Irresistible Charms

A/N: This is the first "chapter" of a drabble collection. I have another in the HSM category in which the chapters are interconnected like a regular story. The "chapters" in this one aren't connected. They all can stand alone but have a common theme of "Irresistible Charms". Enjoy. R&R! Thanks! –Mac

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Irresistible Charms

"What do you want Bass?" Blair pursed her lips as Chuck sat down at the lunch table beside her.

"I thought you might appreciate the company." Chuck responded, smirking slightly at her. "You looked lonely."

Blair picked up her bag and gathered her things. She stood and began to walk away, "If you're the best I can do, I'd rather be alone."

Chuck jumped up and took a few quick strides to catch up with her. He followed her back into the school and down one of the corridor. He didn't say another word, just fell in step beside her. They crossed a considerable distance before she came to a halt and flipped around to face him.

"Seriously, Chuck. I've grown quite accustomed to the social isolation. Little J has staked her claim over the Constance social circle and Nate. I've accepted that, I'm over it. I certainly don't need you nor do I want your pity."

A shadow of a smile formed on Chuck's lips, "There was a time you found my charms irresistible."

"Yes, well, that time has passed." Blair stated simply. "Now, don't you have something better to do than spend time with a social cretin such as myself?"

"As a matter of fact my schedule is clear. I would like nothing more than spend time with you." Chuck responded, "For you are no 'social cretin.' You are Blair Waldorf. Remember that. Jenny Humphrey doesn't have anything on you."

Blair was taken aback by Chuck's sudden change in attitude toward her. But now when she was lacking in social allies, she would take what she could get. She managed to squeak out an, "Okay." And they continued down the hall.