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Now that this is clear, if you're continuing to read this, then I'm in the clear to say that I was quite surprise by the ending of the Shippuuden movie. It's quite obvious what Shion wants from Naruto, especially given the shock expressions from Sakura, Lee, and Kakashi, yet Naruto is so clueless that he agreed to Shion's 'request' without even knowing what he really was agreeing to do. (snicker) I thought maybe there will be many fanfics and fan arts regarding this, but only two fics appeared, making me think that most fans do not like the notion of Naruto becoming a father for someone his age or that they do not want him paired with Shion at all. (shrug)

Anyway, this is just a story of what I think would be the reactions, not only Naruto's but also others as well. XD It contains some hints of NaruSaku. I'd divided this story into two parts for easy reading.

Oh, it will help that one least seen the Naruto Shippuuden movie first before reading this story. I don't think some things will make sense if one has not seen the movie.

Story rating: T (PG-13)(for minor sexual themes)
Written: May-June 2008

Summary: The consequences and reactions of Naruto 'helping' Shion after the events of the Naruto Shippuuden movie. Spoilers. NaruShion, minor-NaruSaku.


Whatever It Takes
Chapter 1
By JuPMod (aka JPMod)

It was over. Mouryou was gone, thus the world was safe for the time being. The forces of Konoha triumphed over the darkness thanks to the help of the Priestess of Demon Country. Yet one particular Konoha shinobi, a genin in rank, paved the way for the final victory with his relentless drive to never give up against overwhelming odds. It was odd for a mere genin to be so strong and persistent, but for anyone who knew Naruto Uzumaki, they would not be surprise one bit he was somehow involved in the success of this brief war. After all, he was the most unpredictable ninja of Konoha, and a ninja, who was impulsive in the way he/she fights, was almost unstoppable.

Yet for the blond hyperactive ninja, his adventures with Priestess Shion were far from over. Unknowingly to himself, he was about to embark on a new mission. One which no doubt would change his life and the next generation of priestesses of the Demon Country. It would start with a simple request made on the top of a mountain hill overlooking the former Sealing Shrine Mountain, which has been turned into an active volcano.

"What do you say, Naruto? Are you going to help me?" Priestess Shion asked as she turned her head to eye the grinning boy besides her. Both teens didn't pay attention to the two startled male gasps from behind them. If they did, they would have noticed the shock expressions on six Konoha ninjas and one Suna kunoichi. All of them knew exactly what was being asked, and since they knew Naruto well, they knew what the blond Hokage-wannabe was going to say.

"Sure! I'll do whatever it takes!" he said while giving a thumbs-up toward the blonde priestess. Naruto saw Shion's face lit up with a pleased look to his agreement to help her, yet at the same time, his ears made out several groans and one "How troublesome" from his left side. Only then did he turn to the left to find his friends and fellow shinobi standing close-by, when moments ago, they had been further back upon his and Shion's appearance from the fog.

"Hey, guys!" he greeted with his trademark foxy smile as he lowered his left hand. "I guess this is mission accomplish, ne?"

Shaking out of his stupor, Kakashi slightly nervously chuckled as he scratched the back of his head. "Yeah, you can say that, Naruto." Dropping his hand, he pointed to the volcano, his face its usual self again. "By the way, Naruto, did you really have to blow up the mountain?" This question brought the others out of their daze.

This time it was Naruto's turn to nervously chuckle as he rubbed the back of his head. "Well, I didn't know that the jutsu would have caused the volcano to erupt. Shion and I were busy defeating Mouryou at the moment."

"Hmmm," Kakashi hummed as he crossed his arms. "Why don't you and Shion-sama tell us what has happened in there? From what I was told, only Shion-sama has the power to seal Mouryou away, but judging from your words, Naruto, it took both of you to defeat him."

So, for the next several minutes, Naruto and Shion narrated their story regarding their fight with Mouryou. Some were bit surprise and frightened to hear Mouryou took the form of a dragon with so many heads that it was hard to imagine such a beast. What really shock all was Naruto creating a new type of Rasengan with Shion's powers found in the bell – the Ultra-chakra Rasengan. Judging from the description, it simply seemed like a very large Rasengan.

Shikamaru shook his head with a frown upon the completion of the pair's story. "Why does trouble always follow you, Naruto? You really are troublesome." Naruto's only response was to sheepishly chuckled and scratched the back of his head. Sighing, the lazy shinobi wondered if Naruto was even ready for such a step into adulthood, for he still acted like a child at times.

