Summary: (Manga pre-Egypt) Dark Yugi weighs his mind against his heart. Introspective tiny fic about leaving the ones you love behind.

A Heart Does Not Know

Thinking and feeling, knowing and loving, too often are they at odds. It's frightening really, how unwilling human beings are to part with traits that only make their lives harder.

For instance, the other Yugi knew that if he didn't love them so, he would not feel his chest ache at the thought of the trip to his homeland. And he would not need to keep that pain locked away for their sake. And he could erase them all, and all they had given him from his heart – if he could even have a heart, without anything to fill it.

He did not want to forget.

The first time he heard the voice of his other self in his mind, like white noise forming into a symphony and opening the door to a whole new world.

The first time he went on a date with a girl, the second, the third, and how she made him feel loved in a completely different way.

The first time he felt compassion for someone who, by all rights, deserved the worst possible punishment. He was proud of it afterwards.

The first time he felt the pain of losing a friend, and the overwhelming joy of having him back. Both times, there were unshed tears in his eyes.

The first time he remembered and felt complete.

And at the same time, completely, hopelessly torn.

More than anything in the world, he wanted to stay. He wanted to have a thousand duels with Kaiba, wanted to go out with Jonouchi and Honda every night, to pester Yugi until he finally worked up the guts to kiss Anzu, but he knew it was impossible. He knew that he was living someone else's life, and that his own ending at such a tender age was no excuse for it.

He knew all that and more, and still, it wasn't enough.

For a heart does not know.

A heart only feels.

A/N: Bleh, writers block therapy. I have mixed feelings about this. The language is not terribly descriptive and it gets borderline melodramatic at points, but writing it did somehow move me, which rarely ever happens. And so there it is, my crappy little emo drabble…