Summary: '"Please Itachi… I know I can't save Sasuke but I can save you." Itachi considered these words before knocking Naruto's hand away.' Redemption begins in the form of salvation, at least that's what Naruto believes.

Pairing: Itachi x Naruto

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Cursed Salvation, Descending Redemption

Chapter Fifty Four


to change to a better state, form, etc.; improve by alteration, substitution, abolition, etc.


Naruto surveyed the council with a grave look. It was still his first week back in office, but being hospitalised had changed nothing. And while the war was over (before it had truly begun, small pleasures), there was still much to go through.

"So we've all presented our case and we only need your input now, Hokage-sama," a member said, nodding towards Naruto.

Leaning back in his chair, Naruto crossed his arms over his chest, thinking. The room fell silent, all eyes turned to their Hokage, before Naruto spoke.

"As you are all aware, I consider Uchiha Sasuke a friend of mine. I never gave up on him, not fully, and I was the one to save him from the darkness Madara pulled him into." No one dared move at the words, knowing exactly what Naruto had put himself through in order to bring Konoha back to peace and destroy Madara.

"Of course he cannot go unpunished, but I don't think the right time for that is now." Naruto's words met with a few murmurs, the older members gathered sharing meaningful looks.

"What I mean by that," Naruto continued, "Is that Sasuke is still in an unstable place. Whatever punishment we order on him, doing so now will only damage him further."

Expecting the protest before it came, Naruto turned to the speaker.

"But surely that's letting him go free? Even if you say you'll punish him later, you're letting him walk free of responsibility."

Naruto inclined his head respectfully.

"While that may seem like it to an onlooker, you forget that I'm now bonded to Sasuke. If he held any ill intent to anyone, I'd be able to feel it. If you allow me to let Sasuke find himself, I can ensure that he doesn't harm anyone unless it's for Konoha." The words were bitter, suggesting that he'd use a friend as a weapon, but it was the only way the council could see Sasuke at the moment. To suggest that he was a full human would suggest he might be capable of overcoming Naruto and that would put a hole in Naruto's plans.

"I've stopped him before and I can stop him a thousand times over if I have to." Naruto took a breath, looking to each of the members gathered around the table. "But I know that if we let him go, he'll come back a new man, accepting of his debts to Konoha and willing to serve for peace."

The council took a few moments to talk and Naruto was content to sit back, raising an eyebrow over the table to the only other person who remained silent. As a pacifist, Itachi had stated his preferred intent to remain inside of Konoha as part of Naruto's personal guard. Most of the ANBU who knew of Itachi's record had been astounded at that, wanting the man for their captain, but Itachi had refused, stating that he would fight when he needed to, but protecting his Hokage was a task far greater that he needed to do.

No one had to know the real reason Itachi preferred to be on guard duty was that Naruto had finally found another cure for paperwork. While Tsunade and Hiruzen had stuck to alcohol to get through their day, Naruto's office shut down for around an hour each day under the premise of lunch. If, of course, lunch meant fucking the brains out of each other on the Hokage's desk, then yes, they had a healthy lunch each day.

The council nodded collectively and Naruto turned away from Itachi, promises burning in his eyes. One of the civilian representatives stood, nodding to the rest of the council respectively.

"We trust your judgement, Hokage-sama. Our only request is that you speak thoroughly to Uchiha Sasuke before he leaves and take any preventative measure you may need." The man swallowed, "Including chakra restraints."

Naruto nodded. He'd never resort to restraining Sasuke like that, but if the council needed reassurance then he would gladly give it to them. It wasn't as though Sasuke wouldn't be punished, but he would be given a grace period, time to cool off and realise where his priorities stood without anyone looming over him.

They wrapped up easily after that, Naruto formerly introducing Itachi to the council as his chief advisor and protector. It wasn't a surprise and many of the people around the room laughed a little at the introduction, stating that Itachi was one person who didn't need an introduction. Naruto smiled at that; these people accepted him wholly and without reservation, and that was what Naruto had wanted for so long.

