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Story rating: T (PG-13)(for minor sexual themes)
Written: May-June 2008

Summary: The consequences and reactions of Naruto 'helping' Shion after the events of the Naruto Shippuuden movie. Spoilers. NaruShion, minor-NaruSaku.


Whatever It Takes
Chapter 3
By JuPMod (aka JPMod)

The funeral ceremony was a somber occasion as Priestess Shion, in her full priestess robes and wearing her crown, gave the eulogy in front of the entire royal guard and those who knew Taruho. The Konoha shinobi and several of the higher palace officials stood behind her. Despite the sunny skies, nothing was cheerful, as one would expect from a funeral.

A couple hours has passed until Taruho's coffin was lowered into the ground in front of a smooth polished granite tombstone bearing his name. A few people shed tears for the brave young man, knowing he would finally found peace.

Naruto was one whose eyes produced a few drops down his cheeks. It showed many that he was a good friend despite that he barely knew Taruho.

However, some thought that Priestess Shion had to be a cold person to not show any emotion at all during the ceremony. She knew Taruho for a long time, and it baffled a few people to why she would act like this toward someone so close to her being.

Yet the blond genin from Konoha knew Shion well to know why she would not display such emotion. His heart went out for the girl who he had been intimate with in the past few days. Despite her cool aloofness, Naruto knew deep down that Shion was crying a torrent for her loss. A torrent of tears that was liked a raging river of pain. He wanted very much to comfort her, but knew such a gesture would not be welcomed.

For the first time in his life, Naruto understood that leadership sometimes came with an emotional price. To lead your people, you have to be strong to be your people's support. The way of the Demon Country did not allow leaders to display such feelings in public. Was this the same of the Hokages? Would he have to show a strong front for his people one day if he became Hokage?

One thing was clear though; the blond knew that indeed he would have to act like Shion was doing now in front of her subordinates and people. He didn't like the idea one bit, but it was a price he was willing to pay. He just hope that Shion would find others to support her in private, for he was not going to be there for her when she would need such emotional support.

Naruto knew he was quite fortunate to have made many friends, whom were now his family, to be there for him when he needed them. Eventually, he prayed that Shion would find the courage to do the same with others, especially with her soon to be actually family. Love was precious in this world they lived in, and if it would bring Shion much needed love when she has a child, Naruto knew in the long run, everything was worth all the time he had spent with her in the past few days. Every single minute.


With backpacks firmly strapped on their backs, the three Konoha ninjas faced the High Priestess of Demon Country and some of her trusted staff. After the funeral, given it was close to noon time, Shion had offered them to stay for lunch, but Kakashi, speaking on behalf of the team, had politely declined, stating they really should be heading back to Konoha. Now here they were facing each other at the palace's front entrance.

Still in her priestess attire, Shion warmly smiled at the three, especially more so for the blond genin standing to the right of his jounin leader. "Once more, I can not express my gratitude enough for your aid in stopping Mouryou. We of the Demon Country thank you greatly." She bowed her head, which was immediately followed by her servants doing the same toward the three shinobi, who done the same in return.

"We are glad to be of assistance in helping our friends, Shion-sama," Kakashi spoke kindly just after leveling his head straight again. His two subordinates did the same.

"Then I wish you a safe journey home," Shion grinned.

"Thank you, Shion-sama," Kakashi replied. "I wish you and your people well."

Sakura gave a small grin even though it did not fully come to her green eyes. "Farewell, Shion-sama."

Yet when the lavender eyes of Shion's met the blues of Naruto's, some swore there was some sort of invisible connection between the two. It was like they knew each other's thoughts without the need to speak. Even Sakura could not deny there was something there, and it made her inwardly frowned.

"Good-bye, Shion-sama," Naruto grinned warmly; causing his two colleagues to raised their eyebrows at the courtesy. "I wish you and your family be well and be safe."

Shion felt her eyes grew moist as she matched his expression. "I too wish you and your family be well and be safe. Good-bye, Konoha warrior. May you never stop pursuing your dream."

"I won't," Naruto said as his lips curled upward on one side. Shion barely contained a giggle, while Sakura frowned disapprovingly somewhat.

Kakashi amusedly shook his head slightly at his ex-student's words. Now that was the Naruto he knew. "Let's get going. We have a long way to go."

"Hai!" both shinobi teenagers replied to their leader as they followed him toward the double doors of the front entrance, which were pulled opened by two guards for them.

