Extra Addiction: Lieben Frau von Spinnen (Lady of Spiders)

It wasn't like Araneae was evil or anything.

The boy was simply a trifle irritating is all. She didn't dislike him per se... he was a little slow and she had little patience for idiots, but he'd been polite enough... even if that pipe fox hadn't. Actually his existence would do good things for her too, in the future. She had nothing against him. What had happened wasn't a personal thing, he and Yuuko were working for the "good side." And Araneae was definitely not working against their ultimate goal. He simply needed to mature is all, and hardships were one of the ways that humans, or indeed anyone, started to understand the world. Her little hardship wasn't even extreme. His life hadn't been in any danger. He was in more danger around Yuuko than he had been during her little trial. The boy would get used to not having his eye. It wasn't that big of a deal.

Just like humans, no spirit is wholly good or wholly bad. Her taking his eye was a simple cause and effect thing. A penance. It was in fact equal, even if it didn't seem like that in the eyes of others. He himself understood. An eye for a home. A spider is just as important as any other being. Fair is fair and an eye is an eye, no matter the quality. Plus, Araneae would now be able to watch and protect her comrades for longer. Everybody wins. Something good would happen to him in exchange as well, if the price were unequal. She knew exactly what would happen. The boy was a bit dense, likely he didn't think that others cared for him and the fact that many people had come to his defense in this case would open his eyes. Figuratively that is.

A simple action that was the start of an epidemic. Just as it happens, the butterfly effect.


A/N: This one is for SpiritHellfire because they suggested it (well more like they mentioned it and it ate my brain.) Also, I was reading the drabbles over and they were lacking something. Araneae does not strictly mean spider, more like anything like a spider (scorpions etc.) but I preferred that name to Arachne, my second choice. Er... This one is from the perspective of the Evil-Spider-Lady.