This story includes VERY graphic male/male sex, so if you don't like that stuff, please equip your big girl panties and pass over this piece without giving me any grief. If you do like it, sit back and enjoy the ride. Thank you and have a nice day.

At long last, Hakkai's khakis were off, freeing his ready arousal. "Ahh, that's better..." he hissed. "My shorts, too." Soon hiss striped boxers were gone as well, and he was entirely naked except for the shirt sleeves coming off of his shoulders. Hakkai let out a cry of delight, spreading his thighs to either side of Gojyo's waist. The two were twined with each other, kissing, grinding, ready to mate.

"Shh. I got an idea," whispered Gojyo. Breaking their embrace, Hakkai rolled to the side to allow Gojyo to sit up. "Here, Hakkai...lie down on your back and close your eyes. Don't open 'em 'till I tell you."

Hakkai gave him a bit of a confused look, which was quickly eliminated with a soft, consuming kiss. He did as requested. "But Gojyo, I can never just ask you to close your eyes. You always need to be blindfolded so you don't peek."

"Now you know better, hm?"

Lying back into the coils of the cheap mattress, Hakkai let his senses of hearing, smell, and touch take over and simply lay there, unable to keep from grinning. His only movement was the rise and fall of his stomach as, eyes tightly shut, he wondered what his lover might have in store for him.

The switching on of a table lamp was heard. Gojyo could be heard standing up, crossing the room, and shutting off the wall switch, dimming the light from the other side of Hakkai's eyelids.

A momentary pause, then Gojyo kneeled on the bed and was once more astride Hakkai. Hakkai's right hand was picked up, and there was the slightly stretchy, yet firm material of the sash around his wrist that was usually used to tie one of the two up with. That hand was guided up close to the headboard, the sash run around the end of the bed, then his left hand was tied at the other corner. Gojyo helped Hakkai slide down the bed a little so that his arms were pulled back behind his head.

He was tied up now, yes, and...then what? The scent of cucumbers reached him, and immediately Hakkai recognized the scent of the kappa's favorite personal lubricant. Gojyo was now kneeling over him, as opposed to sitting on his legs like before. Hakkai moved to bring his legs up, but they were trapped between Gojyo's knees.

"I suppose, in this case, not knowing's half the fun?"


Then that touch. Oh, Gojyo's fingers, suddenly all over his cock, slathering lube up and down and around and behind, giving equal care to the rest of him. What a delicious feeling, that truly delicious feeling of a lover's hands on his body. His cock widened and he gasped, arcing up to those wandering fingers, scrunching his eyes more tightly shut.

"You've got me where you want me," Hakkai stated coolly. "Stop it. Stop it now. Take me and fuck me, Gojyooo." He ended his demand with a high moan, squirming a little defiantly, shoulders and one cheek pressed back into the sheets.

With a grunt, Gojyo took his hands off of Hakkai, crawling forwards on his knees. "Aww...right now?"

Hakkai gritted his teeth at this despite himself. He'd waited plenty long enough for it. "Gojyo, pardon my words, but you have no fucking idea what you...hhhhhAH!"

A tightening around his cock -- dear, Gojyo wasn't...?! The sensation, slightly out of context, startled Hakkai. His eyes flew open, just in time to show him what would stick in his mind as one of the most erotic sights he'd ever seen.

Gojyo, shaking, knees slowly bending, eyes shut in concentration, with one hand wrapped around the base of Hakkai's penis, the other one stretching his oiled hole as he lowered himself onto Hakkai. He was tight, but relaxed.

"D...ah...don't, you'll hurt yourself."

"Shh. I'll be fine."


Removing the hand, Gojyo balanced himself on both fists, hips making little movements from side to side as he took Hakkai deeper into him.

As delicious as being inside Gojyo was, their position left him with a distinct lack of leverage. Knuckles pressed into the sheets as he braced himself to thrust up, just a little further. It was awkward, though.

"...what do you think you're doing?" Hakkai breathed.

"What do you think I'm doing?" Gojyo purred. He ground around Hakkai, slipping his sphincter muscle forward and back over his lover's substantial heat. It was a more draining effort than he'd expected, but it also felt better than he'd imagined. "Ah, eyes open? You're no better than I."

"I can see you, Gojyo, and you're wonderful. When you move over me, everything moves: your stomach, your chest, your shoulders, and that lovely red hair swaying forward and back as we make love. I can only somewhat make out your penis from this angle, and I can't reach out to touch it, but how I want my mouth on it again." Hakkai let his throat relax, leaning his head back, and pressed himself up into the hanyou. "I want you so much."