As they reached the threshold, the blond young man paused for a moment before turning around slightly to lock his gaze on the beautiful blonde priestess. His two companions, realizing he was not following, stopped to look back at him, thus they and everyone else watched once more as they felt that invisible connection between the two young people.

The pink-haired medic frowned more upon watching the pair, but the silver-haired ex-ANBU officer sighed with a sympathetic look. He knew from experience that sometimes first timers have the tendency to let their emotions take over as they did the deed, thus one or both partners would end up feeling that he/she were in love with the other. He knew this feeling well given he had felt the same thing toward a kunoichi, a few years older than him, more than 16 years ago when he'd lost his virginity to her. She had sadly died during the Kyuubi attack, yet it was so easy to tell the same emotions were admitting from Shion and Naruto. However, for the one-eyed shinobi, he could feel that their feelings ran much deeper than his ever was back then.

Looking into those sapphire gems of his was heart wrenching for Shion. She wished he would leave quickly to make it easier for her, yet at the same time, she very much wanted him to stay. The past few days were the most wonderful experience she had in her life. Not only did she make love, but also she found out many things regarding Naruto, especially the rough life he had endured growing up in Konoha. He had even shared his darkest secret of being the jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi, making her heart clenched in understanding why he has been alone for so long. Her heart just couldn't help but to fall in love with this man, being so much alike her in spirit, thus why it was difficult for her to let him go.

Naruto inwardly cursed the fates as he watched a lone tear escaped those expressive lavender pools and rolled down a slender cheek. Until several days ago, he thought he would not ever find a girl who would truly understand his pain and suffering of growing up very alone. He had met Haku and Gaara, two individuals he thought as brothers in spirit, yet Shion came along and opened his heart to what love was like with someone special who shared the same lonesome experience. Hearing from her the tales of her childhood brought back memories of his own, thus it came to no surprise to the blond that he has fallen for this woman, wanting very much to be with her always to ease her pain. However he knew it would not be the case given their separate destinies.

As the silence continued while the two of them stared into each other's eyes, Naruto knew one of them have to break ranks or else each would not ever able to move on from this point. It would grow just more difficult to let go the longer they held onto one another.

Letting a natural warm grin slowly formed on his face, Naruto let his heart speak for him. "You're not ever alone, Shion. Remember that."

Shion couldn't help but to softly laugh as another tear rolled down her face. She knew precisely what he was conveying with those words. "Hai. I will," she gently replied with a promising tone in her voice.

After a moment of giving the thumbs-up in salute, the blond Konoha Hokage-wannabe, his heart lighter now, turned about, strolled past his teammates, and left the temple/palace without looking back. Sakura was bewildered for a moment at this matured Naruto before moving her legs to catch up with him. Kakashi, as he began following just behind the pinkette, admirably chuckled at the young man's actions, for it seemed Naruto was growing up to be a true man in his own right.

Catching the last view of her hero and first love as the front doors were closed by the guards behind the retreating shinobi, Shion recalled the conservation she had with Naruto early this morning when they were having breakfast in her bedroom. They both knew they would not ever be together given their separate lives, thus the blond boy had encouraged her to try making friends among her servants and even attempt again to connect with her people in the village despite their fear. In the long run, even if she would not likely ever fall in love again with another man, she would least have many friends there to make her life less lonely.

As the double-doors were finally shut together, Osamu turned a concern face toward his superior. "Are you going to be alright, Shion-sama?" The middle-aged man was able to see easily when two people were in love, given his long personal experience and how much he loved his wife, and it was clear that the young priestess and the Konoha genin were so much in love with each other. It broke his heart to see these two found kindred souls with one another, only for them to go their separate ways due to duties to their villages.

A warm grin still on face since she laughed moments ago, Shion nodded once in response to her servant's question. "I'm going to be, Osamu. I'm going to be," she softly and warmly answered, making the elderly administrator gently grinned in understanding.

Folding her hands over her abdomen, the blonde priestess knew there was a good chance that a new life was just starting to flourish within her now, and if everything went well, she would welcome her child into the world nine to ten months from now. Already she was feeling joy in the thoughts of being a mother, and she vowed to give the little one all the love she could give in the years to come.

As Priestess Shion turned around and began walking back to her private chambers, she couldn't help to let a tiny sly grin formed on her face. She would miss Naruto, but there was a 50/50 chance she would see him again after eleven months. It really depends on what Fate has in mind for her child's gender.


