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The new jacket her mother had gifted her was still uncomfortable and stiff, Monica huffed as she zipped up the black leather jacket.


She had told her mother she didn't like the feel of leather.

Tanya Cavanaugh hadn't listened to her of course. She'd bought it anyway. Along with a hand full of form fitting jeans and white t's.

It was safe to say she was not the same girl that had left Roswell.

Stuffing her cold fingertips into her pockets she walked swiftly through Sunnydale, heading for the little café she'd seen after entering the town.

She asked for a hot chocolate and croissant and waited patiently as a red headed high school girl whizzed past her to a table that was in the corner of the café. A table that had her bags and was not as available as the red head had thought it was.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw the older girl pout, huffing Monica looked away.

Grabbing her order she headed for her table and was almost surprised to find that a blonde girl had joined the red head.

Slapping on a polite smile Monica stopped in front of them willing herself not to be intimidated by high school girls, "hi."
The red head waved at her childishly, "Hello, are you sitting here?"
"Yuup," Monica made sure to pop the p, wasn't it obvious? Why else would she stand here?

"Oh," 'red' as Monica had decided to call her, in her head anyway, visibly wilted.

"Why aren't you in school?" Blondie asked one of her thin eyebrows going up.

"Because I'm not," Monica answered, her head cocked to the side like a curious bird. Monica could almost picture her mother in her dark kitchen scowling, in the months they'd gotten to know each other it was the one move that for some reason aggravated Tanya Cavanaugh.

'Blondie' rolled her eyes, "I can see that."
"Good," Monica squeezed by and sat down blowing on her hot cocoa softly and ignoring their presence.

Blondie left in a huff and Red followed, while Monica softly chuckled to herself.

She didn't know what it was that made high school girls act that way, but Monica resolved never to follow in said high school girls footsteps.

Her first week in Sunnydale passed fast, with no sign of her half sister Faith.

It was on a Monday night that Monica finally found her. Walking home from a late movie she'd treated herself too, her hands in her pockets, ever vigilant of her surroundings.
After all Sunnydale did in fact have an abnormally high death rate, with vampires and the like contributing to that number on a daily basis. She saw her on the opposite street corner dressed in tight leather pants and black shirt, the signature dark tousled hair of the Cavanaugh line.

Monica had to remind herself that though she dressed like a "bad girl" she was still her sister and not…what she was dressed like. 'Please god' Monica let out a silent prayer, 'I hope she's not a lady of the night.'

She followed Faith to the high school. The one Tanya had casually mentioned was built on top of a hellmouth. A gate into hades.

Finding a back entrance Monica found herself at the back of the school library.

Being as stealthy as possible she found herself looking down on Faith as well as Blondie and Red from the previous week. Beside them stood a man with glasses, one dark haired boy and one that looked as if he'd dyed his hair in the dark.

These were her sister's friends.

Monica contemplated on how she would approach Faith now that she knew where she was and who her people were when she felt the air beside her stir.

Turning slowly she found herself looking into familiar dark brown eyes.

Eyes she saw frequently in her dreams for the past two years, the revelation felt like a physical blow to her torso.

One of his big hands reached for her and she darted to the other side of the aisle, her fear under control for now.

"Liam?" His name slipped past her numb lips, hoping that she, somehow, had fallen asleep and was dreaming.

The man before her frowned and his eyes narrowed. Only for them to spring open wide in shock.


Kathy, that name made her soul ring and vibrate in recognition. That was her name.

He stepped back bumping against the bookcase behind him. In that moment his disbelief was almost tangible.

Until a thought brought him back to his senses and his eyes hardened.

He grabbed her and forced her forward until she was out in the open. Standing before her biological sister and her friends.


He's so angry, she thought. Instinct urging her to get away from this man, he could kill her again if he wanted too.

"Hey! You're that bratty kid from the café!"Blondie scowled as she stepped closer, Red following.

"Oh yeah it is!" Red smiled down at her before frowning, "what are you doing here?"

Keeping her mouth shut Monica shrugged. Her eyes flickering to Faith, her sister was leaning against the counter looking on nonchalantly.

"Oh my, who is this exactly Angel?"Giles asked as he wiped his glasses down again.


She frowned, glancing back at the tense man. The name went with the face she supposed, she wondered for a brief second why it was that she didn't like some stranger calling her murderer by that particular name.

