They don't like to go out in public

Himawari never had any friends, she cares too much for others. Sometimes she tries to think she might have stopped caring. She tries to pretend that it didn't hurt as much but she knows she is fooling herself. The only people she could trust were her parents. The friends at school could only stay shallow institutions in her life. He has slowly taught her to open up, he gave her hope. Before he came into her life she seemed a cheerful girl, but really her cheer was for her own selfish reasons; without it she would have broken inside. He makes her believe she can smile again. And her heart squeezes when a certain someone insists on staying with her, but she can't help but feel a little warmed.

Doumeki never had many friends. He had admirers and "fans" but nobody had actively sought him out. He still has his mother and his father, but they were estranged because his grandfather wanted to train him. It seemed that they feared him a little, their intimidating son, they didn't know him very well because he'd been so young when taken and felt that Haruka's extreme views had changed their son. He didn't hate his grandfather however; if his parents were able to feel like strangers after a something so trivial then perhaps they didn't think him worth the effort. But his heart squeezes whenever a certain someone meets his parents around the temple, it makes him want to try a little harder.

Yuuko cannot touch the outside world, she can't affect it without an active wish and interaction with humans can change the world. She was abandoned by her parents. She never knew them though she suspects that she'd been abandoned because she had shown evidence of her powers at a young age. She feels it best that she never really knew the dependency upon another human because separating herself from the world was just that much easier. She never felt the need for anything resembling family. But he makes her long for it, he makes her feel real. So her heart squeezes when she sees a certain someone struggling and alone; he, her feeble connection to the world, a tenuous timid touch.

That's alright because they have a certain someone and he's their connection.

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