Based upon Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

- - -

Odo sat his office with a PADD in his hand. He had been trying to read security reports all morning. He had trouble focusing on minor crimes from the usually petty offenders.

He continued to think of the Prophet Child who had felt so much like his own. As far as he knew, his kind did not have children; per say. He considered his children, if he were to have any, and he decided he wanted them to but just like Jeklyn. He wanted them to be energetic, curious, loving, trusting, yet naturally suspicious. He smiled to himself as he remembered holding her little tiny body tightly.

The doors to his office opened, causing him to get a grip on the now. Two Bajorans walked in: a man of about thirty years, and Jeklyn.

Odo leapt to his feet. "Jeklyn," he whispered in amazement.

The man chuckled. "No, my daughter's name is Ameina. I came to thank you for caring for her while I could not. Her body was well cared for, almost as well as her pagh."

Odo stared at Jeklyn/Ameina. She held her father's hand, but looked up into Odo's eyes curiously, as if she almost recognized him. He could not see anything further than that, so he shifted his gaze back to her father. "Your little girl became very dear to me. Almost as a child of my own. Because of her, I believe I have shared some of your paternal joy. I thank you for that."

The man extended his hand to shake Odo's. "I admit I had little to do with that. The Prophets provided you with a ward, not I."

Odo shook the man's hand, all the same. He considered the Bajoran's use of the word 'ward.' It was the same word Jeklyn had used about the missing Bajorans.

"Thank you again, Mister Odo." He smiled once again, and turned to leave.

Odo watched the little girl leave with her father. At the door, she paused and looked back at him again. They made eye contact and she smiled. "Bye, Changey-thing," she whispered.

He smiled and watched her leave. He sat down when she was out of sight. 'Yes,' he thought, 'she is the same girl . . . at least, partly.'

He sat back down and picked up the PADD. He read it for a short moment, but he became distracted as he saw Kira cross the Promenade in front of his office. He stared until she was out of sight.

He still could not remember how long he had been in love with her, but that no longer mattered. It mattered that was in love with her, and one day, he knew, he would do something about it.

He put his feet up on his deck and leaned back, waiting for the future he knew was coming.

- - Fin - -