Standing before their Hokage, the three members of Team Kakashi awaited to what their leader has to say after they had finally arrived home after a two-day journey from the Demon Country. It was not clear what she was thinking or feeling at the moment given her neutral expression, but the three did manage to see Shizune, who was currently standing to her mistress's left, barely contained an amused smirk. For Naruto, standing between his teammates, he knew either he was going to get ribbed big time or end up getting plowed through the wall.

"So," Tsunade began as she sat in her chair behind the Hokage's desk, "I presume that your latest mission was a success, Naruto?"

Feeling his cheeks heating up, the blond genin rubbed the back of his head as he chuckled. "Yeah, you can say that, Baachan. A very huge success."

Kakashi groaned amusedly, Sakura rolled her eyes, and Shizune giggled. Tsunade cracked a sly grin. "I'm sure Shion truly did appreciate how huge a success you made the mission, Naruto," the Slug Sannin jokingly jibbed.

As the silver-haired jounin snickered, Naruto blinked in confusion at first before his mind finally registered to what Tsuande was saying. "Say what?!" he nearly screamed as his face turned red. "I didn't mean that way, Baachan!" His words only made the Hokage finally laughed along with Shizune and Kakashi. Only a close-eyed Sakura groaned as she shook her head with a ticking left eyebrow.

Laughter dying down, Tsuande decided to spare her favorite genin any further embarrassment, seeing his face completely red now. "I have to admit, gaki. When Neji had reported in several days ago regarding your newest assignment with Priestess Shion, I was quite tickled. After all, I do not think there has ever been such a mission like that in all of Konoha history." Naruto chuckled sheepishly as she stood up from her chair. "However…" Her lips curled into a half frown and half smirk. "I do agree that you should have known what she was asking of you, Naruto, before you agreed to help her."

Standing to his subordinate's right, Kakashi, his right eye showing he was still amused, shrugged. "Well, it's not much of Naruto's fault, Tsunada-sama. He still has yet to learn how to read underneath the underneath."

"Kakashi-sensei," Naruto moaned in a whining way as Shizune and Tsuande laughed once again. The teenage boy wondered just how much more of this kind of ribbing he could take.

Her mirth dying off, Tsunade shook her head before speaking. "Given this was not an official mission, there will be no need to write up a report on it." Her eyes saw Naruto sighed in relief. "However, there will be a footnote in the initial mission's report." Naruto blinked before groaning. "Sorry, Naruto," the Sannin spoke in sympathy. "I understand whatever happened between you and Shion was private, but something has to be written down to explain officially why you came home several days after successfully completing the mission by getting Shion safely back to her village. This way there will be no blanks in your record."

"Hai," Naruto sighed again. He was sure it would make anyone laugh to read the circumstances to his 'first time'.

His right eye still crinkled in amusement, Kakashi reached over to gently pat his blond ex-student's right shoulder. "Look on the bright side, Naruto." He paused as Naruto focused his attention on him. "You lost your virginity to a beautiful priestess. How many boys your age can claim that?"

"Indeed," a devilish male voice spoke; making everyone trained their sights to the windowsill to the left of the desk. Crouching inside the window frame was the Toad Sannin of Konoha, Jiraiya.

"Eh!" Naruto pointed to the super pervert with wide eyes. "Ero-sennin?!" He realized that things just have gotten worse.

"That's right!" Jiraiya claimed grandly, and before anyone even knew it, he was already standing besides his apprentice's left side with his right arm around the teenage boy's shoulder in a side hug. "I just came back and heard the news!" he crowed happily with tears running down his cheeks. "You finally did the dirty deed! My apprentice is finally a man! Wha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!" he laughed with glee, not even aware Tsunade and her teenage apprentice have their right fists clenched with ticking eyes while Shizune sweatdropped.

Releasing Naruto's shoulders, the white-haired sannin immediately had a pencil and notepad in hands as he smiled lecherously at his blond student. "So, Naruto, tell me the details. Was she a moaner, groaner, or a screamer?"

Naruto jumped away slightly from the perverted sannin, causing Kakashi to back off as well to avoid colliding with the blond. "Like Hell, I'm going to tell you, Ero-sennin!" Naruto pointed accusingly at his shinobi teacher who he had for nearly the past three years. "My and Shion's private time will not be going into your perverted books!"

"Ah, come on!" Jiraiya pleaded. "Your story will make the next Icha Icha edition a huge hit!" He smiled as his hand waved across the air with an imaginary headline. "The Genin and the Priestess!"

Kakashi raised an interesting eyebrow at that. "Maybe you should tell your story to Jiraiya-sama, Naruto," he suggested.

