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Kagome grimaced as she readjusted her seating. It had been a few since her encounter with Sesshomaru yet she was still sore. The added cushions did nothing to soften the hard floor of the hut she currently sat in. Thankfully, Shippo was too involved in his coloring to notice. Pulling a small woven basket into her lap, Kagome resumed her task of separating the herbs that were collected that morning. Though the task seemed tedious and boring she welcomed it. No having to rush out after Naraku. She could enjoy the tranquility of the Feudal Era. Before she could only drink a few moments in greedy, rushed gulps. Now she savored each moment as a sip of a rare red wine. She treasured these moments, never knowing when it would be ripped away. She loved the nights most, the sky a dark blanket of blue with small bright diamonds sewn through. The air here was clean and not polluted with toxins like that of the future where the course of everyday living sent toxins into the air for the world to breathe in.

'As much as I love it,' She thought with a sad heart. "I know I have to leave. I do not belong here.'

Kagome sighed as she fidgeted again. Her movement didn't escape Shippo this time.

"You okay, mom?" He asked, laying a gentle paw on her knee.

Kagome smiled as she looked down at him and nodded.

"I'm fine."

But she knew it to be a lie.

Five days passed and a letter arrived for Inuyasha. Kouga required his presence immediately. With a short farewell, Inuyasha set off to the mountains of the Eastern Lands. There had been a growing number of problems for the wolves lately because of the small number of the pack. Kagome hoped her soreness would subside by the time he returned. She couldn't stand his worried glances, the lies she gave. Inuyasha knew she was hiding something, and lied about it, and that hurt. But she knew telling him would hurt even more.

Yet knowing this, she willingly went to him when he came to her at the hot spring. She allowed him to touch her in the most intimate of places and even returned the gestures. She willed the control to disappear and leave her the ability to give in. In the end, she felt no regret though knew she should. She enjoyed those moments under the stars, even though she knew it could never be more than this.

Two days before Inuyasha returned, Kagome was faced with a much bigger problem than her minor discomfort. Everything she ate seemed to make her sick, save for water and the tiny blocks of seasoning she used to make broth when she or the others would come down with a cold. They really came in handy when not even Inuyasha's cold remedy would stay down. Not that the remedy wasn't already hard keep down to considering the contents of it. These sudden bouts of sickness forced Kagome to remain abed until late afternoon when she could walk around in the fresh air for a bit without a problem. Then she would eat as much as her stomach could handle and go to sleep. Thus a cycle started. Morning to mid-afternoon Kagome stayed in bed, too much movement seemed to jar her sensitive stomach. From early evening to nightfall she was fine and sported strange cravings and mood swings. Then Kagome's monthly friend came to visit. Everyone mistook these symptoms as a minor cold and her menstrual cycle. Kagome's mind was too preoccupied with other matters to properly process the symptoms and Sango had never experienced sickness or her monthly bleed.

The great priestess, former guardian to the Jewel of Four Souls, carried the child of a demon.

"Oh not again!" Kagome groaned as she fumbled for her sick bucket.

Sango patted Kagome's back soothingly and held her hair as she threw up. Kagome panted as she sat up and leaned back against the hut wall. Sango passed her a wet rag for her face and proceeded to clean out the now full bucket.

"Thank you Sango." Kagome moaned miserably. "I'm sorry to burden you with this."

"Nonsense, I couldn't possibly leave here on your own."

"But you're pregnant Sango, I should be waiting on you." Kagome protested.

A stern look crossed Sango's face.

"Now that's enough. Miroku and Shippo are out gathering dinner. It takes them no longer than an hour, I am perfectly capable of taking care of you until they come back." She told her.

Kagome couldn't help but smile.

"Yes Mother."

Sango's stern mouth fell into a soft smile.

"It feels strange to hear that but good at the same time. I can't wait for the baby to come out!"

Kagome giggled at her friend's enthusiasm.

"What do you think the sex of the baby will be?"

"Well I want a boy but Miroku's mind is set on having a little girl. To be honest, we don't care too much as to if it's a boy or girl, just as long as he comes out healthy."

'She's really hoping for a boy.' Kagome thought.

"Will you ever have children Kagome?" Sango asked after a moment.

"Maybe one day…I'm not really sure of my future as of yet."

Sango nodded as she sat beside her. The two fell into easy conversation until Miroku and Shippo returned. The next day, after lunch, Kagome sat down to leaf through one of her medical books to get some kind of clue as what caused her sickness. A brief thought of Sango flashed through her mind and she turned to the pregnancy section to see what Sango might be expecting soon.

Though most women experience morning sickness during the first few months of pregnancy, there are some who experience it full term or not at all. In some instances, a woman may experience their regular monthly flow.

A piece fell into place in Kagome's mind and the book fell from her hands, resonating a loud thump in the hut. Her hand flew up to her mouth as tears brimmed her eyes. The realization slammed hard into her. At first she couldn't breathe and then she couldn't think. When she could breathe, all she could think to do was cry.

'How could I be pregnant?'