When they were alone in the council room, Itachi came to stand next to Naruto, smiling at him.

"I'm proud of you," he muttered, leaning down to kiss the side of Naruto's cheek. "We all are. Now come on, you need to talk to Sasuke about this and I'll get dinner started."

Naruto smiled in return, knowing that nothing was ever going to be easy from here on, but he'd be happy with the little moments. He had Konoha and he had Itachi.


Naruto fell back on the mattress as Itachi pushed against him, drawing a line of fire against his neck with his tongue. Naruto's hand was buried in his hair, pulling, but not painfully. His chest heaved as he took a deep breath in, pulling Itachi up and into a heated kiss, tongue slipping into Itachi's mouth. He flicked the tip slightly, catching the roof of Itachi's mouth with a smirk, rolling his hips up at the same time and drawing a moan from the Uchiha.

"Why," Itachi said, pulling back from Naruto and sliding his tongue over the blonde's jaw. "The hell did you," he continued, lapping against defined bone, leaving a wet trail before he kissed back at it lazily. "Invite Sasuke for dinner?"

He sat back, tilting his chin to see Naruto's answer. Naruto's hands slid around his shoulders and up to his neck, pulling him again furiously. As always, Naruto's methods were as meticulous as his shinobi skills, ruthless and hard hitting.

Not that Itachi was complaining, especially as Naruto pushed up again, grinding against him fervently.

"Because," Naruto said, slightly breathless as Itachi sucked at the skin of his neck, a hint of salt and the taste of Naruto overwhelming him. "It was the polite thing to do." Naruto's hands tugged at the hairband Itachi wore, throwing it across the room.

"I'll never find that now," Itachi said, pulling back completely and frowning at Naruto. For a moment there was a smile on the blonde's lips before he realised the severity with which Itachi spoke.

"Oh come on, you're not serious?" Itachi was unwavering, even going so far to remove his hands from where they'd come to rest under Naruto's top. "Okay, okay, I'll buy you a whole new pack and put it on my budget, how about that?"

Itachi wasn't allowed to reply before Naruto launched himself upwards, reversing their former positions so that he lay against Itachi, between his thighs and kissing his collar bone, seeking more, practically tearing at Itachi's clothes. They parted for a moment, Naruto pushing up Itachi's shirt hurriedly, ducking below the material as Itachi shifted it over his shoulders, landing back on the bed with a thump as Naruto grazed teeth over his nipple.

Naruto's hands were like burning fire against his skin, stroking over ribs and muscle, taking in all of Itachi. His lips circled his sternum, kissing the skin gently before moving across, catching a nipple between his teeth and rolling it slightly, the tip of his tongue smoothing over the nub, a mix of soothing and biting.

"Watch," Naruto whispered against his skin, breath warm, pulsing through Itachi's body.

Dark eyes tracked Naruto's progress as he moved over to their bedside cabinet, removing a small bottle and squeezing a small amount of the contents out onto his palm, smoothing his hand over Itachi's cock.

Itachi jerked impulsively, sucking in a breath as Naruto's thumb rubbed miniscule circles over him, teasingly before he removed his hand, squeezing more lube onto his palm.

Itachi watched as Naruto stretched himself, head turned to the side and a flush on his cheeks. His eyes were closed, eyelashes shadowed on skin, and Itachi knew he'd never seen anyone as beautiful as Naruto looked now.

It wasn't lust, but the pure humanity and openness that he displayed that Itachi found appealing, showing that while he could rule a whole village and take on a madman, Naruto was still human, still flesh and blood. He could still feel human desire and Itachi was that desire.

As Naruto's breath hitched, Itachi palmed his own cock, desire overwhelming him. No matter the amount of times they did this, Itachi could never quite believe that he was the reason Naruto looked like this, the reason Naruto gave all the soft smiled through the day, that Naruto loved him.