A throat clearing made everyone focus on the person who made it – Sakura Haruno. "That's all good, Naruto, but I have one question." There was a momentary pause before the pinkette pointed to her blond teammate. "Do you have any idea what you just agreed to do with Shion-sama?!" she screeched with her left eye twitching. Gai and Lee took a couple steps away from the fuming kunoichi.

Naruto blinked in confusion. "Well, yeah. She asked me to help her with the next generation priestess." His hands came up to entwined together at the back of his head. "So?" With the exception of Sakura and Shion, everyone sweatdropped. Yep, he was totally clueless.

Sakura's eye began to twitch even more. "You really do have no idea!" If looks could kill, it was clear to all that the Godiame's apprentice was going to commit murder.

Baffled to why his teammate was angry at him, Naruto didn't at first felt it, but he did soon realized Shion brought down his right arm to cling onto with her left arm as she glared at the irritated girl. "What we do is none of your business! I chosen Naruto, and he agreed to help me!" Her right index finger rose to point at Sakura. "You stay in your place, bitch!"

Everyone winced upon hearing that, and Sakura's expression did not improved at all as her right hand clenched with a cracking sound. There was no doubt the teenage girl wanted very much to punch the priestess's lights out. It was a good thing for all that Kakashi was immediately behind his former-student, placing both hands on her shoulders in a calming position.

"We understand, Shion-sama," the white-haired jounin timidly chuckled. Sakura shook out of his grip, crossed her arms, and gave a dismissive hmph, as she looked away from Shion. The blonde priestess lowered her right arm and did the same, looking the other way while still clinging to Naruto's arm.

Kakashi decided then to take charge, before things spiraled out of control. "Well, now that the mission is complete, it's time we escort Shion-sama back to her home." He faced Gai and Shikamaru. "Gai, Shikamaru, head back to the rest of our forces and tell them to return to Konoha." He gave a thankful grin toward Temari. "Temari-san, I thank you for helping our forces. Extend my thanks to your Kazekage."

"Will do," Temari grinned back. "It was a good thing I happened to be there at Konoha when this emergency came up." Her grin stretched to a smirking one as she faced the ponyhaired Konoha chuunin. "Right, Shikamaru?"

Shikamaru sighed and shook his head. "Troublesome woman." The Suna kunoichi giggled at his words.

Before anyone else could say anything, Gai pose in his Nice Guy way as he looked at his 'Eternal Rival.' "Well, I'm off! I'll inform the Hokage of our victory!" He then turned to face Naruto. "And you, Naruto! Don't let your youthful self go overboard in the pleasure!" He chuckled then sheepishly added, "Have a nice time." With that said, he jumped away, making his way down the mountain.

Sighing again as he shook his head, Shikamaru walked away with a lazy wave to those behind him. "I'll see you guys back in Konoha. You really are troublesome, Naruto." He leaped away out of sight.

Temari chuckled as she locked her teal eyes with the blue ones of Naruto's. "I can't wait until I get home. I'm going to tell Kankuro and Gaara everything. They're certainly going to envy you, Naruto. Being the first before them." With a little wave, she bounded after the lazy genius of a Konoha shinobi.

"Eh?" Naruto spoke, more confused than ever before. What in Hell was she talking about him being the first?

Kakashi sighed and shook his head at his naive student before training his eyes on Neji's. "I'll be joining you in escorting Shion-sama home." The Hyuuga nodded in understanding.

Releasing a huff of air, the remaining kunoichi walked over toward her teammate and the Demon Country's priestess. "Come on, Shion-sama," she began in a calm tone. "Climb on my back so we can get you home as soon as possible."

"No!" Shion barked out, startling everyone. "Naruto will carry me home! No one else!" Naruto sighed and bent down to let the young woman climbed onto his back. Once she was secured, Shion turned back to Sakura. "Naruto is far more comfortable than you. Your body is too manly to be a woman's. You should work to make it more womanly."

Naruto nervously chuckled, watching his female teammate clenched her right fist again, face looking much like a piss-off Tsunade-baachan. "Well now, let's get moving!" he mentioned to Neji and Lee before bounding off. Not wanting to be around Sakura at the moment, the two teenage boys immediately followed their comrade.