"Kakashi!" yelled out Tsuande and Shizune at the same time Naruto and Sakura cried out "Kakashi-sensei!"

Jiraiya's so-called Number One Fan held up his hands in surrender, realizing his mistake. "Nevermind!" he sheepishly grinned as he sweatdropped. He did not want to end up in the hospital due to three kunoichi and one male genin beating him up within an inch of his life.

Letting go of her brief anger, Sakura let out a breath before eying her hyperactive teammate. "Naruto?" Seeing she not only gained his attention but the others as well, the medic-nin continued. "What do you actually feel for Shion-sama? That look you gave her, when we left, was so intimate, I swear it looked like you were in love with her."

The adults blinked in surprised at the question at first before turning toward the young man, whose face dropped into a forlorn one with a small grin. None of them had ever seen Naruto with such an expression before.

"Well…" he began before shrugging a bit. "You can say that I do love her, but I know I can't."

"What do you mean?" the bewildered pinkette asked. The four adults in the room however seemed to understand, given their compassionate expressions toward the boy.

Feeling a bit uncomfortable, Naruto placed his hands in his pants pockets, yet when he spoke, it was soft and full of kindness. "Shion and I understand each other's pain, Sakura-chan. We both grew-up alone and cut off from others. She had her mother for some time, but after her mother died, she had no one. With the exception of her servants and guards, she had no friends or anyone to be with due to her predictive powers. The villagers and even other children were scared of her, fearing that if they get close to her, she would predict their deaths."

Sakura felt like a low-life now as guilt coursed through her being. She hadn't thought the priestess's life was that isolated, since she just brush it off due to the demands of her duties. Yet to imagine growing up with no friends her age, no family, and no one to talk with the exception of her servants and guards, the pink-haired medic knew it must have been awful for Shion.

"I experienced the same thing, Sakura-chan," Naruto continued, bringing his teammate out of her reverie. "Loneliness, no family, no friends, feelings that no one wants me. All because–"

"Of the Kyuubi," Sakura finished softly, her heart clenching in pain so tightly that tears started to cascade down her cheeks. Letting her emotions guide her, Sakura took the few steps to envelope her friend in a hug as she sobbed into his chest. "I'm sorry," she spoke, meaning every word of it. She had forgotten how terrible his childhood must have been because he was the Jinchuuriki of the Nine-Tailed Fox.

Naruto was startled at first when Sakura hugged him, but after a moment, he returned the gesture, feeling warm in knowing that she was crying for him. It was a bit awkward with the warm-grinning adults surrounding them, but he didn't care much for them as he paid attention to the sobbing girl in his arms. Sakura may not fully understand what it was like to be alone as Shion knew, but it lifted his spirits to know she fully accepted him regardless of the furry prisoner sealed inside him. For her, he was Naruto Uzumaki, not the Kyuubi.

Feeling calmer as her crying stopped, Sakura let go of Naruto and took a step back as she wiped away the remaining tears. She didn't like to display being a crybaby like this, but she couldn't dispute Naruto's claim, back during the mission to save Gaara, that she easily cried at times. She always has been an emotional person, and it hurt her to know the people she cared about were suffering in any way or form. Nartuo was one of her special precious people, and she would do what she could to help him, for it would devastate her to loose him to Death's hands.

Seeing her apprentice has calmed herself, Tsuande, her warm gentle grin still on her face, decided to get the conversation back on track. "So, I'm guessing you told Shion about the Kyuubi. Right, Naruto?"

"Yeah," Naruto admitted with a small grin, gaining everyone's attention again. "I couldn't keep the secret from her, for it had helped her truly know why I understand her pain and loneliness so much. She accepted me without fear, and she promised not to tell anyone else."

His grin faltered as he locked his sapphire eyes with still-moist emerald ones. "Yet despite that Shion is now one of my most precious people, Sakura-chan, we can't be together. She lives there, I live here. She has responsibilities as High Priestess of Demon Country, and I have responsibilities here in Konoha as a shinobi. We both knew we couldn't be together despite our feelings. She told me that it was unlikely she would ever find another person to love as she loves me, but she said she will not hold me back if I find another to love."

Sakura nodded with a tiny grin. Inside she was relieved to know he was not bonded to Shion. She couldn't understand why though, but she couldn't argue with the satisfaction within her that Naruto was freed.

The blond genin's grin widened a bit as a thought came to him. "Shion will not be alone for long," he confessed. "She's going to try to make friends among her servants and guards and reconnect with her people the best she can. Besides, she said she would have someone really special to love and protect when she becomes a mother."

