AN- ShadowRebirth37 here! This is a far-cry from my usual Zoids fics, but Ecco has always held a special place in my heart and I knew that sooner or later this would happen. You see, Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future was the first PS2 game I ever played and owned, and it showed me the beauty and grace of the ocean. I have beaten Defender of the Future, and let me tell you, hardest game in the history of games! I only got past cause of a glitch that let me phase through the giant crystal in Caverns of Hope. The level, Shrine of Controversy, is especially important to me. It shows what could happen to our planet if we aren't careful, and if we neglect her and her creatures the world might end up like that. Wow… that sounded very depressing. I digress, this fic will take place after DotF and will introduce an OC in the Shrine of Controversy level. Here's a summery- the Guardian realizes that Ecco might not be enough to protect the world if the Foe return. It uses its power to give the songs of the ancients to worthy dolphins across the timeline. Ecco must find the chosen dolphins and bring them back to present-day Atlantis. The chosen dolphins, like himself, are marked with stars on their heads. Ecco travels back into the timeline to find the six of the seven Starred Ones. But what awaits him back in time? Can he find all the Starred Ones? Or will he search in vain? Without further a-due, chapter 1- Gift from the Stars!

Disclaimer- Nope, I don't own the star-studded dolphin or the giant talking crystal or anything in the game. I just own my OCs, my storyline, this fic, and all that jazz. A note- this does contain spoilers, so I suggest you beat the game before reading, mainly because you won't understand things or know some characters.

.:Chapter 1- Gift from the Stars:.

Ecco swan through the darkened ancient city of the dolphins, the legendary Atlantis. He had killed the Foe only days before, and he was still trying to readjust to a peaceful life again. The other dolphins treated him as a hero, but in his mind he was just a dolphin, except he had saved the world three times over. He slowly swam towards the massive violet crystal that stood in front of the great palace that had called him in the middle of the night.

/Ecco, I have an urgent matter I must discuss with you/ the Guardian boomed in its resonating voice.

"What is my bidding, Guardian?" Ecco asked, bowing before the great crystal as a show of respect.

/I fear that if the Foe attacks again, you might not be able to defend the Earth on your own/ it said, a hint of concern and deep thought in its voice.

"I have worried that also, great Guardian. But who else would stand a chance against the Foe?" Ecco asked, looking up at the Guardian with concern.

/I gave you your gifts and the stars atop your head, and I can do it to other, worthy dolphins as well. Maybe a council of Starred dolphins will be able to prevent another was with the Foe/ it said almost proudly.

"That may work, but what dolphins do you deem as worthy?" Ecco asked, cocking his head slightly.

/Your allies during your fight may be of help. I am not one to choose who is worthy; the stars will choose who they believe should receive their gifts. I am only a humble guide for their power. The dolphins will be adorned with stars similar to yours, and will also receive powers like yours. The problem will be in convincing them to come to this world with you/ the Guardian informed Ecco of the process of the stars' gifts.

"I will journey to find them and bring them back. How many will be starred?" Ecco asked.

/Seven will be Starred. The dolphins will be from the different worlds you created; the man's world and the dolphin's world. Convincing them will not be easy, but it must be done to ensure the safety of the world/ the crystal spoke sternly.

"It will be done. I will depart as soon as the Vortex of Time opens." Ecco said as he turned and swam towards the jumping rings. The other dolphins, hearing the conversation between him and the Guardian, lined the rings and sang encouragements and praise for him. He whistled back to them as he positioned himself at the beginning of the rings. The Guardian opened the Vortex of Time as a beam of light, which was the power of the stars, beamed within it. Whistling shrilly, he charged into the rings, which accelerated him up and out of the night-blackened water. Uttering a loud cry, he dove into the Vortex.

.:End of Chapter 1:.

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