Rubbing the back of his head, Kakashi produced a force chuckle. "Come on, Sakura, let's get going." He disappeared as he took a charka jump down the mountain to catch up with the three teenage boys.

With eyes twitching, Sakura raised her right fist. She very much wanted to hit something.

"SHA!" Inner Sakura screamed inside her head. "BEAT HER UP INTO A PULP! NO ONE TALKS TO US THAT WAY! SHANNARO!"

Yet despite agreeing with Inner Sakura, Sakura knew it would not do any good to pound Shion to a pulp. It would just cause an international incident between the Fire and Demon countries

Calming down somewhat, Sakura quickly bounced after her team. Inner Sakura was still shouting up a storm by the time the kunoichi caught up with them.


The journey back to Shion's village was progressing smoothly compared to the trip to the Sealing Shrine. For one, with Mouryou's forces gone, there was no one posing a threat to the priestess and her escorts. Mouryou's four henchmen had delayed the trek to the shrine with their attacks to kill Shion.

Of course, there was also the fact there was no civilian escorts slowing down the return trip. Taruho had died for a good cause in Shion and the Konoha shinobi's eyes, and there was no doubt that if it weren't for the man, Shion would have been dead. The blonde priestess vowed to have his body returned to the village to give her friend and protector a proper burial with honors.

Despite there were no hindrances, the group stopped for the night. They could easily make it to the village by midnight, but given Shion was not a shinobi, she did not have the endurance to stay up on Naruto's back for such long periods of time without getting the cramps.

A few hours after making camp, the blonde girl was asleep in her futon, and even though there was little likelihood of being attack, the Konoha group took no chances given she was under their protection until she returned home. So thus, Neji, Sakura, and Lee guarded the Demon Country's high priestess, just like they did before on the voyage to the Sealing Shrine.

With three capable ninjas guarding Shion, it left Naruto to get much sleep as he could, yet given his incredible 'recovering' abilities, thanks to the Kyuubi, he was up and about in less than half the time.

Waking up, the blond shinobi sat up in his sleeping bag and stretched his arms over his head before gazing to the other campfire nearby. He made out Neji sitting cross-legged while Lee and Sakura slept as they formed a circle around Shion. They'd planned to take turns on watch through out the night.

"You're quite an early riser, eh, Naruto?" an older male voice sounded, making the teenager turned toward Kakashi sitting across from him on the other side of their campfire. The man was reading his beloved Icha Icha as usual.

Naruto rubbed the back of his head and gave his patented fox smile. "Eh, eh. Well, I normally do sleep like everyone else, Kakashi-sensei, as you know." His smile dropped prior to rotating his head to look at the sleeping priestess at the other campfire.

Kakashi slightly grinned under his mask, for he immediately understood what his student was conveying without words. "Yet you're concern for her."

"Yeah," Naruto nodded, keeping his blue orbs on Shion's peaceful face. "I made a promise to Taruho-niichan that I'll protect Shion, and I am going to keep that promise until she's safely home."

The copy-nin nodded once. "What do you think of her?" he curiously asked. If Naruto would soon be going to doing 'it' with the beautiful priestess, just how deep was his feelings for her?

A soft chuckle escaped the teenage boy's lips before he turned to lock his eyes with his sensei. "Well, when I first met her, she was bossy, spoiled, and does not seem to care for others." His grin softened. "I found out she really does care for others, just her job as a priestess just will not allow her to show it often. Also she's kinder now than when I first met her." His blue orbs gazed down into the crackling fire.

Understanding, Kakashi's sole exposed eye displayed warmth and amusement as he slightly shook his head. Judging from his student's words, he did care for the priestess, just it seemed it was not as deep as his feelings for a certain pink-haired kunoichi. "You really have the knack to change people for the better; just you do not even know it."

"Eh?" Naruto blinked, jogged out of his thoughts as he looked up into the jounin's face. "What did you say?"

"Nevermind!" Kakashi immediately chuckled, thinking it was best not to tell his pupil what laid ahead for him. He looked squarely into the blond's eyes. "Some words of advice, Naruto." Seeing the boy was paying attention, he continued as his right eye crinkled to show his amusement. "When you do help Shion-sama, just enjoy yourself."

"Eh?" Naruto blinked again out of confusion. "What do you mean by that?"