His face darkened her scoffing tone and little voice, different from what he remembered but still the same. This was not his Kathy. Was not the little sister his demon had killed in an effort to sever all ties to the body it had made it's own.

"Hey Dead-boy I think she knows you," the dark haired boy called out, the smirk on his face made Monica want to reach out and smack it off his face.

She settled for glaring. Intense glaring.

"I don't think she likes you Xander," Red murmured, her little hands going to her argyle sweater and picking at the hem nervously. The tension was slowly rising and it was getting uncomfortable for the little wiccan.

Xander scoffed but sat down in the farthest seat away from her and Liam, "She doesn't scare me."

The corners of her lips threatened to go up at that, Monica crowed happily in her head.

"Who brought her back, who did this?"Liam pushed her forward again.

Monica had no idea what the hell he was talking about or what was going on, but she was getting tired of being pushed around by 'the big kids.'

"It looks to me if you let her talk, you'd get an explanation," Faith shrugged her shoulders all the while looking around the room still very much uninterested in what was happening.

Blondie glared getting closer, "Who are you? What are you doing here?"

Shuffling back her eyes darted to Liam and back to Faith, "I'm looking for my sister."

"Your sister you say," Giles brought a chair forward as Buffy stepped back, "sit please, why do you think your sister is here."

Gently sitting down Monica shrugged, "Cause she is."

"Perhaps you should start from the beginning," he squatted down before her with a polite smile.

Feeling sort of uncomfortable Monica nodded, "When I was a baby my mother gave me up for adoption, to a couple in New Mexico." She looked down at her fingers, picking at her ruined cuticles.

Monica huffed mentally telling herself to buck up, "six months ago Lizzie, their biological daughter, told me I was adopted and so I started lookin' for my real mother. I found her in Boston. She kept me for awhile, and then she told me I had a sister," her eyes coming to stand on Faith, "she said the last she heard of my big sister was that she came here. Using her daddy's last name."

By then Faith had started to move forward, a mask slamming into place.

"Tanya Cavanaugh said I could find her here, goin' by Faith Lehane," standing up Monica stood before her big sister and waited. For her acceptance or her rejection.

Taking in the little girl before her Faith didn't know what to think. There was no resemblance, none that Faith could see in fact she looked more like Buffy. Her dirty blonde hair a mess of waves and the shape of her face was a perfect replica to her sister slayer. The only thing they had in common, from what she could make out was the shape of her lips, her eyebrows and those thick lashes.

The only thing that was her own were those odd green gold eyes that reminded Faith of a wolf she'd seen on a calendar.

Finding her voice Faith cleared her throat, "Who was your dad?"

Monica allowed herself to relax, "Tanya said it was some douche bag by the name of Hank Summers," a smirk on her lips, "She said at the time she must have been really f''ed up cause he looked like prince charming and the next morning she saw him for what he was. A little ugly toad."

'Yeah,' Faith thought her own lips twisting into an amused smirk, ' that sounded like her bitch of a mother.'

"Hey," Monica pointed to her lips and touched her own, "they look the same."

Faith tilted her head amused, "yeah they sure do little sister."

"Excuse me did you just say Hank Summers?"Beside Giles stood Blondie pale as a ghost.

"Yup," she nodded for emphasis.

"Oh my god," Blondie swayed on her feet.

"I can see it," the quite boy standing next to Red spoke up, his eyes darting from Blondie to Monica and then to Faith.

"What?" Faith growled shifting her position to protect her new baby sister.

"That's my dad," Blondie got out as she collapsed on the nearest chair.

"So that's how I found my sisters," Kathryn shrugged her arms coming up around her legs to hug them close, "Buffy was in shock. So was Joyce, Buffy's mom. But as soon as they got over it they were pretty quick in accepting Faith and I into the family."

"That's," Kyle brought a hand down his face, "that's crazy. Crazy that you found both your sisters in one visit."

"Believe me when I say that that is still not the crazy part of my story," Kat smiled and waited for his go ahead to continue.

"So wait," he leaned forward placing his elbows on his thighs, "I thought you said you had a brother."

"I do," she chirped, still some what hesitant to explain that part, "It's just complicated."

"Complicated," Kyle repeated, before sending her a glare, "you promised to tell me everything."

Kathryn sighed, her feet shuffling and creating a small dust cloud around her boots, "I know."

"Good, so continue," he urged her on.

"I knew I couldn't go on as Monica so I said my name was Kathryn. It was a version close to Kathy but still not the same and I felt that Kathryn was the perfect fit. It also helped that it started with a K. K to remind me of Kyle," Kathryn smiled, lost in thought.