She didn't want to believe it. The sheer thought of it horrified her. She would no longer be able to hide her secret from Inuyasha. As soon as he breathed her scent, he would know. It was one thing to have slept with his brother, not once but twice, but carrying his child was another. This could alter their friendship in a catastrophic way. A surge of emotions crashed through Kagome, forcing the tears from her eyes. She picked up the large text and threw it across the room in an angry cry, startling Sango who walked in at that moment.

"Kagome, what's wrong?"

She tried to respond but her cries only escalated. Sango frowned as she rushed to Kagome's side. She had no idea what caused the sudden break in her friend. Kagome was too overcome with tears to speak so all Sango could do was hold Kagome and let her cry. It seemed like a long time had passed before Kagome regained control.

"Are you all right?" Sango asked.

Kagome chuckled.

"Oh I've been so stupid."

Kagome sniffed and wiped her eyes. Rummaging through her bag she pulled out her tissues and blew her nose before continuing.

"I looked through my medical books, hoping to find a reason to why I've been so sick." She began.

"Did you find it?" Sango gasped after a second, her eyes wide in a fearful realization. "Please tell me you're not dying."

"No I'm not dying." Kagome sighed. "I'm pregnant Sango."

Kagome whispered so low Sango almost didn't catch her words.

"Pregnant? But…it was just on time."

Kagome shook her head. "He came to me again that night I went to the hot springs alone. It still could've happened from that first night anyway."

"Are you going to tell him?" Sang asked after a moment.

Kagome's face crumpled slightly.

"I can't even get past Inuyasha to think of that. This could destroy him. What Kikyo did was nothing compared to this."

That last sentence surprised Sango. It had been awhile since Kagome spoke of her incarnation.

"It may not seem like it at first but I don't believe Inuyasha will abandon you. You've been through too much together. It's not like you woke up one morning and said 'I think I'll get pregnant today', it just happened. You saw someone in pain and took the steps necessary to relieve it. Sometimes along the way, you find others in need. It won't always be what you expect. You're very special Kagome. I don't think there's ever been a problem that you didn't handle in your own way, instead of doing what other people would normally do."

Kagome smiled tearfully. The statement rang true. In the past four years, Kagome continued to surprise everyone, even Inuyasha on occasion. Although, this new surprise would be shocking even for Kagome. Her worry over Inuyasha kept her from thinking about Sesshomaru and now her thoughts circled there. How would he react? Would he kill her, or worse, ignore her and the child and never come around again. That last part made Kagome think of Rin and how excited the girl was when Sesshomaru brought her to visit. If he stopped the visits, it would hurt Rin greatly.

"I don't know what to do Sango. I have to tell them but the idea of crawling into a hold for the rest of my life sounds so much better right now."

Sango frowned, her brow creased with sadness and worry.

"Why don't you go take a walk to clear your mind?" She suggested.

Kagome's face seemed to brighten a bit more.

"Yes I think I will." She agreed.

In a few moments, Kagome set off into the forest armed with her bow and arrow, a rag, and a few provisions. She didn't know how long she'd be gone but knew it would be well past dinner when she returned. Kagome wandered the forest for a few hours before coming to rest at the Bone-Eater's Well. Dropping the items she carried, Kagome leaned against the frame and sunk to her knees, taking care not to catch the bottom of the kimono on the old wood. Folding her arms across the top, she leaned her forehead against them and it was in this position that Inuyasha found her. She sensed him long before she heard him. He came up to stand behind her.

"Hey Inu." She greeted softly.

"Hey." He replied. "Sango said you had something to tell me, said you'd be out in the forest."

'I don't even know how to begin.' She thought.

Her emotions threatened to take over again but she forced them down. She had to do this.

"I'm pregnant Inuyasha." She blurted.

'Well that's one way.' She thought with a grimace.

Inuyasha had hoped that what he smelled when he approached her wasn't what he thought.

"Since when?" He asked.

"I only just realized it this afternoon but I've been having the symptoms ever since you left." She replied.

Inuyasha looked to the ground, shocked by this revelation. He almost regretted asking the next question.


Kagome nearly cried. She turned around to lean back against the well. She brought her knees up and wrapped her arms around her thighs.

"I fear you will hate me if I tell you."

"I couldn't hate you Kagome." He said with a frown.

He knelt down in front of her.

"Were you raped?" He asked quietly.

Kagome put her fist against her mouth to stop from crying out and shook her head. A tear slipped down her cheek. She jumped when Inuyasha wiped the tear away.

"I'm sorry." She whispered.

"Who is the father?"

Before Kagome could think of what to say, a large, powerful demonic aura swept over her body surpassing Inuyasha's.

'No not now!' She pleaded.

Inuyasha rose and drew his sword from his side. Sesshomaru landed at the edge of the clearing, not too far from the well. He took in the scene before him. The two seemed to have been having a conversation. He noticed that Kagome wore the kimono he had commissioned for her and it fit her in every way he had imagined when he saw the final piece. The wind carried Kagome's scent to him and he immediately noticed a change. Frowning, he disappeared and reappeared beside her.


She recovered quickly from her shock and stood up. She gasped in surprise when he leaned into her and sniffed delicately at her stomach. The look on his face when he straightened would have been comical had it not been for the seriousness of the situation.