"You'll see," Kakashi grinned mischievously before snapping his precious Icha Icha shut. "Now that you're up, I'm going to get some sleep. If we leave soon after sunrise, we'll be at the village by noon." With that said, he turned away from the baffled genin to lie on the ground.

Before sleep claimed the silver-haired man, he snickered in his mind. "It's a good thing Naruto does not officially have a girlfriend, or else it's going to be so hard for him to keep his word to help Shion-sama." He impishly snickered as sleep came to his being, not aware he actually did so out loud, making Naruto narrowed his eyes at his teacher.

"Why all my teachers are perverts?" he mentally asked himself for maybe the millionth time as he shook his head, thinking Kakashi was obviously thinking dirty thoughts. He reached for his backpack to take out a snack to eat. It was going to be a long wait until sunrise.


Strolling through the front doors of the Demon Country's priestess palace, six individuals breathed easily that they had made it. Just as Kakashi predicted, the remaining leg of the journey was a short one, thus the entire group arrived at the village sometime past noon.

A slightly chubby middle-aged man came down the large hallway toward them. He was dressed in official garments that indicate him to be one of the administrators of the palace. "Shion-sama! Thank Kami you're okay!" he mentioned with relief as he neared the five shinobi and their charge. Several other servants appeared out of side hallways and doors to check out what was the commotion.

"I'm fine, Osamu," Shion grinned reassuringly. "Mouryou is defeated, and thanks to my protectors," she gestured behind her to the Konoha ninjas, "I was unharmed."

Grinning, Osamu relaxed further upon hearing the news. Yet after his eyes scanned the small group, he noticed someone was missing. "Where is Taruho-san?" Shion's downcast eyes and the somber mood from the shinobi immediately told him everything. "I'm sorry, Shion-sama," the man quickly bowed his head.

"Taruho sacrificed his life, so I can able to get to the shrine," Shion explained as Osamu raised his head. "I want his body return to the village, so we can give him a proper burial with honors."

"It shall be done," Osamu nodded in agreement.

Shion looked over her shoulder toward Neji. "Can you provide us with the location where he was buried?"

"Hai," Neji responded before pulling out a small sheet of paper from an inside jacket pocket. "I'd figured you would want to give Taruho-san a proper burial, so I'd written down the best I can about the location and the burial site's description." He reached over to hand the paper to Osamu.

"I'll get some men to retrieve him right away," Osamu reassured the priestess as he took the paper.

Knowing her friend's body would be salvaged, Shion turned around to face her Konoha shinobi guardians with a warm grin. "I can't express enough for all the help Konoha had provided in helping fighting Mouryou and his army," her gaze rested on the four Leaf teenagers, "especially you four."

Naruto grinned sheepishly and rubbed the back of his head, while Lee and Sakura simply grinned and bowed their heads. Neji bowed his head as well but spoke out to the priestess. "We were just doing our jobs, Shion-sama."

Shion smiled warmly. "You're welcome to stay as long as you like. We'll be serving lunch now for you."

"Yeah, that'll be great, Shion," Naruto cut in with an eager grin. "I'm starving."

Kakashi nodded once. "We'll accept your offer, Shion-sama," he spoke for the rest of the team, since Naruto already accepted. To decline would be quite rude.

"Then we'll prepare the best meal for you," Shion stated before looking over her shoulder to Osamu. The one look was all he needed to clap his hands and called for someone. A younger man, one of the servants, appeared, and after some instructions given from Osamu, the young man politely asked the Konoha ninjas to follow him. The group of five was led away to a nearby dining hall.

After the Konoha group was out of sight, Shion turned to her main administrator. "Osamu." The elderly man focused on his superior. "I want you to do one other thing for me." Seeing he was paying attention, the blonde explained what she wanted done. After she was finished, Osamu was somewhat gapping in astonishment.

"Forgive me for being bold, Shion-sama," Osamu spoken after a moment of silence, "but surely you can wait a few more years."

Shion shook her head and grinned softly. "No, I will not wait. Given that he lives in another village under a profession that will not let him come here to live with me and I can't go to his village to live with him, I'd decided that this could be the only time I might have him to father my child. I only want him, and no one else. See to the preparations, Osamu."

Osamu bowed. "As you wish, Shion-sama." With that said, he left to carry out his priestess's orders.

