Note from the author: This started as a short story (the first chapter) and some of the first readers (at the Acorn Cafe forum) kept asking where the rest of it was so I wrote more and after having finished it I started a sequel which has since been deleted and added to the end of this story instead. So this is once again a work in progress.

The Rescue Rangers, The Rescuers, Unca Oakie, Zip, and Zap belong to Disney but since I haven't read the comics they're from I doubt much about them is the same as Disney's version of them. The Secret of NIMH movie belongs to Don Bluth. The other characters are mine. I am not getting paid for this. Some of the content has been influenced by the Chip N Dale Rescue Ranger fandom.

This fan fiction story contains:
At least two instances of realistic violence, cartoon chipmunks bonking each other, and at lest three instances of chipmunk chatter.
Some content may be offensive to select persons.
The majority of this story is left up to the reader's imagination.
You have been warned.


Tabitha dusted the table slowly. She lifted the framed picture of their wedding onto the sofa next to the box of old pictures her grandsons had been rooting through. "The Resident Psychopath" had just left with the twins. Andy wasn't felling well, she was well enough to deal with the baby, but not the daring duo.
The back room had been a mess! Toys everywhere. They'd even drug out that old piano the boys had used to bang on.
Tabitha smiled at the thought and shook her head. After she'd put the box of pictures away, she gently slipped a 1930's record on the old player.
Her husband Daniel teased her about her little habit, listening to music while she worked. She picked up their wedding picture,
"My name had been Ashgrove back then..." she mused setting it back on the table. She continued to clean stopping only to switch the record player off when she saw her husband, through the kitchen window, coming back into the barn where they lived.
"Oh, Danny," she whispered to herself, as she glance at the desk where the box of old family pictures (that never seemed to make it into a photo album) sat.
"Why did he have to look so much like you," she thought unhappily. Daniel had noticed a change in his wife's demeanor when he came in. Something was bothering her. They way she ... looked at him ... He sighed.
"Tabs?" He queried experimentally.
"Mmm." She blinked a bit, her mind coming back to the present.
"You, ok, Hon?" Daniel asked hoping it wasn't what he thought it'd be.
"Why. He...," She sobbed, "Why?!"
Daniel felt his body slump, the world'd come crashing down, yet again.
"T-tabby, Honey. He...we, uh. You know what happened. He made his own decision," Daniel could see he was fighting a losing battle here,
"And we, you told him that, that whenever. If ever he wanted to, he'd be welcome here, an' he knows it.
Tabs? He knows we-uh I didn't really mean to ... well he ..."
Daniel sat down on the floor and tried to sort through his thoughts, something he didn't enjoy doing.
If he were honest with himself, he'd admit he was at least half at fault if not more so for the fight. Fight? Well, the argument anyway. The argument that lost him his son, their son.
"He's a good boy, Tabitha. And he can take care of himself, if he has too. It's not like he's alone. My cousin Arthur's boy is out there too, you know. They've always been close. Even-heh, well, even then.
And he writes, to you and the twins every now an' then." He paused and scratched his head.
She'd stopped crying sometime ago, he had her full attention.
"Well, what do you want me to say?" he said suddenly throwing his hands up in the air, her staring at him like that always disturbed him.
"I don't know," she murmured tiredly, her gaze drifted to the mantle.
There sat a dented thimble with two toothpicks glued to the front in a wide "X", Daniel's first fencing trophy, two pictures flanked it on either side.
The first on the left was a group shot of their daughter Andrea, with her husband Thomas Ferris, who Tabitha'd fondly nicknamed "The Resident Psychopath", with their children Zip, Zap, and Melissa. The second picture, on the right, was of their son Daniel Wilber Oakmont Jr. Renamed "Dale" by then six-year-old Andy who misheard "new baby brother Danny" as "new baby brother Daddy". "Well? Tabs?" Daniel scooted closer and nudged her.
"I just want to see him again. To know, for sure, that he's alright," she said numbly,
"For all we know he could have a girlfriend, or even be married by now." she began to lament, and then perked up,
"He hasn't written one way or another. Not that he probably would! Would want to surprise me! Just like his father, give me a heart attack is what it'd do!
It's time he had a girlfriend, got himself married too.
And another thing, he -..." Daniel cut her off with a peck on the lips.
"Just let the boy live his own life for once." He softly chided her with a sad smile.
"Not that you could do anything about it, not from here anyway", he thought glumly.