"A w-week, I think."

He looked angry now.

Inuyasha watched the exchange between the two and everything clicked into place. The reason why Kagome was in the forest by herself, clutching an unknown white cloth to her chest was because of his brother. He thought it looked familiar.

"Get away from her." Inuyasha demanded in a low voice, his sword coming up between the two, sitting dangerously to Kagome's stomach.

Sesshomaru snapped his gaze to Inuyasha.

"You will move that blade." He demanded.

"And you will move away from her." Inuyasha countered.

'Well I guess that answers my question of whether or not he cares.' Kagome thought.

Sesshomaru swiped his hand through the air in a horizontal arc, his poisonous whip following the trajectory. Inuyasha jumped back to avoid it. Sesshomaru drew his sword and continued forward.

'This can't be happening.'

Kagome watched the two brothers in shock, feeling completely out of sync. She couldn't think of what to do or say, not that it would do much good. She cringed with each ring of their swords as they clashed. She found it hard to follow them as they were a blur against the backdrop of the forest. After what felt like forever, the two finally came to a stop. Inuyasha landed in front of Kagome and Sesshomaru stood in the spot he first arrived in moments ago. Inuyasha had a few minor cuts, nothing too serious, and at some point Sesshomaru lost his chest armor.

'Kagome shouldn't have to deal with this.' Inuyasha thought. 'She should be in her own time.'

His ears flattened against his head, knowing full well the danger he would be put himself in with what he was about to do.

"Kagome, I'm sorry." He said.

"Sorry? For what? Inuyasha what are you talking about?" She asked.

He turned slightly to look at her, the pain evident in his eyes. "Go home."

Slightly startled by his soft demand, she wasn't prepared for his next move. His hand shot out and pushed her. Kagome gasped in shock as the back of her knees hit the well and she lost her balance, falling into its dark depths.

The air went very still.

Inuyasha knew this would not end well but he was prepared for it. He could only hope his brother would listen to reason.

Kagome landed hard and didn't move at first, her mind still numb from seeing the bright blue glow that surrounded her just seconds ago. Soon she realized what happened and frantically tried to get back to the other side. She cried and beat at the ground til her fists bled. The moment she feared had come to pass. The well had closed, denying any passage from both sides. Sobbing fiercely, Kagome collapsed against the side of the well. Souta found her an hour later and, with the help of his friend, pulled his sister from the well and brought her inside. Exhausted from crying and digging, Kagome fell asleep, leaving her family to wonder what happened.

Sesshomaru knew the well was a portal but his baser instinct took over first. All he could think at the moment was that the mother of his pup had just fallen into a well and could severely hurt. The one responsible would pay.

Inuyasha recognized the look on Sesshomaru's face. His brother could very well transform and he didn't want that to happen.

"I know what you're thinking Sesshomaru; you don't want to do this. I sent Kagome back to her own time, she and the pup will be safe there."

Inuyasha's words didn't seem to get through. Sesshomaru launched his next attack.

"Don't do this. If you think killing me will solve anything, you're wrong. What would you tell her if you saw her again and she asked about me? You kill me and you will never know Kagome they way I do. She will find out, and when she does, you would never see your pup."

Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes. "She cannot deny me my right."

Inuyasha chuckled. "Shows how much you know."

"Your jealousy has caused this battle."

Without hesitation, he threw another attack. Inuyasha threw up his sword to deflect it and was pushed back.

"I don't fight you out of jealousy. I swore to Kagome that I would always protect her and I have. She does not belong in this time." Inuyasha told him.

"Oh you've done a fine job of that, letting her wander the forest alone at night. There are worse creatures than myself."

"Kagome can protect herself just fine."

"It matters not, you will die half-breed."

Inuyasha jumped away, narrowly missing the blade that threatened to cut him deep. All he could do was stay on the defense.

"Would you really throw away Father's honor and sacrifice for your own hatred? He never wanted you to kill me, trusted that you wouldn't. That's why he gave me Tessaiga and you Tenseiga. Father wanted you to gain compassion; he wanted to give me the strength I needed to survive."

"Do not presume to think you know what Father's wishes were." Sesshomaru growled.

"I know what I've been told by those who knew him well. You may have known Kagome on a sexual level but I know her on a much deeper level. I know what makes her laugh, what makes her cry."

Inuyasha's voice caught in his throat and he forced his emotions down. With a sudden burst, Sesshomaru slammed into Inuyasha, knocking him to the ground. All of his injuries were taking their toll on Inuyasha and slowing him down.

"The next five hundred years will throw the world into chaos and I know why. You kill me and you will never know what's coming." Inuyasha told him as he sat up and spat blood on the ground. "Spare my life Sesshomaru and I will help you."

Sesshomaru took these words into consideration.

"Where do you get knowledge of this?"

"Kagome's history book. She taught it to us so we would be better prepared."

Sesshomaru thought on this, weighing each possibility.

"Show me this book," He began. "And I might spare your pathetic life."

Inuyasha took in a ragged breath as he nodded. Struggling to stand, Inuyasha lead Sesshomaru back to the village.