Jak and Daxter bloopers

Jak and Daxter bloopers

Jak and Daxter, The Precursor Legacy

(First scene at Misty Island. Jak and Daxter are hiding behind a rock when Gol and Maia appear)

GOL: Continue your search for artifacts and eco. (gasps) The locals possess-

(The security wire holding Gol in the air begins to snap and swings him around)

GOL: What the-? Who's responsible for the faulty construction of this confounded rope?!

(Maia snickers and pinches the bridge of her nose. Jak and Daxter can be heard laughing in the back)

GOL: Shut up! It's not funny!

(The wire snaps completely and Gol falls to the ground)



(Jak and Daxter enter Samos' hut)

SAMOS: What in green tarnation...Is my line? Someone tell old Samos the Sage what his line is before I turn you into a fern!

DAXTER: (snickering) Yea, a "wise" old sage, alright. More like "senile".

SAMOS: What'd you say, rat?!

DAXTER: I said it's good to see the wise sage every once in a while!


(Jak covers his mouth and snickers)


(Jak jumps out of the portal from Geyser Rock. He missed his cue to duck and Daxter accidentally hits him in the head)

DAXTER: What the heck?! You were supposed to duck, Jak! Pay attention!


(They repeat the portal scene and Jak forgot to duck again)

DAXTER: Alright, that's it! We need a stunt Jak for this part.

(He walks off the set)


(Keira tells Jak and Daxter about the Lost Precursor City)

KEIRA: The Blue Sage has been trying to figure out how he can bring one of the chambers to the surface. But he was never successful.

(Daxter looks into a bucket filled with water and baby lurker fish)

KEIRA: You should check it out.

DAXTER: Uh, aren't there a lot of...uh...lurker sharks in that water?

KEIRA: Why? Are you scared?

DAXTER: Me? Of course not. Just lookin' out for J- AAAHHHH!!

(One of the lurker fish jumps out of the water and grabs a hold of Daxter's arm)

DAXTER: Get it off me! Get it off me!

(Jak laughs as he pries the fish off of Daxter's arm)

DIRECTOR: (snickering) Cut!


(Jak and Daxter have just discovered White eco)

DAXTER: White eco?! That could be the stuff to change me back!

(Daxter smacks Jak in the back of the head and ends up falling off his shoulder)

DAXTER: Ottsel down!



(Jak and Daxter have just defeated Gol and Maia)

SAMOS: Yes. Gol and Maia. The Dark eco probably destroyed them. Probably...

GOL: (in the distance) We're still alive, you idiots!

(Everyone on the set starts laughing)



(Daxter has just interrupted Jak and Keira's kiss)

DAXTER: Whoa! Put it on ice, big guy!

DIRECTOR: Cut! And that's a wrap!

DAXTER: YES!! It's about time!

JAK: Oh, thank God. I was tired of being the mute guy all the time. If we do another one, I want a speaking role.

DAXTER: Another one? Don't get too in over your head, Jak. I ain't workin' with you people again!

KEIRA: Well, now that this is all over, you wanna grab a latte?

JAK: Sure.

DAXTER: Hey! Wait for me!