"Anyway before I found my sisters I met my mother and let me tell you those months with my biological mother weren't exactly the best, but they weren't horrible either. Within the first week I could see where I get my stubbornness and my crazy. Anyway in the time that I was with her she taught me everything she knew. Everyday she made sure that everything she taught me was being retained and that I understood normal was never an option for me..."

"Wait," Kyle stopped her, "what does that mean? Normal was never an option for you?"

"I'll get there," Kat rolled her eyes at his impatience, "like I was saying. You see Tanya Cavanaugh was a witch. Don't look at me like that Kyle James Valenti you wanted to know everything now you listen with an open mind."

Kathryn hmph'd, glaring at the boy across from her.

Waiting for the disbelief on his face to go away before continuing.

"As I was saying she was a practicing witch from a long line of witches. The Cavanaugh line in fact is quite famous within certain circles. Which is something to keep in mind when I remind you of the dreams. Do you remember the dreams I used to have about that guy? The dreams where I had a big brother who loved me only to wake up screaming because he always killed me? Anyway the reason I'm saying this is because after my first month I couldn't keep on avoiding Angel. So I told Giles and he found me an answer."

The newly renamed Kathryn Summers O'Roark paced the length of the high school library, nervously looking up at the clock and counting down the minutes until sunset and 'Angel' would join them for this meeting.

At the table Buffy was joking around with Xander and Willow. Cordelia throwing in a scathing remark or two and Oz sitting beside his girlfriend silent and supportive as always. Her other sister however was in the cage. Going over the inventory and muttering to herself as she wrote it all down. Mrs. Summers had re-enrolled Faith into high school, something her dark haired sister was still not happy about. Though if Kathryn wanted to stir up trouble all she had to say was Faith sure looked happier now than when she'd first met her.

Finally it was dark and Giles came out of his office, hands going through the motions of cleaning his glasses for what could have been the 99th time today.

"So what exactly are we waiting for again?" Xander asked, his patience stretched some what thin having Cordelia beside him and Faith taking the seat across from him.

"We're waiting on Angel," Faith declared, leaning back in the hard wood chair. Kathryn had confided in her and on her insistence Kat had told Giles about the dreams.

They'd grown close, Faith was surprised how close they'd gotten. She had expected her blonde little sister to bond tighter with Buffy but it turned out Tanya had gotten her claws into Kathryn too. Faith had suspected as much and wasn't surprised to find that her baby sister had a smudge of darkness in her after such an encounter.

"What is going on exactly?"Buffy asked, she'd felt out of the loop lately. The blonde had noticed in the short amount of time that Kat had been with them how close she was to Faith. And could admit, if only to herself, that she was kind of jealous of their closeness.

"I'll explain when L-Angel gets here," Kathryn muttered, she always forgot that he wasn't Liam anymore.

"Explain what," Angel asked as he stepped in, his black leather duster swirling behind him as the library doors closed.

"Ah good you're here," Giles grabbed a dusty old book from behind the counter and waited for Kathryn to start.

"I think we should sit," Kat moved to sit beside Faith and waited for Angel and Giles to do the same.

The attention directed at her was making her nerves jumpy.

Faith squeezed her arm reassuringly.

"For my tenth birthday," she started her eyes focusing on the spot above Liam's head, "I had a birthday party. I invited every one in Liz's classroom because I was in a higher grade but still younger than everyone else in my class and no one wanted to be friends with a baby. I didn't care though 'cause I had Kyle, we grew up together and we'd been best friends since we were in diapers. It was fun Mrs. Parker baked my favorite chocolate Texas sheet cake with chocolate frosting as thick as the cake itself. And when it was time fore me to make a wish I closed my eyes," Kathryn closed hers not wanting to see his face as she told him, them, this part.

"And I wished for the first thing that came to mind. And it was you," she forced her eyes open and refocused on Angel, "I wished for Liam. My brother the protector, for a moment I remembered feeling a lot of emotions that I had never felt for any of the Parkers, only Kyle and his daddy. And when I opened my eyes to blow the candles out I saw you in the corner of the Parker living room. With hate in your eyes and a cruel smile on your lips, I was so scared. I remember holding on to Kyle in the dark just before the lights were turned back on, I didn't understand."The hush that had fallen over the library was uncomfortable.

