Romeo X Romeo

Diclaimer: I Don't Own Naruto. Nor do profit from this.

Summary: After many years of civil war between the Uzumaki clan and the Uchiha clan, the Hokage forces them to create a peace treaty in the form of an arranged marriage. But the union could potentially ruin the peace treaty if the two don't learn how to get along.

Warning: Boy x Boy, OOcness might occur.

Genre(s): Romance/Drama/Comedy.

P.S: I do realize that Minato's last name is in fact Namikaze. For the sake of the fiction he will be Uzumaki. Other wise, I'd have to use any creative juice I have left to come up with the reason why Naruto has his mother's last name instead of his fathers. Anyway, on with the fic! Enjoy.

Chapter 1…


Two households, both alike in dignity,
In fair Konoha, where we lay our scene,
From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,
Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.
From forth the fatal loins of these two foes
A pair of star-crossed lovers are forced to marry for life;
Whole misadventure piteous overthrows
Do with their marriage bury their parents' strife.

Tsunade studied the two men in front of her, noting the stiffness of their bodies and the odd tension that flooded the room as soon they made eye contact.

Shaking her head, she continued doodling on her desk as she half listened to what they were saying.

"Tsunade, you must do something about this - this idoit."

Tsunade raised a brow at Fugaku Uchiha, usually he was so clever with his insults. She turned to the grinning blond male, who quickly scowled when Fugaku looked at him.

Tsunade had always favored Minato Uzumaki, but even she had to admit he could be insufferable at times.

In the twenty five years that she'd known them, all Uzumaki and Uchiha did was fight.

It had started with some drunken escapade (which neither side probably remembered) than escalated to fist fights, which eventually turned into the use of black mail.

Then finally, all out war.

They fought over land, money, and even who got to sit in which chair in her office during their usual hour long visits.

At some point she'd started to think she had turned into some sort of marriage counselor.

The way the two usually bickered sounded an awful like an old married couple going through divorce.

It was getting to the point where they'd come to see her for every childish argument.

"Is that all you can come up with Great Lord Fu-fa-ku."

Tsunade winced at the nickname, not even having to look up to know Fugaku was attempting to murder Minato with his eyes.

She sighed gloomily, focusing on her doodle.

Maybe if she waited long enough they'd go away.

"This is all Shizune's fault," she muttered angrily. Neither men heard her of course since they were too busy throwing snide comments at one another.

Earlier, she had attempted to hide under her desk when she heard the two men barreling down the hall.

Sadly, there had been a flaw in her plan since Shizune - that traitor - had given away her hiding place.

Deciding enough was enough, she attempted to act like she actually cared about their petty argument.

"What did you do?" Tsunade asked Minato wearily.

"What did I do! He almost killed my son!" Minato shouted in outraged. He pointed an accusatory finger at the dark haired aristocrat sitting next to him.

Tsunade's lips pressed into a thin line.

She'd read about that incident in the paper, then went on to bang her head against the table because she knew she'd have to deal with it.

"There is no evidence to support-"

"After you kidnapped my wife," Fugaku said calmly. He didn't allow his air of arrogance to disperse, even when arguing stubbornly.

"That was also a misunderstanding so it doesn't-"

"Our family is the oldest clan in this area," Minato continued unaware of Tsunade's growing temper. "He should be forced to leave!"

"Yes but-"

"Nonsense," Fugaku said regarding Minato coolly. "The Uchiha's were one of the founding fathers of Konoha."

"Could you two please-"

"So were the Uzumaki's," Minato retorted childishly.

Fugaku's waved a hand dismissively to his statement. "We hold much more status than a bunch of-"

A vein popped up from the side of Tsunade's skull.

"ENOUGH!" she shouted, slamming her fist on the desk.

To their credit, neither of them jumped in surprise.

Tsunade sighed, sending a wary glance at them.

"Hokage-sama," Fugaku said, bowing his head slightly in apology.

Next to him, Minato crossed his arms but kept his mouth shut.

Tsunade sat back in her chair. She was already starting to get a headache from their bickering and it hadn't even been twenty minutes.

New record, she thought absently.

"I have concluded the only way you will get along is if you were forced to deal with each other not as enemies, but as family."

Minato stiffened, while Fugaku sent Tsunade a cool calculating gaze.

Everyone knew that the Uchiha's and Uzumaki's held family value and honor on a very high pedestal.

Why hadn't she thought of this before?

"What are you proposing?" Minato asked.

"An arranged marriage," she said, ignoring the horrified looks she received (Fugaku looked more constipated though). "Between your children."

She laid her hands flat on the surface of her desk, trapping each man with an intimidating glare. "If the marriage fails or if you take this as an opportunity to off each other you will both be exiled. Until then, I want no more of this foolishness."

Both men stared at her in silence.

As it were, both of them only had sons.