The New Look

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Summary: Sasukes' hair wasn't always spiky….

"Sasuke what happened to your hair?" Fugaku Uchiha yelled looking down at his son whose hair which was usually flat was spiked up. "A new look father," Sasuke said innocently.

Last night…

"Mom, I want a new hair style," A five year old Sasuke said before going to bed. "Why, Sasuke-kun?" Mikoto Uchiha asked her son.

"My hair always gets in the way when I train," Sasuke explained.

"Well, I could take you to the barbers tomorrow and you'll have a hair cut."

"No," Sasuke pouted and scrunched up his nose. "Brother says he'll train with me tomorrow."

That was when Mikoto came up with a not so bright idea, "Come with me Sasuke-kun, I have a great idea."

Mikoto brought her son into her make up room and pulled out 2 cans of hair gel out of her cabinet. She found a comb that was lying around, "Sasuke, sit still now."

Mikoto put some gel on the comb and started to spike up her sons bangs. She tried once and it fell back down. She tried again without much success. She kept on trying until all his bangs were spiked up.

Next came the hard part she worked with the matted hair at the back, put on a blab of gel on the comb and started spiking up the hair. By the time the strand of hair was standing up, 1 and ½ cans of gel were gone.

"Your hair sure takes a lot of gel Sasuke-kun," Mikoto said.

"All done, Sasuke," Mikoto said to her as she examined the boy's hair.

Mikoto said again, "No, I shouldn't have put your bangs up."

Mikoto went to the sink and got some to water to flatten the band and she carefully parted them to the side.

"All better," Mikoto said as she kissed her son on the forehead.

"Aw, mom that's girls stuff," Sasuke replied in disgust.

"Well, look at your hair," Mikoto said.

"It looks great, kaa-san," Sasuke said in a yawn.

Back to the morning

"Come on Fugaku, our son says his hair kept on getting in the way so I helped him out I think it looks adorable." Mikoto said happily.

"Father, it will help his training. He could see better and aim better," Itachi added.

Fugaku had nothing to say and returned to breakfast.

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