Everyone definitely was pleased to know that. After hearing of the young priestess's personal pain, it was good to know she would find happiness with being a mother. A child was quite precious, and it would take a lot of love to raise a child rightfully. Given the support Shion has, there was no doubt her future family was going to be all right.

With a wide grin, Jiraiya rewrapped his right arm around Naruto's shoulders again. "Well, one thing is clear, gaki, is this. Congratulations are in order!" His grin became an ear-shitting smile. "You're going to be a father!"

A smirking Tsunade shook her head at her long-time teammate's antics. "As much as it pains me to say this, but the pervert is right. Congratulations, Naruto. You're the very first of your graduation class to become a parent. I will not be surprise if you are the very first of your generation in the village to be one. It is rare in Konoha to have teenage parents these days, given it's frowned upon."

Naruto grinned sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his head as he felt Ero-sennin released him. "Well, I know Shion will be a great mother, so our child will be okay. I hope I can visit them maybe once in awhile, or they come visit here. It is kind of scary to think of being a father I admit."

The four adults chuckled at that last sentence. Who wouldn't be somewhat scared in becoming a parent?

Sakura sighed as she allowed a tiny grin to form on her face. "Least this is just an one-time thing. It's not like Shion-sama would want another child from Naruto."

While Naruto and Sakura chuckled and Kakashi and Jiraiya watched with amusement, Tsunade shared a knowing look with Shizune, who nervously grinned. Their unspoken exchange prompted the Slug Sannin to speak out to her student. "Actually, Sakura, it really depends on the child's gender."

The three shinobi men and one young kunoichi blinked in confusion at their Hokage. "Shishou?" the teenage girl asked of her master.

Tsunade picked up a scroll from her desk, and immediately Kakashi and Sakura identified it as the letter from Shion that Osamu had asked to give to the Hokage. "Neji gave me this scroll which is a letter from Shion to me," she began. "It verified what Neji reported regarding Shion choosing Naruto to father her child. Yet it also contains a request... a request for Naruto to return in eleven months time if Shion's child is found to be a boy and not a girl. She needs to have a daughter to pass on her powers."

"Say what?!" Naruto and Sakura shouted out together. This certainly was an unexpected development.

"I don't get it," the whiskered boy said as he scratched his head in confusion. "I thought bloodlines can be past on to any child."

The Godaime nodded to his insightfulness. "True, Naruto. Most bloodlines can be past on from one generation to the next regardless of gender. Yet Shion's bloodline, from what I read and had been told, is a special case. It can only be past from female to female, therefore, only the women can past the powers onto their daughters."

Seeing he was still baffled, Tsuande sighed before carrying on. "Naruto… Through out the recorded history of the Demon Country, there has not ever been a High Priest, only priestesses. Any boys born were not ever trained to take over the duties of their mothers, given they did not ever possessed the bloodline to take over after their mothers."

Kakashi bobbed his head once in understanding. "It does explain why Shion-sama's bloodline is very rare, as well as there being no clan recorded in possessing such a bloodline."

"Precisely," Tsuande commended as she pointed at the elite jounin for a moment. "Clans can able to keep their bloodlines within the clans mostly due to the men, since traditionally women drop their maiden name and adopt their husband's family name upon marrying. Rarely do men adopt their wives' family name unless they are marrying into her clan. The Hyuugas are such an example since they insist men outside the clan adopt their clan name if they marry any women from within the clan, especially if it concerns any women in the Main Family. Such rules are meant to keep the bloodline within the clan.

"Such a rule for Shion's family is impossible due to the limits of the bloodline passing down to the women only. That and the High Priestess position just do not allow for the existence of clans. The position is very seriously meant to help others, not for selfish gains. Besides, the bloodline is totally useless for any military purposes. It is solely meant to keep Mouryou and future incarnations from wrecking havoc on the world. In the end, a clan for that bloodline would not work at all."

Silence came to the room for a minute or so, until Sakura broke it with a disbelieving voice. "So… Are you saying, Shishou, that Naruto has to go back to… mate… with Shion-sama if she gives birth to a boy?"

"Pretty much, Sakura," Tsuande answered with a sympathetic grin. "Besides, Shion mentioned in her letter that Naruto promised to help her."

Green eyes narrowed as they turned to glare at the sheepish chuckling boy. "I did give her my word, Sakura-chan," Naruto confessed.

