Only Just Bearable Part III

Only Just Bearable Part III


A few days later Angela and Bobby was sitting by the kitchen table. Bobby had just arrived.

"I talked to my uncle." He was a divorce lawyer . "And I told him everything. He fixed the papers for our divorce. It's instant. No waiting. We bother keep whatever we had when we married and what we earned during. Me and the girls will be moving back to LA."

Bobby felt a bit bad, even though he knew that Angela had more than enough money saved to make it without work for a while. "You don't have to leave right away. Make sure everything is ready so you can move right in and get settled without any trouble."

"Nah." She shook her head. "It'll only make leaving harder." She busied herself with whipping off the counter. "I already shipped my things down there." She had put most of her things into storage as little of it was needed. Bobby didn't have all that much stuff and quite a bit came with the house.

He nodded. "Okay."

"Bobby… please tell me you're happy."

Bobby smiled, his eyes watering. "Yes, I'm happy."

"How happy?"

"I feel like I'm going to burst."

She nodded and ran over to hug him. Bobby caught her small form easily and hugged her tightly.

"So, you going to marry him?'


"Got a ring."

"Had one for eighteen years." He chuckled. "I hope it still fits."

"Can…" she took a deep breath. "Can I meet him?"

Bobby pulled away and studied her face. "You really want to?"


"Bobby! Why the fuck did you call us all here?" Angel snapped over the buzz of chatter in the room.

"Shut up jarhead!" Bobby called from the kitchen.

Everyone grew silent in astonishment. Ever since Jack died, Bobby had become subdued and distant. He never argued with them, or engaged in the playful banter. He just made the decision and that was that. To hear the old familiar nickname fall from their big brother's lips like it hadn't been almost twenty years, was wonderful.

"I have an announcement and a few introductions of some old and a new facees."

"And we couldn't do this later?" Sofi asked. She was late for work. The only reason the were all there was that if Bobby asked for something, which he did every five years or so, they turned up. No questions. They just did.

"No. First of all, Angela and I got a divorce a few days ago. She moved back to LA." he silenced them before they even got to open their mouths. "The second –" a messy blonde head of hair and familiar sea green eyes stuck his head through the door. "-this is my son, Domino."

"Dude! He looks just like –"

"And third and last; the hospital cocked up big time…Jack…is still alive."

The silence was deafening. "You got to be fucking joking! How long have you known?"

"Just a few days."

"Are you – I mean. Are you sure?" Jerry asked.

"I'm pretty sure Jeremiah." Jack's definitely matured voice came from the kitchen door. "I feel pretty alive."

"He got amnesia. That's why he didn't find us. He just recently started remembering us…and then Domino found me." Bobby said, his voice rough.

Jerry just shook his head in disbelief at the sight before him and jumped over the couch to embrace his baby brother. "Welcome home baby boy." The words ripped the rest of the family out of their shock and ran to hug Jack to welcome him back, and wrapped Domino up in their arms and welcomed him home for the first time. Jack didn't want to ruin the moment by letting them know that he only knew who they were because Bobby had showed his photos, and not because he remembered them.

Bobby and Jack locked eyes over the crowd of adults and children.

"Marry me." Bobby mouthed. He knew he wasn't going to be heard over the loud chatter and woops of joy.

Jack smiled and nodded. He wiggled out of the group hug and nuzzled into Bobby's embrace.

Sofi cheered when they kissed and the kids made faces.

"So what's happening with the two of you now?" Angel asked.

"Well, we're getting married for one." Jack said with a shy grin and a blush spread across his cheeks and nose. That was their Jackie; still so innocent after having been through so much. "Then, maybe we'll try for one more. Domino needs siblings."


Jacklay on his side in bed, damp bed sheets tossed aside a long time ago. His breath was heavy and his body slicked with sweat. His heart thudding in his chest..

Bobby was his first and only true love, and now they were married. If it weren't for his burning lungs he'd laugh and cheer in joy.

He felt a warm and strong arm slip around his waist and pull him backwards into an even warmer embrace.

"Sweetheart…" was whispered in his ear and a gust of hit breath caressed his neck. A hand slipped down lower and rubbed the slight swell of his tummy. Their child, and there was no bullets to tear them apart this time.