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Sadly. Unfortunately. Devastatingly. Heartbreakingly…..and other sad words that you can think of. So, yeah. Intro time!

Hi! It's me again! Tizzle Fo Fizzle Shizzie Fizzie Honda Civic (it's from the video "How to be Ninja")….Tirzah. With a new story! Yes. Woo. EVERY BAHDY BE HAHPAY!


Moving on.

This story is A Whole New World, and I want to name it that because,

I was obsessed with Aladdin when I was little.

It seemed like a good title for this story.

It's titled this because it's a whole new world for Damien, Anthony, Raelain and Julieta. Raelain and Julieta's siblings have mates, and their parents are together. They've never really known love, and all of a sudden…You'll find out who they are later on in this intro. Damien and Anthony feel the same way. The rest of their family all have their own mates. They don't really know what love is like, and then they meet two new girls and everything changes. So, it's a whole new world.

Damien and Anthony Cullen are Bella and Edward's sons. They're vampires, and they underwent the transformation at 17, when Edward did. They are now completely vampires, and they're music prodigies, inhumanly handsome, and they excel in every subject. They have a fan club, consisting of Janna Shay, Megan Newton-Stanley, Starr Reddon, and Erin Clarks. Or as Damien and Anthony like to call them, The Fatal Four. There are other girls that like them, but four is enough, and I don't wanna make you have to memorize all those names.

Although, if I was going to have others, their names would be Amethyst, Josie, Lisa, Hazel, and Ganya (I have a thing for really unusual names.)

So that you can picture what Damien and Anthony look like, I'm going to give physical descriptions of them.

Damien Sean Cullen has mahogany Brown hair, with Bronze streaks. It's almost styled just like Jason Dolley's or Cody Linely's (Spelling for their last names?) The mahogany Brown is from Bella, and the Bronze from Jasper! XDDD. Just kidding. It's from Edward, all you fellow idiots who actually thought I was serious about…18 seconds ago.

His eyes are Topaz, given the fact he drinks from animals, and not innocent bystanders.

Then, there are Green flecks in them, because Edward's eyes were Green.

He has pale skin, and he's at least 6 feet.

Anthony Benjamin Cullen looks exactly like Damien, but his Topaz eyes are flecked with Brown. He got the Brown from Bella.

Anthony is more of a clown, and Damien is more serious. Megan and Starr like Damien best, while Janna and Erin prefer Anthony.

Two new vampires come to Forks High School, the school where Damien and Anthony go. Their names are Raelain Morgana and Julieta Sapphire DeZimri. They live with Xander and Sadelle DeZimri, their adoptive parents. Their siblings are Ebony (girl), Edgar, Xavier, and Shayde (girl) DeZimri. But they may not be introduced in this story.

Raelain and Julieta are twin vampires, and at once, all the males at the high school fall in love with them. Including Damien and Anthony. Damien and Raelain, and Anthony and Julieta.

Raelain and Julieta are pretty much immune to Damien and Anthony's charms, but Damien and Anthony try for them anyways, and eventually….I can't tell you! You have to read. However, I'd like to give you physical descriptions of Raelain and Julieta too.

Raelain had wavy, long black hair. She has Topaz eyes, and pale skin.

Raelain is about 5 feet, 5 inches. She is not very much into shopping, but more into painting. She's usually serious, and likes to think. Raelain can play piano just as good as Damien.

Julieta has shorter black hair, and it's spiky. It's almost the same as Alice, except not as spiky, and maybe a little bit longer. She has Topaz eyes, but her eyes have red flecks in them, because she has a rebellious stage and went to drinking human blood instead of animals. Raelain and their sister Ebony found her however, and got her back to drinking from animals. Julieta is more carefree, and she absolutely loves to shop. Julieta loves to play piano as well. Julieta and Raelain were twin sisters before changed into vampires. Their full names are Raelain Morgana Evans DeZimri and Julieta Sapphire Evans DeZimri.


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