After watching her subordinate walked out of sight, Shion headed toward her private chambers. A sly, seductive lopsided grin formed on her face on what she knew was going to come, thus she would gather her lady servants to start her bath. The blonde knew it was going to be worth it.


It had taken awhile to prepare the meal so soon after Shion had ordered it, but within 30 minutes after entering a small dining room for visiting dignitaries, lunch was served to the five Konoha shinobi. Well, more like a banquet than a simple lunch was on their minds as they knelt on cushions around the rectangle low table with Kakashi at the head.

"Wow!" Naruto stared at the various cuisines spread around the table. "I haven't seen this much food in front of us since Yamato treated us at that hot springs!" He focused a wide foxy smile at his pink-haired teammate sitting to his left. "Right, Sakura-chan?"

"Yeah," Sakura nodded in concurrence. She had remembered that time, since it was indeed the first time she had ever was treated so well from a team captain. Oh, she had been treated to lunches and dinners by Tsunade-shishou, however, it was not exactly the same, since she clearly knew Kakashi-sensei very rarely had treated her and Team 7 to a good meal.

Picking up his cop-sticks, Naruto chuckled. "Well, what are we waiting for?!"

"Like for the host to arrive?" Sakura answered easily with a mild glare at the blonde, who embarrassingly grinned upon realizing her point.

"There is no need for you to wait," a male voice answered, making all five sets of eyes to look up at Osamu, who strolled casually into the room to stand at the other end of the table facing Kakashi. "Shion-sama will not be joining you, for she is resting after such a long journey and ordeal. You're all free to enjoy your meal as you please."

Kakashi's crescent-eyed grin appeared on his face. "Well, if you put that way…" he trailed off as his chopsticks began picking up food off the table to place on his plate. The others immediately followed suit, especially an eager Naruto after nearly yelling out "Itadakimasu!"

After glancing at his sensei's plate did something occurred to the blond genin. Realizing what this could mean, he leaned toward his left to whisper to teammate. "Sakura-chan, maybe we'll see Kakashi-sensei's face soon."

Sakura's emerald eyes went wide for a moment prior to nodding her head once. Indeed, there had been no chance three years ago for their jounin-sensei to ever eat together with them, and their attempts to unmask him have met with failure. Even now, after all these years, it was still a mystery to why the man wore a mask over the lower area of his face. Maybe today would be the day they finally get to see his whole face.

"YEAH!" Inner Sakura agreed wholeheartedly. "TAKE OFF THAT MASK, AND SHOW US YOUR FACE!"

As Naruto and Sakura closely watched their sensei raised a piece of meat toward his clothed mouth, a throat clearing alerted everyone to Osamu, his eyes boring into Naruto's. "Naruto-san, Shion-sama requested you to join her in her private chambers, after you finish your meal. She wants to go over you helping her with passing down her powers to the next generation."

Blinking at first, the Hokage-wannabe shrugged. "Sure. I'd said I would do anything to help." He didn't even noticed Lee, Neji, and Sakura sighed and closed their eyes to his words. He was clueless as ever.

"Well, that certainly hit the spot," Kakashi's pleasant voice spoke out, causing everyone to turn to the copy-nin. Naruto and Sakura gapped with wide-eyes upon seeing his plate was now totally empty, while Neji raised an eyebrow and Lee blinked in astonishment.

An irritated Naruto quickly pointed to his masked teacher. "You could not have eaten all that food so fast!"

"That's right!" Sakura agreed. "You would have eaten faster than Naruto does with eating ramen! Not to mention you could not have pulled down your mask that quickly!"

"Maybe he has eaten through a slit in his mask?" Neji offered a suggestion to how the famous Konoha jounin managed such a feat.

Two girlish sighs brought the group's attention to the room's entranceway, where two servant girls were staring dreamingly at the silver-haired shinobi with hearts in their eyes.

"Oh, he's so handsome!" one cooed.

"I wish he left his mask off permanently," the other said, before both girls sighed.

Neji blinked at what he just heard. "Then again, he really did pull down his mask quite quickly." He proceeded with consuming his food.

Naruto and Sakura's faces faulted for a moment just before the blond boy recovered and pointed an accusing finger at Kakashi. "One day we will see your face without your mask, Kakashi-sensei! Dattebayo!"

Kakashi amusingly grinned. "Well, it's not going to be today, Naruto." He reached behind to retrieve his precious Icha Icha from his pouch, and only then did he commence with his reading.