"The hell do you talk so much while we're doing this?" chided Gojyo, leaning forward to touch Hakkai's face.

"If you don't like it," offered Hakkai, smirking somewhat, "Make it so I can't talk."

"Horny bastard," growled Gojyo. Sitting back up again, he wrapped both hands around his erection and began to jack himself off, his mouth forming an O as he inhaled heavily. Hakkai took in the whole picture, and approving, he thrust harder up into Gojyo's rectum. The sort of move he needed to make to take Gojyo like this took some getting used to, but Hakkai had gotten the hang of it, all along knowing it would guarantee a sore back and stomach when he awoke in the morning.

Swirling two fingers over the end of his arousal, Gojyo leaned forward and slipped those two fingers into Hakkai's mouth, stroking himself all the while. Hakkai closed his eyes and savored the oily liquid on his tongue. Gojyo's fluids had a bit of a sweetness to them, Hakkai had always noticed. He swallowed, sucking on the fingers, and didn't open his eyes again until they had slipped from his mouth.

Gojyo switched his dick to his right hand and cupped the head with his left. He smeared the remaining precum into the palm of his hand and brought it up to his stomach. "You feel fuckin' huge." The kappa thrust extra hard over Hakkai, letting loose a loud groan. "Fan...tastic."

With this, Gojyo threw his head back, his hair flying back to expose his shoulders. He ran his oiled palm up his stomach, smearing a slick, shining trail of precum up one side and over his left nipple. "Oh, Hakkai. Oh, Hakkai..." The hanyou's right hand sped up, jerking him off at a faster pace. His fingertips caressed that nipple, making it harder, to stand erect from his chest.

Hakkai, panting, couldn't take it any longer. He's reached the point of begging.

"Gojyo, please," he gasped desperately, "Untie me!"

"Hold on." Gasping, Gojyo removed his hands from his cock and leaned over to untie Hakkai's right wrist, only to find that Hakkai had pulled the knot tight with his struggling. "Ah, shit."

"Nnnnng..." Hakkai grunted in frustration. "Get it off!"

"Shh." Gojyo rocked forward, groaning as Hakkai slipped partway out of him. Hakkai wriggled up a few inches closer to the headboard, and, gently pulling his lover's wrists up, he slipped the sash back over the headboard, freeing Hakkai's hands.

Hakkai's response was nothing short of immediate. Shrugging his shirt off and throwing both his arms and the sash around Gojyo, he pulled himself up and their mouths collided. Gojyo's lips were soft and full, knowing just how to move, and that tongue...that tongue would surely be the death of him, and indeed, the hanyou kissed him as if they were both to die that minute. Hakkai dug his fingernails into Gojyo's back.

The panting of the two intermingled, their bodies in time but their breaths out of sync.

Gojyo's right arm wrapped around Hakkai's back, pulling him so close that their gasps heated one another's lips. He hadn't been able to feel how much Hakkai was shaking before.

Hakkai's fingers slipped down Gojyo's back to push aside the hand the kappa was using to stroke himself, and both of Hakkai's hands grasped Gojyo's arousal, resuming the pace.

"Scream...for me," Hakkai moaned.

"Hakkaiiiii..." Gojyo's fingernails scored Hakkai's shoulders. He was so goddamned close, soon he wouldn't be able to make words. "Don't...you...even..."


With a great thrust, Hakkai's fingertips lit up with chi, sending more of his energy than was prudent into Gojyo's penis, up his nervous system, and into his brain. The hanyou cried out, an almost pained sound, as he came violently, his orgasm purifying his body along with something like pain. His nails etched red lines into Hakkai's back as he threw his head back, screaming his lover's name at the top of his lungs, his foamy seed spraying hot over Hakkai's stomach and trembling hands. Hakkai had already been sent over the edge, his cum expelling into Gojyo's insides the moment Gojyo tightened around him, surrounding him, making him feel everything at once. There was nothing like Gojyo's embrace. No drug could take him higher, no words could comfort him more, and no place could be more home for him than the arms of the man he loved more than anything.

Hakkai was still panting as he returned from the bathroom with two damp towels. He braced himself against the head of the bed.

"Don't you want a cigarette, Gojyo? They're inside the nightstand, same as always."

"I know, Hakkai-chaaaaan..." Lying where he was, the kappa reached his arm towards the drawer of the end table, falling short by a few inches. "I can't reach it."