Naruto opened his eyes, half-lidded and aimed at Itachi as if he was the only person in the universe. For all the attention they were paying to their surroundings, they might have been the only two people in existence and so, when Naruto ordered him to sit back a little, through his lashes with a coy grin, Itachi obeyed at once.

His back was pressed to the headboard, pillows cushioning him slightly. Naruto kneeled over his lap, fingers still spreading himself as he leant in to kiss Itachi. The kiss was open mouthed, with curled tongue and filth, but Itachi grabbed Naruto nonetheless, pulling him closer and arching his hips upwards a little to brush against the back Naruto's thigh. The blonde flicked his tongue over Itachi's lips, shifting backwards on his knees until Itachi's cock was buried between his cheeks, held there by the free fingers of Naruto's hand.

"What do you want?" he whispered huskily. Itachi could feel the jerk he couldn't repress against Naruto's warm hand and met his eyes with heat.

"I want to fuck you," he stated, darting forwards to kiss the side of Naruto's mouth. "I want to make you come again and again, pressed against you and in you so deeply you'll never forget this moment."

He could feel Naruto shiver at his words and a smirk curled. He knew Naruto would be able to feel it as he trailed along his jawline, sloppily and lazily licking the skin, and so it was hardly a surprise when Naruto's hand grasped his cock, stroking in circles again with each fingertip.

Itachi sucked in a breath, tilting his head forwards as Naruto moved his hand, stroking up and down the full length of his erection before curling his thumb, fingering over the head and smoothing a mix of pre-come and lube over him.

"Your wish is my command," Naruto muttered into his ear, sinking down with no further warning, guiding Itachi into him with a shudder and a barely-concealed groan. His fingers slipped down over Itachi before resting on his hips, Naruto using the position to rock slightly, easing down Itachi's length.

When Naruto had settled, torturously clenching against Itachi as he'd adjusted, Itachi shifted his hips back, pulling out as much as he could. It wasn't much though and, through the hitching of breath that occurred as he moved against Naruto's rocking, he knew he needed more.

Being Naruto, he could clearly tell what Itachi was thinking and smirked, grinding down as he rocked back, drawing a shuddered breath from Itachi. He pushed up with his knees slightly, sliding off of Itachi just a fraction, pinning Itachi's hips with his waist and curving his back as he pushed back down.

It was a game, as always. Naruto would see how far he could stretch Itachi's limits and vice versa. They were still Shinobi and so lived for the challenge, making even sex a game. It wasn't just about the desire, but the push and pull of dynamics in a relationship, how far you could take your partner without taking them over the edge. Sometimes, that was better than the euphoria at the end, a better prize than the climax.

They moved together, Itachi pushing into Naruto as he moved downwards, groaning between huffs of air. His hands came to rest on Itachi's chest as he sunk lower, preventing Itachi moving at all, but wiggling backwards, shifting again, slower this time.

It didn't take long before Itachi could feel the pleasure building, his cock needing a release with each growing slight-rotation of Naruto's hips as he slipped from Itachi, his own erection caught between them, slick against Itachi's belly.

Sliding his hands to grip Naruto's waist, stilling the movements as he did so, Itachi pulled out and let Naruto lay on the bed, hovering over him with legs spread and cock already sliding in. He angled slightly, slowly sinking in until he felt Naruto shudder, smirking before he bent down for a kiss.

Now that he was in control, it didn't take long before Itachi came, head pressed against Naruto's neck, teeth sunk into skin. Naruto's hand clutched at his neck, through sweaty hair, and he whispered filthy promised as Itachi's come filled him. And Itachi being Itachi, he obliged.

Naruto's chest heaved as Itachi slipped from him, placing his hands on the mattress either side of Naruto's thighs, shifting his weight until he was resting his nose against bare muscle. He propped up on to his elbows, hands parting Naruto's legs before he trailed wet kisses upwards and inwards, meandering to Naruto's hole. It was swollen slightly, but slick with cum and Itachi wasted no time in swiping his tongue around the ring of muscle, reverting back to kisses as Naruto started.