Sakura raised her face to narrowly eye the jounin, while Inner Sakura was screaming inside. "FORGET ABOUT WAITING! JUST RIP THAT MASK OFF! SHANNARO!"

Sighing in defeat, Naruto knew better than to make a big deal out of it. He picked up a bowl of rice. "Oh, well. I might as well just eat and see what Shion has in mind for me to help her."

As he ate, the genin didn't notice Kakashi snickering, while Lee and Neji just shook their heads. Sakura however has now aimed her glare at her naïve teammate.



Neji slid open the door and stepped out of the bedroom he was assigned to spend the night. Lee, sharing the room with his teammate, followed the Hyuuga into the living room/common room, where they met with a sitting Sakura and Kakashi at the square low table. The kunoichi and jounin each was assigned a bedroom, which were connected to the living room.

Lee spoke out upon seeing them. "Do you think Naruto-kun will only be spending one night?"

"He better," Sakura growled. She was not going to be happy her baka of a blond teammate would be spending more than one day with the blonde bimbo.

Kakashi shrugged as he turned a page on his Icha Icha. "It really depends on Shion-sama," he answered the taijutsu specialist's question. "Sometimes to make sure of proper fertilization, it would be best to do 'it' many times as possible." Lee and Sakura blushed a little upon hearing that. "Besides…" the silver-haired man giggled, "this is likely their first time, and from my experience and knowledge, people sometimes find it somewhat addicting after their first time, especially if both partners end up finding their first time quite satisfying."

Sakura and Lee's blushes grew at the copy-nin's words. It was hard for them not to imagine Naruto engaging in such pleasurable recreation, and further to believe the loud-mouth was going to loose his virginity before they would. They wonder if Naruto already now was in Shion's arms doing the deed, for it certainly didn't take long for Shion's servants to snatch the boy after lunch.

Shortly after Naruto had finished eating his meal, a male servant came into the dining room and asked the blond to follow him. The blue-eyed genin shrugged and did just that, not even aware of his fellow shinobi watching him leave the room, especially a slightly scowling pink-haired med-nin. Yet it was not long until Osamu showed up, telling the group that he would lead them to their suite to spend their time at the palace as long as they wished. It was not hard to read underneath the administrator's words to what he was really saying – "As long as Shion-sama deem necessary for Naruto to spend with her."

Neji brought everyone's thoughts back to the present. "If Naruto do spend more than one day with Shion-sama, we all can not wait for him."

Kakashi nodded to the young jounin's wisdom. "Agree. If we find out tomorrow morning that Naruto will be spending more than one day with Shion-sama, you and Lee will leave for home soon after and report to Tsunade-sama. Sakura and I will wait as long as possible for Naruto to be free. It's best he's not alone for the journey back to Konoha."

The three teenagers nodded their heads to indicate their understanding of the plan.

A few knocks alerted the four to the door, and after Kakashi bid whomever to enter, Osamu slid the door open and strolled inside with a scroll in his right hand. "Do you find everything to your satisfaction?" he asked the group.

"Everything is fine, Osamu-san," the elite jounin reassured the man. "Is there something we can help you with?"

"Hai," Osamu replied before handing the scroll out to Kakashi. "This is a letter from Shion-sama to your Hokage. It's for your leader's eyes only."

Taking the scroll, Kakashi asked the obvious question on his subordinates' minds. "Can you tell us what it is about?"

Osamu shook his head. "As I said, it's for your leader's eyes only."

"Understood," Kakashi stated before eying each of the young shinobi, and it was clear from their expressions that even they weren't comfortable about not knowing the contents of the letter. Yet for the experienced nin, he knew it was none of their business of what Shion-sama has to say to Tsunade-sama.

Once Osamu bowed and shortly after left the suite, Kakashi handed the scroll over to Neji. "I know we planned to wait until tomorrow morning to see whether Naruto will be free, but just in case, I'm handing the scroll to you to give to Tsunade-sama."

"Understood," Neji said as he took the scroll.

"Well now," Kakashi casually stated before bringing up his book to continue reading it. "We just have to sit back and wait now."

Sakura mildly glared at her ex-sensei for a few moments, until she sighed and flopped her elbows onto the low table so she could hold her chin and cheeks with her hands. It was going to be a long wait until tomorrow morning.


End of Chapter 1


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