"We have given enough to the Southern Water Tribe

Drabble One: Dialogue of Importance

"We have given enough to the Southern Water Tribe!"

"What have you done? A few gold pieces here and there? We need medical supplies, food, water-"

"Water? You're surrounded by water!"

"If you'll just look at my brother's plans-"

"I don't need to see that idiots attempt at blueprinting!"

"Hey, that's my brother!"

"Wha-OUCH! Did you just hit me?"

"Wow. Self-involved and stupid. YES I JUST HIT YOU!"

"I am the Fire Lord!"

"And I am the highest ranking ambassador to the Water Tribes!"

"I still outrank you."

"I still hate you."

"Very mature, Ambassador. Very mature."

"If you have issues with me, tell me to my face! Don't go spewing it off to your girlfriend!"

"Is that was this is about? … Mai is my advisor!"

"'Mai is my advisor!'"

"Don't mock me!"

Sokka shook his head and nudged Toph in her ribs, "Do you think they'll ever stop this?"

The blind earthbender raised a perfectly arched eyebrow, "What? The fighting or the flirting?"