"I could never sleep in the Parker household after that, I slept over at Kyle's house every night for the next two years. And every night without fail I would dream of you, of being murdered in a kitchen doorway of an old house with stone floors. Because I couldn't sleep alone I shared a bed with Kyle and I would always wake him and daddy Jim up with my screaming," Kathryn remembered Kyle's messy bed head hair and sleepy blue eyes, his arms wrapping around her and falling asleep cuddled together.

"Kyle and I would go to the library everyday looking for clues, we were hoping that we'd find something that would stand out which sounds stupid now," Kathryn shrugged, "anyway Faith convinced me to talk to Giles about it and well…"

She pointed at Giles who was holding a book open and a notepad with copious amount of writing on it and waiting patiently for his turn to explain.

"Through extensive research and varies connections to a rather large Wiccan coven residing in London, I can confirm Kathryn is the reincarnated Kathy, your sister," Giles stilled going through the information he'd written down, "however they revealed to me of the," he pointed to Buffy and Faith and finally to Kathryn, "coincidence there."


Angel asked still reeling from this new information.

"To be more precise, too much of one I suppose I should say," Giles corrected himself.

"What I'm about to explain to you is," Kathryn searched for words, "it's going to be hard to believe. But what I'm telling you is the honest truth."So far Kyle had remained silent, thinking deeply on her words and how far fetched it sounded. Which is why every time that thought reared its ugly head Kyle reminded himself of the 'Czechoslovakians,' that went to his school.

"Giles explained that The Powers That Be, had gotten involved. Now the Powers That Be are ancient forces that, for a lack of better word, 'aid' the forces of good in the world. Maybe the universe, I don't really know. I think someone said they keep the balance between good and evil. I don't really know a lot about that stuff. They used to have Oracles here on this plane that you could sort of visit, for a price, to ask for advice but they were murdered. Anyway I can safely say that yes there is a heaven and yes there really is a hell. But that's beside the point,"
Kathryn shook her head, forcing herself back on track,"the PTB's decided to intervene. I guess they saw the path that my sisters would walk if I was not created and didn't particularly like the outcome. So they gave me a second chance. I am the physical bond that ties Faith and Buffy close together. When I was initially brought back, Giles said I must have remembered Liam and our bond but locked away the memory of dying by his hand. He explained that my soul could still recall the trauma of my murder and it's not a surprise that on the day of my tenth birthday I remembered, I was ten when I died. Giles said it made sense. At first I thought Angel wouldn't be able to handle the information, but he got over it. I don't know how many times I had to tell him that I forgave him before the words finally sunk in. When I decided to take O'Roark as my official last name it was a way for me to tie us back together in the only way that I thought I could."

"Okay stop," he pressed his palms to his eyes, "this is too much for me to comprehend right now."

"I told you it was complicated!" Kathryn cried out, her hand's rubbing her arms.
The sun was starting to set and soon she would have to go back to her room and deal with Angel again.

"Liam, Angel. Whoever! How is it that he remembers you at all?"

"It was Liam, its Angel now. I have a bad habit of switching between the two," she thought on how to answer, "How open is that mind of yours?"

"I don't like where this is going," Kyle muttered.

Kathryn shrugged, "it's a valid question. I've told you more than I've told any normal person out in there in the world."

She waved her hand around to make her point. Kyle stood up abruptly, pacing the length of the little clearing they were in.

"I know you're right," he ran a hand through his hair, "as it is I'm having a hard time believing your PTWhatever. And I do have a lot on my plate."

"You do?" Kathryn peered up at him, wanting to hear what was new with him now.

"So we put this," he pointed to himself and to her, "conversation on the back burner."

"To be discussed at a later date," Kathryn quickly agreed, "you got it."


Her contact had been able to make out that name more than a handful of times in the purple book that had mysteriously appeared in her collection. It was with that name, further digging and a lot of questions that she was pointed in the direction of an old protected tomb.

Where a book written by a Lord Izzerial resided.

That very book laid out before her now.

Four inches thick and bound by twine with a tough brown leather cover.

Tanya refused to think about how wrong it felt to have such a book on her study table, let alone in her home.

Opening the book slowly, she became very aware that the pages not only felt old but didn't feel like paper.

Rubbing a page between her fingers Tanya reached for the magnifying glass she had placed beside her.

Taking a long careful look she deduced, what she held in her possession was made of human skin. Her stomach lurched at the revelation.

