Red hair blowing in the wind and green eyes shut against the light. With his vision impaired, Gaara used his sense of surroundings, he could guess very accurately where things were. He was running through a wooded area around Suna. He liked to run almost as much as he liked the stuffed teddy bear hiding under his pillow. If Gaara wasn't out scaring people, he was running, trying to forget the terror he saw in peoples faces from memories where he lost all self control and started killing random people.

He would black out at random intervals and wake up somewhere covered in blood that was not his own. Memories would then flood the front of his mind and haunt him. Gaara didn't like to scare people but he felt that if he wasn't allowed to be happy then no one could be, and the people of Suna thought that he did not deserve to be happy, and never gave him a chance to prove himself. So, he ran. It cleared his mind and temporarily freed his aching soul.

On this run however, he couldn't keep his mind from wandering off to an older woman whom he had been mutilating- evidently when he lost control he got creative- when he 'woke up'. She had seemingly been on a family walk or something because there were other people on the ground who were similar in appearance. A man around her age, a woman who was probably their daughter, her 'husband?' and there was a girl, holding a baby and standing in front of a young boy, yelling at Gaara to leave her grandmother alone.

Gaara stared at the old, blood covered woman without interest. In her eyes he saw the horror and mad his sand drop her to the ground, he hated that sight. The woman covered her left side with both hands and looked at Gaara. When he didn't make a move to continue his torture, the girl ran to her grandmother to see if she was alright, but the woman only had eyes for Gaara, who shoved his nose into the air, gathered his sand and left. The young girl had just glanced at his retreating back, wondering why he had to kill more of her family than was already dead., and why his blind, unreasonable anger had instantly evaporated.

For someone who was supposed to be clearing their mind of these things, Gaara was thinking awfully hard, and with thinking deeply came a loss of concentration. Gaara couldn't think on this and keep his mind open to his surroundings at the same time and doing so sent him face first into a tree.

Gaara landed on his back, somehow avoiding his gourd. He only had a chance to groan before something landed on his stomach, knocking the air out of him. He just lay there trying to get his oxygen deprived brain to comprehend what had just happened whatever was on him moved and began to talk.

"Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry! So, so sor-"the girl that had landed on Gaara look to see who she had hit. "YOU!! Why… Ju… Grr!!" She stood the rest of the way up and proceeded to jump on Gaara's stomach with as much force as she could. It was the girl from the family he was just remembering. Wow. Talk about coincident. You're gonna pay for what you did, damn it. My grandmother is still trying to recover from her injuries and no matter what I do I can't help her, and-" Gaara had somehow released some sand and it captured the girl in a fist shaped prison.

"What the… Let me go. Let me go. Let. Me. Go!" she struggled and wiggled trying to get out of it. "Gaahhh…" She stopped moving and glared at Gaara with as much hatred as she could, trying to bore a hole into his head. Out of nowhere, she spit in his face right as he was standing. It hit his right cheek. "Coward."

Gaara slowly lifted his left hand and roughly flicked it off with his pinky.

"You know, I could kill you for that." he said calmly as he gazed at his little finger. "With just a small movement the sand could crush your whole body from pressure alone. You should be cowering and pleading for your life. Not that it would help." He then looked at her.

"Yeah right! That would be admitting defeated! Iashus don't do defeat. There's no honor in it! We fight till we either win or die. No Iashu ever gave up and I don't plan on being the first!"

"Iashu? Haven't heard that name before." Gaara said mostly to himself, sounding uninterested. "Maybe I'll change your mind for you."

The sand's grip tightened causing the Iashu to groan.

Not possible. Pain is to far below me to cause me to give. I won't do it." she said almost as calmly as Gaara.

At this, the red head tightened the grip even more. He was determined to hear her say the words.

"You hide behind your sand. Are you afraid to fight like a normal person? Is that why the others called you a monster as you walked away the other day?!"

Gaara narrowed his eyes a little. The Iashu cringed in pain as the sand tightened again. Any more and something might break.

"Coward!" She spit at him again, and as she had figured he would notice and dodge, spit again to her right. He had tried to dodge and got hit by the second. It landed on his eye.

"Grr… Fine." The sand gave a final squeeze and flattened her to the ground, holding her still as Gaara walked toward Iashu. "If I fight and win you will give up. You will say it." The girl snorted. He rose a non existing eyebrow. "You will say 'I give up' like a good little loser should. Then you will, unquestionably, be crushed. Agree?"

Iashu just glared at him and if it had been anyone other than Gaara they probably would have wet them selves. As it were, he hadn't even so much as flinched. 'How dare he assume I'm that easy to get rid of? And how dare he question my resistance? He will pay for that insult.'

"No." she said shortly. "How's this? No sand for you and in return I will not use my family skills. If you want, you can kill me. But I won't give in! If I win then you have to go through all of Suna in only a pair of green spandex short-shorts, prancing and skipping and going La-La-La-La-La-La-La" Gaara just lifted a non-existing eyebrow again.

'She's having fun with this? Why the hell is she not screaming in my face. I'd almost rather have her- no, scratch that, I would rather her trying to kill me than this.'

"Green?" he asked calmly.


"Spandex short-shorts?"


"Skipping and singing?"


"Do you have any idea what that would do to the villa- Wait. No sand?" again he lifts a hairless eyebrow.



Iashu smirked. "Hey, don't feel bad. I'm not going to use my skills. Be happy."

Gaara narrowed his eyes. He didn't trust her or her purposive 'skills', but he was determined to make her beg for mercy.