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Edwards's point of view

I screamed with laughter as my mom 'chased' me on the beach while I ran away from her and as my dad video tapped us.

Let me introduce myself and my family.

My name is Edward Anthony Cullen and I am 8 years old.

My dads name is Carlisle Cullen and his a doctor at the hospital.

My mothers name is Esme Cullen but she doesn't have a job. She said she was a stay at home mom.

Here's something sad. My parents can't have anymore children. My mom always wanted a lot of kids to take care of but I guess they can't.

Mom and dad have been talking about adopting a child and I hope they do.

It will make my parents happy and I want to be a big brother.

Pausing to let them catch up I take another look at them.

They look like the perfect parents and they are.

Esme is kind looking and just radiates love off of her, you couldn't help trust her.

And Carlisle has a nice face and a calm voice that helps with his younger patients.

They are also very young and some people think that they got married to early and will break up.

I can't look into the future but they never will, they rarely ever fight. And sometimes I think that they have no flaws. They are every kids dream parents.

I look into the direction of the sun and think about my best friends.

Emmett McCartney is my bests' friend and is great.

He is really funny and strong for a kid our age. Once he even stood up and beat up the high school bully (people didn't really believe that a small kid like Emmett could beat up a kid that big unless they were there) because he had insulted his little sister Alice.

Alice is not really my best friend but a close friend, like the sister I never had.

Even though she's only 7 she likes to try on her mothers clothes, that actually match, and put her makeup on her and give other kids makeovers. Emmett is usually her target in boys and the only reason he puts up with it is because you can't resist Alice when she does the big sad doe-eyed look in her eyes. That and the fact that her mother doesn't have water proof makeup or cameras.

Jasper Hale is my other bests' friend.

He is different that Emmett, almost the exact opposite.

He likes to read and is really smart.

But he could also help in with a good prank and he knows when to put down the book and have fun.

Rosalie Hale is Jaspers twin sister.

She is really pretty and even though she's not that much older than us she knows how to use it.

She doesn't really care about hanging out with us or acting her age but sometimes she does. And when she does she's really fun.

I snap out of my thoughts when I feel a hand on my shoulder.

Startled I look up and I see the smiling face of my mother.

Smiling back I turn back to look at the setting sun again.

The sunlight shone brightly into my eyes, I raised a hand in front of my face so I can see the ocean better.

"Edward we're leaving soon" Esme told me.

"Okay mom" I said grinning at her.

She turned around and started walking back to the car to help Carlisle to put our things away.

I walked along the shore feeling the water brush my feet through the sandals I was wearing.

Cold I thought to myself while shivering slightly.

I looked again to the coast when I saw something bright and orange that wasn't the sun.

Squinting I looked harder and then I smelled it.

Smoke I thought.

"Edward where are you" I heard Esme call out worry evident in her voice.

She smelt it too.

My mom looked out to the direction of the fire and embraced me in her arms tightly.

My dad put a hand on her shoulder in comfort and she took my hand and started to lead me away from there when I saw something in the water.

At first I thought it was a bunch of seaweed and sticks when looking a bit closer I saw it was a large piece of wood with garbage on it.

Looking even closer I saw an arm on it hanging on like it was its lifeline.

Even closer I distinctively saw a face of a pale skin body.

It was a girl! Floating in the ocean.

Letting go of my mom's hand I ran into the water ignoring the sharp contact of the coldness.

I heard my mother call me to come back and I even saw my father coming in after me.

She was far away and I thanked the heavens for those swim lessons I took when I was younger because just as Carlisle caught up with me I took a deep breath and disappeared into the murky water.

I felt his hands try to grab me out of the water but swam towards her.

When I broke the surface I saw I was right in front of her.

I gently lifted her head to see if she was awake.

Clearly she was unconscious and there was something else about her.

Her face was bony as if she hadn't eaten in a long time.

Gently setting down her head in the wood again I took her arm and felt for a pulse; those lessons with my father were a life saver at that moment.

I felt a pulse but it was going too fast.

I put one hand on her back and the other on the wood and started pushing it towards the shore where my parents were waiting.

My father had a relived and confused look on his face, like he was happy I was coming back and confused why I went all that way for the 'garbage' on the log (she looks like that fyi).

My mother had a relived and mad look on her face. She might yell at me when I get on shore.

My father went back into the water and helped me bring her to dry land.

As he helped me he got a look of realization on his face.

"Esme get a blanket from the car" he instructed her.

She obeyed without question; I could see the concern in her eyes.

Lifting the girl gently and putting her on her back I got a real good look at her.

She had chocolate brown hair that was all tangled and uncared for, like she had never seen a hairbrush.

Her face was dirty and unwashed.

She was also very and unhealthily thin.

Even though I still thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world.

Esme came back with a blanket and wrapped her in it.

Carlisle had a look of interest before that and took her out of Esme's arms.

Laying her on her stomach he lifted her shirt up to expose her back.

I heard Esme and myself take in a sharp breath.

She had wings growing on her back.

Dun dun dun!!

There might be cursing in the future so this is going to be rated T.

Carlisle saw a flash of her wings right before Esme wrapped her up.


What do you think that fire was?