She had gone through several unsavory contacts to track down the location of the tomb and visited the worst part of the city just to find someone willing to go in and get it for her. All under a strict time crunch and all for a price.

Opening the book to its first page Tanya hoped when she explained this to her daughter, Kathryn could appreciate what she had gone through.

Wes mumbled to himself as he put down yet another book that told him nothing.

Beside him Fred and Lorne were rubbing their tired eyes.

"Perhaps we should resume our search in the morning," an understanding and tired smile on his face.

Lorne shook his head, "I have several appointments tomorrow. You'll have to go on without me babe."

Wes nodded his head understandingly, "Fred?"

The mousy brunette shrugged her shoulders before smiling shyly, "I'm not sure yet."

"Well that's alright I suppose," he stood up, stretching out the kinks in his back, "goodnight "

He made his way to the office that was dubbed his, thoughts of going home and a nice warm bed waiting for him there.

However he was quickly reminded of the case, more accurately the lack of findings. Wes thought of the message Angel had sent him, Tanya Cavanaugh was also doing research for this case.

'Perhaps,' Wes thought as he started up his car and toned down the radio so it wasn't blaring in his sensitive ears, 'it was time for a collaborative effort.'

With that thought in mind Wes drove to his apartment with the idea of contacting Kathryn for her mothers number, and maybe her address.

Surely a visit wouldn't hurt.

After saying bye to Kyle, and a promise that she'd still be in Roswell the next day, Kathryn made her way to her room.

Her sister was arriving tomorrow.

Buffy was arriving tomorrow.

Kathryn felt equal parts anxious and relieved.

"Hey where were you?"Connor asked as he opened the door letting her in.

"Just getting some air," she answered vaguely.

"Oh," Connor took in her appearance, happy that she obviously hadn't met up with that guy again, "so I've checked the most recent police reports. Nothings changed. No new evidence and no new bodies. Which in my book is good."

Kathryn nodded taking it in, not really great news but still good. No new dead people. Lady Moon silent as she had been before.

The day had been a good one and it looked like the night would be too.

"Where's Spike and Gunn? Or better yet your dad?"

Throwing himself on one of the beds Connor reached for his laptop, "Dad went to Las Cruces, said he had a meeting that he had to attend. Spike went back to that demon bar and Gunn I think he went to talk to the FBI agent in charge. Wolfram & Hart has not only decided to generously aid the families of the victims but also send their best 'behavioral analyst' to aid the authorities on this case."

"What?" Kathryn kicked off her shoes crawling into the opposite bed, "since when do Wolfram & Hart generously decide to do anything?"

Connor rolled his eyes, "since Angel decided our investigation was going too slow and we needed an inside man."

"And that worked? Seriously?" She stacked a couple of pillows to lean against.

"They're desperate," he answered distractedly as he read his email, "Just like we're desperate."

The desert air was cool.

Night had fallen on Roswell rather quickly, or so Isabel thought.

Her minds eye taking in the beauty before her as she looked up at the night sky. Away from the city lights the stars glittered like diamonds stitched into rich black fabric as soft as cashmere.

The Evans twins were silent as they made their way to their destination; in the backseat Michael kept his eyes on the horizon his mind elsewhere. For a moment Isabel wondered if he was thinking about that girl, the one he had been looking at so intensely in the Crashdown two nights ago. She dismissed the idea, her stone-faced brother wasn't quick to trust or get pulled in by a pretty face.

Following them in her mother's car was Maria, Alex and Liz.

As a group they had decided to go to the caves for their little dream adventure, as well as to not involve Tess or Kyle. Liz had been adamant especially in not telling Kyle, explaining that Monica and Kyle had been extremely close and if the dream walk turned up nothing she didn't want him to know. Hadn't wanted him to get hurt just because she couldn't let go.

Isabel glanced back at the other car, it sounded reasonable. But still something about not involving Kyle tugged at her, it didn't feel right not telling the youngest Valenti.

Finally reaching the caves Isabel stepped out armed with warm blankets and a comfortable pillow for her to sit on, Isabel felt as ready as she'd ever be.

Instructing everyone to sit in a circle and hold hands Isabel mentally calmed herself down.

Linking her left hand to Michael she waited for Max to put his hand on her shoulder before placing her fingertips on the photo in her lap.

"Close your eyes," Isabel murmured as she took in a deep breath and closed her eyes.

They found themselves in open space with many orbs twirling around.

Every orb swirled a different color and if the group listened close enough Isabel knew they'd hear the unique music that accompanied each orb.