His erection twitched in interest as Itachi dipped his tongue in, scraping his own cum out with a curled tongue, licking against Naruto's skin as he pulled back. He kissed his way up to Naruto's balls, catching the skin with his teeth gently, tracing the underside before moving back down again, sucking a trail of skin until he was able to press his tongue into Naruto again. The skin was heated under his touch, the muscle twitching as Naruto arched his back, a groan escaping

His eyelashes fluttered against Naruto's skin as he covered his hole, sucking gently. Naruto inhaled sharply, jerking up as cum slid out, Itachi's tongue catching it and kissing his skin, fingers smoothing against his hips. They left pale pressure points, stark against the glowing red of Naruto's flushed skin.

"Get up here," Naruto hissed and Itachi moved up, a white trail dribbling from the corner of his mouth.

The blonde kissed him, licking his chin clean first before plunging into his mouth. His hands curled into Itachi's hair, pulling him closer against the sweat and cum, and Itachi moved his leg to straddle his waist, a hand snaking down to rub between them, jerking against Naruto's cock.

After that, he didn't last long, coming undone against Itachi's hand and lips, a faltering breath escaping as his orgasm built, pushing him over the edge. Strands of cum littered up their bodies, mixed with the sweat and memories of touch, before Itachi moved back, pumping Naruto slowly as he lay on the bed, eyes tracking every minute movement Naruto made as he came.

When he was done, Naruto tilted his head back, resting against pillows as he sunk down next to Itachi, eyes closed and chest moving rapidly. They were both sweaty and sticky, but Itachi moved his arm around Naruto's shoulders, pulling him closer.

"Not too shabby," he muttered and received a light slap to the stomach, Naruto scoffing.

"You're getting old," Naruto said, propping himself up onto one elbow. "Now come on, I need a shower and I want you at least once more. Not going to have time for our lunch tomorrow as the delegation from Suna's arriving... best we make up for that now."

With a mischievous grin, Naruto padded off to the bathroom, looking back over his shoulder and raising an eyebrow.

They'd be okay. All of them, no matter what, Itachi knew they'd be okay.


The waves were a welcome constant, a thrum that Sasuke had missed. Ocean winds swept his hair away from his face, pressing against his cheeks with the electricity of life. He'd missed this, couldn't even remember the last time he'd felt so boneless, so free of weight and pressure, and knew he had one man to thank for his freedom.

Naruto had explained it over dinner, passing over platters of food casually as he detailed what Sasuke was going to do next. It hadn't been an order, but his tone had suggested no other option available... and Sasuke still wasn't sure that he was ready to make his own decisions fully yet, especially with regards to what Naruto had done and sacrificed for him.

So here he was, feeling as though he was on the edge of a new world with the sea tugging at him, calling to him. He'd have to return to Konoha in a few months (three was the official number he'd been allowed, though whether he'd need all three was a different matter), but he could enjoy his freedom for now.

Sasuke had been handed an opportunity. He could begin a new life alone before returning to Konoha. Who knew what would happen in the future, there was every chance that he'd return to Konoha the same as he was now... but he needed to try. He needed to at least try to start afresh, to gain a life of his own. He wouldn't be able to do that in a village that he'd hated and pledged to destroy.

He would return to Konoha, yes, but Konoha didn't need him right now. His former classmates (he might be able to call them friends one day perhaps) didn't need him and Naruto certainly didn't.

But that was okay. For once, Sasuke was glad his brother had something and he didn't. Itachi deserved so much more and Sasuke couldn't be the one to give it to him.

A gull called out as it flew overhead, wings moving slowly as it glided on the coastal breeze. Sasuke closed his eyes, a soft smile on his face.

Nothing was right yet, but they were all on their way to mending their lives and moving on.

"Thank you," Sasuke said, his words lost on the wind as he sat down on the rocks with no intention to move for a while, enjoying a simple pleasure for once.



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