"Well." Hakkai tossed one of the towels to Gojyo with an amused smile. "If you're too tired to move, you're too tired to be smoking in bed."

"I get it." Gojyo sat up, opened the drawer, got out his Hi-Lites and the lighter, then closed it and slid over to make room for Hakkai, who sat right down next to him and leaned closer as Gojyo put an arm around him.

"How I wish we could be married." The words unintentionally dropped from Hakkai's mouth as he thought them.

"We are married, stupid." Gojyo used his free hand to light the cigarette between his teeth. "Not like it'd change anything."

"That's true." Hakkai reached behind them to turn off the table lamp. The full moon peering in was enough to illuminate most of the room, and his eyes serenely followed the curls of Gojyo's smoke clear in its light. "How is it, Gojyo? Whenever we make love, it's so intense, it's like our first time all over again. I love you."

"If it was like our first time, it'd be fuckin' awkward." His mouth moved up to Hakkai's ear. "I seem to remember you saying I was too big to fit inside you?"

"I love having you inside of me. You fill me up; it's more delicious than I could ever have imagined," Hakkai breathed. "Then, the first time I used my chi to stimulate you? I was too rough. You came in the space of a few seconds."

This elicited a choppy laugh. For a minute or two after, they sat in silence, enjoying each other's closeness.

"Gojyo, something's been bothering me."

"Ya don't say." The redhead took a quick drag. "That something's been weighing you down all week. I've been waiting for you to tell me."

Resting his cheek on Gojyo's shoulder, Hakkai yawned. Of course Gojyo could tell when he was upset. The kappa had more brains than most anyone gave him credit for, including himself.

"Don't stay out so late. It makes me so--" Hakkai inhaled a sob, "--lonely."

Gojyo tensed, his cigarette pausing between two fingers.

"I shoulda known it was me."

"You know how much I think of you? Waiting, sitting around at night just to feel you lying next to me? Every few minutes, I think 'Maybe he's coming home now. He's going to throw open the front door, lock it behind him, throw me down on the bed, and attack me!'"

Hakkai's heart skipped a beat when he realized just how much he'd said. He didn't want to sound like he wanted to drag Gojyo down and make him something he wasn't. He took a deep breath and continued.

"Maybe some nights, it'd be all right. I know you've always been a gambler, since long before I met you, and I don't want to mess up that part of your life. I really..." His hands fisted in the blankets. "I really want to be with you. I mean, now that you have a job...perhaps you and I are ready to grow up just a bit." Hakkai winced at the bluntness of his words, his eyes beginning to tear up.

"It's about time somebody called me on that." Gojyo took another drag, longer this time.

Hakkai blinked away tears and looked to him, silently pushing him to continue.
"Sometimes, it's as if I'm living like life hasn't started yet. Like I'm waiting for something to move us along. After the journey west, the only thing I really looked forward to was you." Gojyo combed his fingers through his hair, letting it fall back oh so softly to his shoulders. "Someday, I might wanna cut this hair."

"Don't ever think of it. I love your hair." Hakkai took a handful of Gojyo's hair and kissed it, admiring how the silky strands caught the glow from the moon.

"I love you," Gojyo replied calmly, reaching over to put out his cig on the nightstand ashtray. "No shit. I'll come home earlier. I mean, that's what married couples do, right?"

Hakkai could feel himself blushing to hear his words thrown back at him at such a moment. "Ah...you know, I wouldn't really call us married, per se."

"Ssh, Honey. Let me sleep, I have work today." Gojyo kissed Hakkai lightly on the lips, then settled himself down under the covers.

Hakkai sat still for a few minutes, gazing up at the moon coming in over the curtains. How was it that that same full moon had come to witness so many moments of his life, hanging still above, never judging?

What Hakkai truly wondered about, however...

"Really, Gojyo." He slipped down under the covers, resting his head on the pillow. "Honey? Where on Earth did you get that?"

"Mmf." Gojyo grunted into his pillow. "It was a joke."

"I can only hope." Lying on his side, Hakkai brought up his fingers to lace with Gojyo's.

He rested like this for some time in silence, his mind still working, concentrating on the gentle decline of his lover's breath from resting to sleeping.

After what felt like some time, when he could feel the edges of his brain fray and dissolve into the images that marked the beginnings of dream, Hakkai whispered so softly that only the moonlight could hear it...

"I want us always to be like this."