Stretching out her right arm she called for the orb that belonged to the little girl in the picture.

An orb from up high slowly twirled down hovering over her iridescent pearl colored orb gave off a hauntingly sad but beautiful melody, Isabel let out a relieved sigh, 'so far so good.'

"This is hers," Isabel smiled triumphantly.

"Can we go in?"Liz asked softly, her hand itched to let go of Max and touch the orb that represented her sister.

Isabel nodded, "brace yourself."Bringing her palm up she touched the liquid surface and watched as the other orbs disappeared and the open space before her faded into complete darkness.

"This is stupid Ky."

A voice Liz recognized stated in the dark, and with those words the dark around them began to lighten.

Revealing the front yard of the Valenti home, a small girl with wild light brown hair and a pale face standing beside a boy they all recognized.

"This is not stupid. This," a much younger Kyle pointed to himself and his stance, "is how you do it. Copy me Nikki."

Monica scoffed, rolling her eyes and coping his stance, "now what."

"Now," he punched his right fist forward, "punch."

"Punch," Monica repeated the motion, "like that ?"

"Like that," Kyle encouraged her with a mischievous smile.


Max glanced at Liz and found her to be just as puzzled as he was about the name.

"I've never heard Kyle call her that before," the brunette admitted with sad eyes.

"I'm gonna tell daddy Jim if you're lying," she threatened, smirking with satisfaction when Kyle groaned.

"I told you, you did it right," he whined, a pout on his lips and the puppy dog eyes out in full affect, "you promised you wouldn't tell dad if I promised to teach you how to punch someone."

"And I won't tell dad if you teach me how to do it right," she threw back at him quickly, "I remember when daddy Jim had to arrest Mr. Ben, remember that?"

She rocked on her heels as Kyle got that look on his face, the funny face he'd make when he was trying to remember something.

"Don't remember that," he admitted seconds later.

"Mr. Ben tried to hit daddy for putting him in cuffs an' the dummy broke his thumb cause he didn't do it right," Monica happily filled in the blanks.

"OH yeah," Kyle's face brightened, "dad laughed about it when he was telling us."

"Mmhm," she nodded, losing interest in the topic of conversation she went back into a fighting stance.

Kyle faced her, a funny look on his face, "I know I didn't teach you that, someone else taught you that."

Her little body tensed, "Ky?"

"Little sister," someone called out behind her, "I need you to focus."She turned around.

The Valenti homestead melted away, replaced by a room with thick padded floors and padded walls. They now stood in a well-lit, unoccupied gym.

Her body stretching out as her hair lightened, her face no longer glowing with bright innocence and naivety, "I am focused."

A dark haired woman in tight pants and dark eyes shook her head, "I need you with your head in the game."

The podsquad looked on as Monica visibly relaxed, facing the dark haired woman with an air of nonchalance.

"Good," the woman purred and with no indication for what was about to happen she attacked.

Liz cried out, alarmed, as the dark haired lady practically became a blur heading straight for Monica.

"Remember every fight is different," a male voice echoed around them as they looked on, "it's not always about brute strength or speed. Be vigilant, patient, think but don't over think your own attack."

She blocked.

With every attack she blocked as best as she could.

Watching the action unfold Michael zeroed in on the concentration on her familiar face, "she's waiting for an opening."

"Patience," a young girl's voice echoed, amusement clear in her tone, "not one of my better qualities."

This dream was definitely one of the more interesting ones she'd ever walked into, Isabel thought as Monica remembered a conversation as she dreamed of fighting her sibling.

"Dead Boy obviously didn't know what he was talking about," an other male voice declared, obnoxious and grating, "G-man you're going to have to teach her how to really fight."\

"Patience is an aspect of the combat style Angel held a preference for, taught and made sure was ingrained in me before he left," the young girl defended, clearly angry at the annoying man.

'Make that two different conversations,' Isabel thought amusedly.

"Do you trust me?" the first voice asked; dark and smooth conjuring images of dreamy dark chocolate in Maria's mind.

"With my life," her words rang out, as the onslaught of fists and kicks never wavered. Until finally there was an opening.

Feeling the bruises on her legs and arms from deflecting every attack as best as she could Monica wilted, tired and leaning to the right just as her sister's knee flew up in an attempt to connect with her stomach.

