped off her skirt, moved aside her knickers, and finger fucked her like he had been wanting to do since he longed remembered. She moaned and snapped his head up, crashing their lips together, lips clashing, bruising each other's sensitive lips, it was all rough and animalistic.

Hermione grabbed his shirt and tore it off him in one fell swoop. He closed his eyes, when her warm hands started wondering his heated skin. Lord, her hands were so soft.

He pushed her hands off, and stripped her shirt off, along with her bra, so she stood there in only her knickers. Which by the look of it were completely soaked through.

'What did you do in the hall?' she whispered against his ear.

'Something I know, and for you never to find out,' he whispered back, making her moan.

He palmed her breasts, and she arched making them bounce a tad. Looking into her eyes, he knew that she wanted It as much as he did, but there is a time and a place and now wasn't it. Bloody Hell, he felt like he was going to explode.

Hermione bent down and slowly took off his pants, along with boxers. His breath caught when he saw what she was about to do. 'Please...Hermione... I won't,' too late she already had him in her mouth.

Sucking and slurping, she bobbed her head, choking herself a little on his pre-cum. Ohh... he was delicious. His juices were salty and but sweet, a strange contradiction, but that was Draco

She couldn't seem to get enough, but Draco didn't let her finish. Taking her by the arms, he pulled her up and threw her on the bed. Flipping her over on hands and knees, she was unprepared when Draco started rubbing his erection up and down her slit, eliciting a moan.

'You like that? You like It when I tease your mudblood prude pussy?' okay so much for taking his time tonight. But Merlin, she pushed him until he has to do something about it.

'Oh, Draco, I am a mudblood prude, please,' she breathed out, and that was the last of his control. Grasping her hips he made one hard thrust inside her, and she tensed and cried out, but it was all worth it.

'Hermione, you're so tight,' he moaned out and started thrusting slowly, waiting for her to unclench around him so he could properly fuck her.

She unclenched a little but that's all it took. Fucking her like a Madman, he took her again and again, rubbing against the little nub, hearing her moan his name over and over.

'Draco, please, I'm just a little prude, show me how to become a slut,' she whispered, turning back to look at him. Her hair was around her back, her cheeks flushed and her eyes bright with desire.

He'll show her how to be a slut.

'Okay, ride my cock, move back on it,' he grabbed her hair and pulled her backed, she winced but moved back anyway, she was going slow but then she got the hang of it and started riding him like a slut should.

'Oh, Merlin,' he couldn't take it, angling his cock, he started hitting her g-spot when she started yelling his name, fucking the spot harder. He felt himself exploding, squirt after squirt of cum oozed out and bathed the inside of her juicy cunt. She had screamed his name when she climaxed.

Lying on her back, he muttered, 'See now you're the Gryffindor Slut.'

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