A/N: Inspired by Girugamesh's song "Kowarete iku sekai".

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He was a pilgrim, travelling in the sacred world he didn't understand, the world that was not what he wanted it to be. He was a pilgrim that could not change anything, yet who believed in changes. He was an observer, a mere watcher of forces that destroyed and killed everything on their way. A pilgrim on the path of suffering, scared, yet he knew there was no choice but to follow the road ahead.

He could only watch Genesis slowly falling into the madness that awaited him surely, and he could do nothing about it, because that same hell could consume him, too.

They were one, in a way. They were one and the same, two freaks that could only understand each other. Both strange, both talented and skilled. Drawn to each other, because only they were able to match each other in battle and in life. Perfection made of two halves, they were. One was not complete without the other. Perfect imperfection.

Sephiroth missed the days of their sparrings and the days when Genesis would smile that special smile only reserved for him and Angeal. Honest. Sincere. Beautiful. For those smiles, the General wanted to live on. For those smiles, he wanted to keep Genesis close and happy. He couldn't.

The seed of hatred was planted.

The world was on the verge of breaking for them, now. The end was so near, Sephiroth could feel it coming. With Genesis so distant, so fierce in their battles and arguements. With the new and new and new excuses the other Soldier had to go to Hollander's lab. He was but a guinea pig now, with those injections every day, injections that made him scream in pain, cry and beg - Sephiroth knew it, because he was there, once. He heard it all. His heart hurt with every sound of Genesis' suffering.

Their world was breaking. Their world of silent whispers of two hearts beating in sync. Their world of looks that meant more than words could describe. Their world of nothing and something.

There was no future anymore.

The End is near by, but you who have known love will be all right.

Sephiroth knew nothing would be all right.