Looking at his calendar, Philip was surprised to find that George Venturi was scheduled to meet with him today. Year three, Philip and his wife went to his parents' golden fiftieth wedding anniversary during the time he usually interviewed George. Year Four, his wife's little sister decided to get married and no matter what he said, he had to go to that.

Now, it was five years since Philip had first interviewed George Venturi regarding his stress test. Seeing George's name again, however, whet his curiosity. What had finally happened to Derek and Casey?

The day seemed to go slow for the HR Ken Doll, as it always does when one is impatiently waiting for something to happen. Finally, however, George's appointment arrived.

Smiling brilliantly, Philip asked, "So, what's been going on? How's your stress levels?"

Sighing, George slumped in his seat. "Oh, I'm fine. Really."

Philip, confused, replied, "You added 'really.'"

"I'm trying The Power of Positive Thinking. Maybe if I say it enough, everything will be fine."

"What happened?"

Surprising himself with his need to chat about this and realizing he was becoming Casey with Paul, George said, "My son, Derek come home from college for the summer."

"What did he do?"

Tipping his head back against the chair he was sitting in, George sighed, "He eloped. After six months of marriage, Derek decided now would be a good time to introduce his wife to us. I think the young ones are going to need therapy."

Eyes ever widening, Philip asked, "How did he introduce her?"

Suddenly understanding what Philip was trying to imply, George quickly shook his head no. "No! No, nothing like that. No one walked in on anything."

"Oh...But, is this really that awful? Is something wrong with his wife?"

"You mean besides the fact that she's his stepsister? No. We all like Casey. I can't deny that."

"Derek and Casey got married?!"

"That's pretty much what Lizzie and Edwin said when we told them. Marti wasn't surprised. She's hoping they'll have a baby soon. Nora and I aren't really sure why and to be honest, we're kind of afraid to ask."

"Six months is better than years, right?" Philip asked uncertainly. He had been interested before, but now he was like a fish out of water.

"Nora and I aren't sure they would have told us at all if it weren't for the fact that they wanted to share a bedroom." At Philip's surprised look, George added, "They thought we'd disapprove."

"Oh...Do you?"

"No, not really. Casey has gotten Derek to get serious and Derek has gotten Casey to relax. They're good for each other. Nora and I just wish they would have told us before. Nora's upset that she didn't get to see her baby get married."

"Oh...So, is the stress higher or lower than before?"

George laughed. "It hasn't changed. This is just a regular occurrence in the Venturi family. We've never been completely normal. Why should we start now?"

Philip considered this for a moment before saying, "I have pamphlets on how to deal with unexpected life changes."

After a second, George nodded. "Hand them over."