Seeing her chance she delivered a hard hit to her big sisters solar plexus, Alex almost cheered as the dark haired woman staggered back a few steps. He had the incredible urge to chant, cheer and boo as if he was on the sidelines of an old WWE wrestling event.

Liz relaxed inhaling sharply as dream-Monica went on the offensive.

Not wanting to give her big sister the chance to shove her back into defense mode she attacked.

"Don't get sloppy," the one Liz deduced was 'Angel' spoke again, "you'll know when you have to fight dirty and when you have to be precise with your hits. You have to be able to adapt to who ever you're fight. During this training session i want you to stay agile, strike fast, keep your movements almost serpentine-like."

His advice was taken to heart, Max thought as the petite girl would throw a well aimed punch and weave away to attack from a different angle.

"Does Buffy fight like a snake?" Liz smiled at how genuinely curious Monica sounded.

"No," Angel chuckled as the fight once again became a blur of fists, kicks and hair.

"Oh," there was a heavy silence as the dark haired woman swept the legs right from under Monica, "I'll have a different style all my own right?"

"Yes," he paused as if he didn't know how to say what he wanted too, "Buffy…"

"You don't have to continue," the note of finality on the matter was heard loud and clear.

"Damn little sis," the brunette smirked from her spot on the ground, her chest heaving as she looked over at Monica, "where did that come from?"

"I am capable," Monica paused to take a deep breath, "of learning how to fight from other people Faith."

'Faith' Liz committed that name to memory as Faith laughed, a deep and sultry sound that had Alex eyeing her thoughtfully, "Remind me to thank Angel next time I see him."

Monica grunted not moving an inch as her body relaxed on the mat, "Spike's been teaching me some stuff too, you know, when he's not trying to prove how much of a "bad guy" he still is, despite the chip in his head and all."

"Can't believe you're hanging out with that Billy Idol wanna-be," unhappily resigned to the stubbornness in her sister Faith let the issue go, "I'll thank him too, when he's not being an ass."

Monica snorted giggling at how true that statement was, "that'll be never then."

"Buffy must be pissed with this new buddy-buddy thing you have with Captain Peroxide," Faith thought out loud.

"Mhm, you know she is," she rolled onto her stomach, "I think she's hoping that you'll talk some sense into me."

"I'm not our mother, even then I'm sure she wouldn't give a shit either," Faith callously stated, "besides I trust you're judgment."

"Good to know," a tired smile gracing lips as Monica pushed herself into a sitting position, her eyes flickering uncertainly as she took in the podsquad. Monica's face flushed as her eyes landed on Michael.


"Oh no, time to go," Isabel forcibly yanked herself and every one else out of Monica's dream orb just as it popped like a fragile bubble.

"She saw us," Maria stated, frowning over how breathless dream-Monica had said her Michael's name,"She saw you and said your name Guerin."

Maria glared across the circle at her ex-boyfriend, the all too familiar feelings of jealousy burning her cheeks.

Uneasy and still mentally reeling Michael forced himself to glare back, "that means nothing."

Max tightened his hold on Liz's hand as they were once again in the cave, "Enough. We need to know why she was able to see us. Iz?"

Dropping Michael's hand and rubbing her temples Isabel shrugged, "I don't know, that's never happened. I've always managed to go unseen."

Alex wrapped an arm around his two girls, holding both Liz and Maria close, still a little shocked that it had worked in the first place, "We should go and talk about this tomorrow. My parents are going to check in on me at some point and I know the Parkers will check on Liz too."

"Wait," Liz dropped Max's hand and pulled herself out of Alex's warm arm, "Why did her orb pop?"

"She woke up," Michael spoke past his dry throat, he knew she looked familiar, knew he'd seen her somewhere.

Kathryn gasped awake her arms shoving away the blankets that covered her, 'what the hell was that?!'

Her heartbeat still pounding loudly in her ears, she felt dirty, as if something wrong had been done to her and she hadn't even been aware of it until the last possible second.

"You alright luv," Spike asked from the arm chair he'd taken to calling 'his', the TV casting a sickly glow over his concerned face.

"Bad dream," she whispered falling back against the bed, "at least I think it was."

Kicking away the blankets she sighed as the cool air danced over her sweaty skin, glancing around she noticed Connor's messy bed, "Where's Connor?"

Spike shrugged, "With Peaches I think."

"Mm," Kathryn blinked slowly, sleep creeping up on her again.

"Go to sleep, I'm here," warmth curled in her chest as Spike's words echoed in her mind and she feel asleep feeling safe.

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