bThe Long Walk Home

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The Long Walk Home

Chapter 9

Draco awoke to a tapping at the door. After a few moments, the door to his room opened and a waiter appeared pushing a breakfast tray. Draco rubbed his eyes and groggily lifted himself on to his elbows. "Is it that time already?"

"Sir, your breakfast is served. Please sign here." The waiter handed Draco a pen and clipboard and Draco quickly scribbled his name and handed it back before flopping back against the pillows. Harry stirred when he felt the pillows move and rolled over to snuggle against Draco's chest just as the waiter exited the room, the door clicking softly behind him.

"Mmmm… morning."

Draco responded by kissing the top of his head and running his hands down under the covers to trace evocatively down his lover's back and chest, one coming to rest against the curve of his arse, the other idly stroking his morning erection.

"Oh… I could wake up this way every day."

Draco smiled into Harry's hair and then leaned down to nibble softly at his earlobe. He had slept better than he had in years, and now, waking here with Harry in his bed, he felt suddenly exhilarated, as if he had discovered the secret to unlocking the universe. Harry moaned softly and lifted his face to capture Draco's lips with his own, even as Draco's fingers began to stroke his shaft with fervour. "God. Draco…." But Draco quelled all further conversation by crushing his lover's lips with his own and pushing him back into the pillows, the arm that had caressed his arse moving up to cradle his neck as the rhythm of his fingers on Harry's cock set the latter to panting and groaning even more.

Draco's own morning wood was as rock hard as it ever was and, suddenly, moving it languidly against the other man's thigh wasn't nearly enough. Letting go of Harry's cock, Draco rolled him onto his back and pushed a knee between his legs to spread them wide. Harry whimpered at the loss of friction, but then groaned loudly when Draco reached down and moved his own cock to rest between his lover's balls. "Can I fuck you?" He gasped as he began to move against the soft flesh, the friction exquisite.

Harry reached up and threaded his hands through blond strands, pulling him even closer in response, their lips crushing and their tongues twining with acute desire, as if neither could get close enough to the other. They battled for long moments, tongue against tongue, lips against lips, until Harry pulled his knees up, moving his left arm under his left knee for added support. Draco pulled back long enough to leer at his lover, then grabbed his wand and whispered a spell.

"Fuck, Draco, how do you do that?" Harry arched back and moaned as he felt Draco's magic enter him and swirl inwards and around, pressing against his sensitive spot and stretching him magically from within.

Draco smirked and raised his eyebrows. "Maybe I'll teach you, if you're very, very good."

"Oh… Oh! I'll… be… good…." Harry panted, before locking his lips on Draco's yet again. Reaching down and under Harry's right leg, Draco hooked his elbow around Harry's knee to steady himself and then, without further warning, thrust into his lover's entrance, stopping halfway to ensure that he was not hurting the other man. Harry's groan reassured him that all was well and he pushed in further until he was flush against Harry's arse. "Fuck. Oh, Fuck. Now, now… move!" Harry's response was encouraging to say the least.

Draco instantly complied, slowly thrusting and pulling back until he had built up a steady rhythm, the intense heat and tightness enclosing him like a tight leather glove, squeezing until the tension mounted to an almost unbearable peak. Reaching down, he grasped Harry's cock and began to stroke frenziedly as he slammed harder and deeper into his lover and they were both coming, their cries of ecstasy rending the thick air as their sweaty bodies slid slickly against each other.

"Draco, Mother asked me to tell you we'll meet you in the Bistro for lu—" Draco turned his head abruptly in time to see the bright red face of his fiancé as she stared at the two of them, her eyes horror-struck. "Merde! What is going on here?"

Draco quickly pulled his softening cock out of Harry's arse and rolled over, pulling the sheet up around them both for privacy. "Er, Harry, this is… er, that is, was my fiancé, Mlle. Barrilleaux."

Harry propped himself up on his elbows and blinked several times in astonishment. "Um, nice to meet you?"

But Mlle. Barrilleaux was already throwing her delicate hands up into the air and cursing them both in fluent French. Harry flinched, but Draco just sighed and grabbed his robe from the end of the bed and threw it around himself before slipping out of bed and crossing his arms.

"Look, I know this comes as a shock." He started.

"Shock? Shock!" Another round of cursing in French ensued and Draco rolled his eyes at Harry and patted his leg through the covers to reassure him.

When she finally ran out of steam, Draco raised his eyebrows disdainfully. "Finished, have we?"

"Yes, I have finished. I have finished with you—you… you gay poofter man! Wait until my father hears about this!" With that she turned and stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

"Well, that went better than I expected." Draco turned back to Harry, who had flopped back against the pillows with a groan. "Don't worry about her. My father will sort her out. He's used to it."

Just then the fireplace sprang to life and Lucius' face appeared in green flames. "Draco! I need to have a word with you, if you please." The fireplace was across the room, and Draco was far enough away from it that his father wouldn't be able to see him, so he quickly made his way to the far side of the bed and quietly motioned for Harry to follow him. They slipped into the ensuite and silently closed the door.

"Draco? I know you're there, son." They could still hear Lucius through the door. "I am prepared to wait until you come out. Draco? What were you doing on WTN with Harry Potter last night? Draco!"

Draco leaned back against the bathroom door and closed his eyes. "Holy Fuck. What do we do now?" Before Harry had time to respond, they heard the door to the suite bang open again and the shrill voice of Mme. Barrilleaux. "Master Draco! How dare you do this to my daughter. I demand an explanation!"

Luckily Draco had had the foresight to grab their wands from the night stand, and he quickly flicked his wrist, sending a Locking Spell at the ensuite door. Harry looked at him worriedly. "I don't think that'll hold them back for long." He donned the bathrobe that Draco had lifted from the hook on the wall, but froze when a second voice joined the first.

"Ah, Madame Barrilleaux, how lovely to meet you."

"Fuck. It's Rita Skeeter! That damned bitch won't leave me the fuck alone!" Harry sat down on the toilet and put his head in his hands. Draco moved to sit on the edge of the bath and patted Harry's knee for several moments, pondering what to do. They were trapped in their bathrobes in one of the finest wizard suites at the Dorchester Hotel, with the press and several irate in-laws on their tail, not to mention one very pissed-off Lucius Malfoy hovering in the fireplace. It was only a matter of time before someone knocked down the door to their little hiding place and dragged them off to be vilified once again by the press and wizarding society in general. Draco rolled his eyes as he remembered how they had already gone through this years ago, when they had first got together. Not this time, he decided. This time, there would be no public humiliation, no frequent interruptions by the press, no damned crazed parents.

There was only one thing for it.

"Busselton," he replied softly.

Harry looked up sharply. "What did you say?"

Draco looked back at him, then stood up and held out his hand. "Busselton. It's our only chance to get away for good." Harry looked uncertain. "Think about it, Harry. It's the only place they'd never think to look. No one knows you live there. It's perfect."

Harry furrowed his brow and shook his head. "But… you'd never survive five minutes in a place like that. It's just a small country town."

"You have a house, I presume?"

"Well, yes, but…" Harry was still shaking his head, but Draco took his hand and pulled him to his feet, quieting his protests with a soft kiss.

"As long as I have you, Harry, I'll be fine." He pulled his lover into a warm embrace, then jumped back when there was a pounding on the bathroom door. "Come on. That place could do with someone like me to shake it up." He smirked as he handed Harry his wand, before taking him in his arms once again and pulling him close. "Now, hurry up and Apparate us before they break down the bloody door."

Harry squeezed him tight and kissed him. "With pleasure," he whispered against Draco's lips, and turning on the spot, they disappeared.


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