Music From Three Perspectives



I can hear the music flowing

From the dungeons down below –

From the very depths of Hell, where not

A single soul dare go.

And I hear the voice – his silver voice!

Its near-hypnotic flow!

How it calls my heart's beloved

Far away from all she knows!



I can hear the music ringing

Ever silver, soft, and clear,

And I know that he is coming;

I know that he is near –

My friend, the music Angel,

Sent by my father dear;

A kindly voice I all at once

Cherish, adore… and fear.



I can hear the music echo,

Hear it echo, change, and nod

As it draws my heart's beloved

Under stone and under sod

And the audience above, surely,

For her they will applaud

But woe to those who stall her –

The Red Death stalks abroad!