The Myst Song

Here's an island, there's an island

And another trillion islands

Old Myst Island, new Myst Island,

Relto, Relto, Squee!

Riven Islands, Icy island,

Bahro, Haven is an island,

Island with four tusks, another island, island, squee!


I was once a writer,

I lived in D'ni

But I did not see the way he ate the lattice tree.

The chor bahkh is made of shorts,

And I must confess:

Esher is a Duck's Knee and Saavedro wears a dress.


Did you ever see an island link an island to an island?

Not an island, treescape, island,

Relto, Relto, squee!

Rocky island, beachy island,

Catherine's dress, an island, island,

Achenar is not an island,

Sirrus is a squee.


What do you see, Atrus?

Is it too absurd?

Can you hear the music yet?

U is not a word.

Gehn is still a baldy-head,

Give me a blue page!

Time for me to retire now

To a prison age.