"I know, for I was there when you gave her that promise," the pinkette pointed out before sighing as she shook her head and crossed her arms. "Honestly, Naruto, that nindo of yours sometimes get you in trouble." He couldn't help but nervously chuckle again in agreement.

It wasn't until a slight humming was heard when everyone turned toward the white-haired Toad Sannin, who has palms together and eyes closed like he was praying. "What are you doing, Ero-sennin?" Naruto asked in bewilderment.

"I'm praying to Kami to have Shion have a boy," Jiraiya answered.

"Eh!" Naruto went wide-eyed at this as Sakura gawked in disbelief. It was quite apparent the reason why the pervert hermit was praying for Shion to have a boy, and the blond young man was not pleased with it as he immediately pointed toward his sensei. "You stay away from Shion, Ero-sennin! Even if she do give birth to a boy, there is no way you're going to be there to watch us make love again!"

"I'll personally see to it that he gets to stay in the dungeon," Tsunade added with a glare at the Icha Icha author.

Jiraiya opened his eyes to look woundingly at his large-bosomed kunoichi teammate. "Ah, come on, Tsuande! Don't go ruining my fun!"

Ignoring the two bickering grown-ups, Naruto crossed his arms and snorted. "Stupid Ero-sennin," he muttered. "Always peeping for his 'research'."

Hearing her friend, Sakura was shaken out of the glare she was giving the super pervert, before she slightly giggled at Naruto's dilemma. It was good to see and hear that Naruto had not been influenced much by his sannin sensei. It was one of the things she and her own sannin sensei had feared would happen during the years the boy was away from Konoha. They would not have like it if Naruto had become just as perverted as Jiraiya.

"You're lucky, Sakura-chan," Naruto continued as he turned his head to glare Jiraiya. "Least you're not girly enough to catch Ero-sennin's attention."

"Say what?" Sakura said, being miffed while narrowing her eyes at Naruto. "What do you mean I'm not girly enough?"

Not even aware of how irritated his female companion was as well as the adults now paying attention to their conversation, the only genin of Team Kakashi blinked before explaining to the pink-haired kunoichi. "Well, knowing Ero-sennin, he likes girls with large racks," he mentioned as he held up his hands to his chest indicate the breasts of a woman's chest before closing his eyes as he folded his hands together behind his head, "and you do not have a large rack, Sakura-chan."

Naruto, for a moment, didn't understand why no one was talking. That was before he felt a very large amount of killing intent radiating at him. He had felt that killing intent before many times, thus he knew precisely who was very angry with him now. Gulping, he slowly opened fearful eyes to the sight of a fuming Sakura with cracking clenched fists, twitching murderous eyes, and an overall look that clearly told him that he would be better off far away from here… namely on the other side of the planet.

"Na-ru-tooo!" Sakura sneered as she raised her right fist as she took a step toward the baka.

Raising his hands, Naruto nervously backed away from the approaching kunoichi as he circled around toward the opened window that Jiraiya used to enter the office. By doing this, his vision came in sight of the four adults, and it was clear none of them was coming to his aid. Kakashi and Jiraiya shook their heads with closed eyes, while Shizune and Tsunade were frowning at him.

"Come on, Sakura-chan," Naruto pleaded with a nervous grin, trying to pacify the girl. "You know I didn't mean it that way." There has been no change in her appearance, and for the young blond man, it was perfectly obvious that she would not calm down until he was pounded into the ground.

There was only one option left for him. "See you all later," Naruto stated to the four adults before leaping quickly out the window.

"Come back here!" Sakura howled before chasing after him, determined to not let him get away.

The pursuit was observed by many citizens and shinobi as they watched the pink-haired fuming young woman tried to catch the frantic blond young man. There was no doubt that the young man couldn't shake off the furious girl, jumping from roof to roof, through the streets, etc.

As the pair ran along the rooftop of a lengthy building, Naruto tried once again to talk his way out of the situation. "I'm sorry, Sakura-chan!" he cried out to his teammate who was right behind him. "You are girly! You may not have large boobs compared to Temari, Tenten, Ino, Hinata, and Shion, but you're beautiful regardless!"

"SAY WHAT?!" Sakura screamed in fury. "I'M NOT BETTER THAN THEM?!"

"Oh, crap!" Naruto mentally exclaimed, realizing his mistake that made things worse. He remembered now the advice Jiraiya had given him during his training trip with him. Advice he completely ignored, thinking it was perverted. One of the rules when complimenting a woman was to not ever, ever mention other women in comparison, especially if you complimented them more than the woman you were trying to praise.

