An Objective Opinion

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An Objective Opinion

Blair spun around in front of her full length mirror, observing herself with a critical eye. She was trying to find a dress for a party on Friday and she was having trouble finding something suitable. She did another half turn and looked at herself over her shoulder. She sighed and turned to the figure lounging in a chair behind her.

"What do you think?" Blair asked.

Chuck sat up in his seat, his gaze on her intense. "I think you look stunning. You would knock everyone dead in that dress."

"I don't know," Blair breathed.

Blair pulled down the zipper on the dress and slipped it off, leaving it in a puddle of silk on her bed. She was far past being self conscious in front of Chuck. Reaching into her closet, she found a new dress to try on. She shimmed into it and pulled the straps over her shoulders. The zipper was in the back on that one, so she gestured Chuck over.

"Could you zip me up?"

"Of course," Chuck answered, standing and walking over to stand behind her.

He gently brushed her hair out of the way and pulled the zipper up. He rested his hand lightly on her bare shoulders as he looked at her reflection in the mirror. She watched his eyes as they darkened. She let a smile play across her lips as he began to speak.

"This is the one," Chuck murmured, his breath warm against her ear. "Did I ever tell you that I love white on you? You look absolutely gorgeous."

"White, really?" Blair responded.

"Yes," Chuck said, "It makes you look like an angel. An angel to my devil."

Blair smiled, as his arms moved down to circle her waist. He drew her flush against him and leaned in to place butterfly kisses along her neck. She melted into his embrace for a moment savoring the feel of his lips on her skin. Then she pulled away, beginning to look at herself from every angle again.

"Are you sure it doesn't make me look…plump?" Blair frowned. She looked to Chuck for an answer.

Chuck stepped closer to her and pulled her into his arms. He kissed her lightly on the lips, then began to trail kisses along her jaw line. "You look perfect."

"Because my mother said..."

"Don't listen to your mother," Chuck interrupted her with another kiss.

Blair then remembered why she asked for Chuck's opinion. He may not be an objective party, in fact he might be a bit biased, but he never criticized her, he never put her down. Unlike her mother on many occasions. Also, he always sealed his praise with a kiss, which pleased her to no end.