Sakura just couldn't stand it. What was that baka thinking?! To say other women were better than her was an insult she would not stand for! "Just come back here and take your punishment like a man, Naruto!" she yelled.


Back at the Hokage's office, the four adults watched from the windows at the chase with amusement. Jiraiya was shaking his head with a smirk and arms crossed. Tsunade, standing to his right, was simply grinning, as well as Shizune, who stood to her mistress's right. Kakashi finished the line, his face showing his crescent-eye grin.

The Copy Ninja chuckled at the sight of Sakura almost nailing Naruto at one point. "Despite the recent maturity Naruto has displayed, he still has a long way to go."

"That's for sure," Jiraiya agreed. "He still doesn't know much about women despite his luck in scoring a beautiful girl."

Tsuande snorted, her eyes not ever leaving the entertaining chase going on throughout the village. "You're one to talk, you perv. After all these years, you're no better in how to treat a woman."

Hearing Shizune giggled and Kakashi chuckled, the old Toad Sannin knew better than even say anything, least he wanted an overnight stay in the hospital thanks to a super-strong Slug Sannin. It was something he knew Naruto, regardless of his healing factor, has to learn when dealing with his pink-haired teammate, who has inherited that same strength.

Speaking of the pinkette, the girl reminded Jiraiya of someone in particular. "Tsunade…" the white-haired man began, and seeing out of the corners of his eyes that he has her attention, he continued. "Now that I think about it, your apprentice reminds me of Kushina at times. She was quite a firecracker that it's amazing that most of the perverts in the village weren't castrated by her."

Tsunade chuckled at the memories of the redhead kunoichi she knew way back then. "You were lucky she spared you most of the times due that you were Minato's sensei. I remembered how much Minato and Kushina first hated each other's guts when they met, yet over time, they grew to respect and admire each other's abilities and strengths that eventually they one day ended up getting married."

Jiraiya snickered. "Still sore that you lost that bet, Tsunade-hime?"

The long-haired blonde snorted as she lopsidedly grinned and crossed her arms. "Absolutely not, you pervert. I was then, but I'm very glad now that I had lost. I had bet you they wouldn't last a month if they even started dating, yet they had lasted far longer than I ever seen a couple went before tying the knot."

A somewhat sad grin came to the Toad Sannin's face. "We were fighting a war then, Tsunade."

"I know," the Godiame softly replied with the same expression. "They could have been married sooner, if it weren't for the war. I'm glad both came through the war alive and well for them to get married prior before Minato became Hokage." Her face became really forlorn. "If it weren't for the Kyuubi—"

"Don't go there," Jiraiya softly said as he shook his head, making her look into his kind, reassuring, and warm face. "Let us be grateful their son came out fine. A son I have no doubt they would be proud of."

Tsuande sadly grinned in agreement to not stir up that painful past. Thinking of that loud-mouthed, whiskered blond boy made her truly knew his parents would indeed be proud of him.

A silver-haired jounin, who was listening in on the conversation with Shizune, has a different idea than the two sannin. "Maybe you should add yourself and Tsuande-sama to that comparison list, Jiraiya-sama. Minato-sensei and Kushina-sama had reminded me of you two whenever I see the two of you talk."

Kakashi mentally chuckled. "It's uncanny that three generations are so alike that it makes me wonder if Kami is behind this strange trend. Jiraiya-sama & Tsuande-sama, Minato-sensei & Kushina-sama, and Naruto & Sakura. Three powerful shinobi being tamed by three strong powerful kunoichi." He mentally giggled at the images. "No doubt they're whipped."

The journey down memory-lane for the Copy Nin was disrupted upon hearing something interesting from the Toad Sannin.

"Least Naruto lost his virginity at a younger age than his father did." A frown formed on the old shinobi's face. "I tried twice during the training trip to get the gaki to get it on with a call girl, but he was dead set against it. I'd thought the kid has no taste in the pleasures of the flesh."

It was then that a wave of killing intent was felt directed toward him, and for decades, ever since he was a genin, Jiraiya knew that killing intent very well. Backtracking to what he said, the old goat knew he said something that would have set Tsunade's motherly instincts off. Slowly turning his head to the right, he confirmed his hunches at the sight of a fuming Tsuande-hime with twitching eyes and clenched fists.

"You tried to set Naruto up with a CALL GIRL?!" the long-haired blonde shouted, while an uneasy Shizune and Kakashi were seen backing away. For the Godiame, it was one thing for her pseudo-son to loose his virginity to a girl who wanted to make love to him, it was another to even imagine the teenager getting it on with a prostitute who wouldn't even care for his feelings anyway.

Knowing retreat was the better option than being pounded through a wall, Jiraiya of the Sannin placed on a fake smile and pointed to a wall clock. "Oh, look at the time! I better get going! I have research to do! Bye for now!" He shinshun away before his ex-teammate could do anything.

Immediately Tsuande leaned out the open window. "JIRAIYAAAA! YOU COME BACK HERE, YOU PERVERT!" she bellowed so loudly that the entire village heard her with the exception of a blond genin and a pink-haired kunoichi chuunin. All of Konoha now knew that Jiraiya was really in deep shit at the moment.

Sweatdropping, Kakashi nervously chuckled as he rubbed the back of his head. "Well, now. Since I'm no longer needed here, I might as well get going too. See you later." In a small cloud of smoke as he used the shinshun jutsu, the Copy Ninja left the black-haired kunoichi with her fuming mistress.

As she watched her leader growled and scanned the village for any signs of the lecherous Icha Icha author, Shizune too nervously chuckled as she sweatdropped with eyes closed. "Oh, well," she mentally spoke. "Things are back to normal. Well, as normal ever is in Konoha anyway."

To lay claim to her views, a very loud holler of a name was heard through-out Konoha. It was made by the apprentice of the Godiame Hokage as she continued to chase down the boy she very much wanted to punish. It just happened the boy was not making it easier for her, thus why she howled out his name.


Thus life in the Hidden Village of the Leaf marched onward

The End



1) Long before an anonymous reviewer, who goes by the name of Lipana, ever made his/her rude review about exactly when the Shippuuden Movie takes place in the canon timeline, I was planning to give my two cents on when I think the movie takes place in the canon timeline. Yet since Lipana was so blunt in his/her review, my explanation would also be consider my reply to his/her review and why I think he/she is very dead wrong in thinking the movie takes place before the 'Rescue Gaara' arc.

IMO, the Shippuuden Movie takes place anytime after Team Kakashi returns from their failed mission to retrieve Sasuke from Orochimaru. Why? It's very simple. In canon, in both the manga and the anime, it was clear that Team Kakashi was ordered to join the efforts to rescue Gaara roughly a day or two after Naruto returned to Konoha from his training trip with Jiraiya. There was no time what so ever for the events of the Shippuuden Movie to take place before the 'Rescue Gaara' arc. Further more, Team Kakashi went immediately into their next mission after the 'Rescue Gaara' arc, leaving it quite simply to conclude that the Shippuuden Movie took place some time after Team Kakashi's failed mission to retrieve Sasuke.

Oh, another reason is that it is clear that Neji and Lee have not met Naruto, for the first time since his return to Konoha, until they met at the Akatsuki cave in the 'Rescue Gaara' arc. Thus the Shippuuden Movie obvious had to take place after the 'Rescue Gaara' arc in order to fit this canon event.

The non-appearance of Sai in the Shippuuden Movie could easily be deduced that he was assigned elsewhere during the crisis; much like Tenten was assigned elsewhere as Neji and Lee were reassigned temporarily to lead Team Kakashi to safeguard Priestess Shion.

So there you have it. This is when I think the Shippuuden Movie takes place in the canon timeline, and it's clear it did not take place before the 'Rescue Gaara' arc as Lipana stated.

So excuse me, Lipana, but you are very much dead wrong regarding your blunt statement. I stand by what I had written with what canon has provided.

2) Okay now, I can already hear people ask how could I come up with the idea of Shion's bloodline/powers could only be passed down from mother to daughter only. Well, IMO, it pretty much fit the lines that Shion stated about passing down her powers to the next priestess, and her self-question regarding how many previous priestesses were sacrificed to stop Mouryou (during the scene when she was inside Mouryou). No where were mentioned about any priests.

Besides, this way provided a great gag regarding Naruto having to go back to mate again if his and Shion's first child comes out to be a boy. LOL! XD

3) So I thank everyone who came to enjoy this short story regarding the aftermath of the Shippuuden Movie. My muse couldn't leave me alone until I had written up this story which provided drama, romance, and even laughs. There is so much potential the movie's ending provided for great fanfiction, yet it is sad that barely anyone wants to explore this potential.

I'm going back to writing up my 'Kim Possible' fics. Maybe I'll come back one day to write up more Naruto fics if my muse hits me to write them. :-)

Take care all! (big grin)

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