Griffin's Vengeance

A Fan-Fiction by werewolfness

Chapter 1: Lair


I want to say hello to you all! And maybe explain a few things in advance... and tell you something important!

First of all... I'm werewolfness! Duh, I mean, it says so up there. For short, you can call me Wolfie.

Secondly, (Ha! This one's about the story!) I want you to know... This is a fanfiction of both the movie Jumper and the book, Jumper: Griffin's Story by Steven Gould.

Disclaimer: I do not own Jumper, Griffin, or the concept. That all belongs to Steven Gould and the people who made the movie. My original characters, however, are my own, and if you touch or take them then I shall destroy you.

Thirdly... I want to recommend, if you haven't already, for you to read the book. It's really good, and it explains a whole lot about Griffin's past. Also, if Griffin is your favorite character (like me!) then it's pretty cool just to read a story that's totally all about him. (I'm sorry, but I kind of dislike David. Griffin is way better, and PWNs all.)

With all of that said, please enjoy the story!


He had to move. He knew it even before it began.

David was a formidable opponent. Even his years of karate and constant training couldn't ensure a victory. And being stuck in a tower surrounded by electricity didn't help much.

Tricky bastard.

Though, he had to admit, he was kind of proud of him. Under all of the rage and fury. He finally struggled free of the crackling electricity, tangled wires, and mangled metal. David had just left him there. Didn't even come back. Left him. Abandoned him.

Stupid jumper, David was. Risky, incapable of understanding the reasons for what he had been about to do. Someday he would get him back, if the stupid git was still alive. If he had saved his girlfriend.

Somehow, he knew that David was still alive, and he also knew that the twit didn't expect to ever see him again.

He should have been dead. The electricity that had been coursing through him hadn't exactly been controlled to the usual 10,000 volts… but he had survived, stumbled out of that mess of twisted metal and into a battlefield.

Where the hell was he?

Staggering almost blindly, twitchy and trying desperately to gain control of his muscles once more, the rage grew. A rumbling, tumbling, torpedoing vortex of fury, and he wanted so bad to just take it out on the world… but especially David. Because of him he had to move his lair… again. How many times now? Three? Four? He had never had a stable home that lasted more than a few years, and his last one had been the best one yet. He just had to hope that the Paladins hadn't taken all of his stuff. Ruined everything. He had to hope nothing was on fire either. Had to hope that Roland was dead, so that he could move on to another big Paladin and be done with him. Hope. Oh how he hated the word. He had put so much into it and gotten nothing out of it, that he didn't expect anything anymore. He had to get it himself.

Straightening, he glanced around. He was definitely in a war zone. Where? He didn't know. Didn't care. He had followed David's jumpscar. Shaking his head only to find that the forceful movement brought pain pounding in his temples, he jumped.

It was a sloppy jump, and sand, dirt, and rubble came with him. His lair was a mess, and yes, a few things were on fire. He quickly grabbed the sheets off his bed and patted the fires out, scowling the whole time. David had ruined everything… all to save his little girlfriend. What was her name? Ah, yes… Millie. What a waste of time. It was all going to end bad in the long run. One or both of them were going to die.

Sighing, with the fires now out, he straightened again and glanced around his lair. Too bad. It had been a nice place.

Griffin O'Connor was a man who looked to be in his twenties, 5' 7" tall and short for his age, though he didn't care much anymore. His brown hair was tousled from his recent fight with David, there were scorch marks on his clothes and skin, and cuts in a few places on his knuckles. In reality, he was a mess, and wanted nothing more than to shower and call it a day, but he had work to do.

Grabbing a duffel bag, he packed up everything that was really important. The sketches. Those were the most important. His drawings of the Paladins, of their faces, who they were, where they had been seen, how important they were in the hierarchy of the secret organization that hunted him and all Jumpers. He stuffed it all away into his duffel bag and then looked around the room. Nothing else was as essential as these. His sketches of places couldn't be replaced all that easily, but they still weren't all that significant in the long run. So, finding the sketch of a desert oasis he had visited once, long ago, he searched his mind for the memory of that place… and jumped there. He dropped the duffel bag and jumped away. There wasn't a town within miles of that place, so his Paladin data would be safe for the meantime. Now he just needed to find a new place to set up his lair. Fast.

This part wasn't so easy. He had to pick someplace remote, safe, preferably with a cave… one he could blast the entrance closed to. Now there was something he would have fun doing. Blasting rock into rubble. That might clear his mind of his anger for a while. At least while he was stealing the supplies for it. And while he was busy finding a place to go.

He headed to a London library. He'd been there many times before, so it was easy for him to picture in his mind, without the help of the sketch he had of the outside.

Griffin had jumped to his favorite corner, the only corner that normally remained unoccupied. It was dark, closed off, and in the politics section. Who in their right mind would want to wander there? He stepped over to one of the computers after glancing around furtively and wondering whether or not any Paladins were around. No sign. Good. They could sense him jump if they were close enough. He used this place often enough that he had reason to worry, too, but it was the best library he knew of, and he knew he could escape them if they came.

Sitting down and making himself comfortable, he brought up the internet and did a search. Under a search for uncharted islands, he found a good lead. A small archipelago of islands in the Caribbean were his first good find. They were charted, yes, but they had never been inhabited and no buildings had ever stood there. According to the article he read, they were now a nature reserve, and no airplanes or ferries went to or from them. They were made up of low shoreline that rose to peaks, cliffs and rocky outcrops. Perfect… if he could find one with a good cave. Griffin got satellite pictures of each of the islands and then walked out of the library. Once he had gotten a few blocks away, he slipped into a dark, empty alley.

With a jump, he was there.

It was even more beautiful in the flesh. Of course it was. The pictures had been digital and blocky. Satellite pictures. He loved satellite pictures… they made his life so much easier… but that was beside the point. It still took his breath away, temporarily put his rage on hold. The island was tropical, animals scurrying away from the gust of stale air from the library that came with him. No one was here… but here was a no go. Though the island was exactly as it had been said to be, it didn't have a cave. Just a rocky hill that ended in a point, covered partially with vegetation.

So he tried the next one.

Griffin didn't know the names of the islands. He didn't bother to. There were five, and he was checking them out, one by one.

On the fourth island, he found the perfect place. Well, almost perfect. The cave opening was small, but it widened into a large cavern with stalactites and stalagmites lining the sides. It was slightly damp, but not to the point of being horrible. He had to jump back to get a flashlight though, because the cave was pitch black once he got far back enough.

It would do nicely. The largest part of the cave was 40' x 20' by his approximations, and then the tunnel went on a bit farther, ending in a smaller, around 15'x7' grotto. The island was the second largest, around six miles long, and populated with much the same wildlife as the last three. Birds, birds, and more birds. Some rodents… a few lizards. No problem.

He still checked the other one. The last island. But he found no better than what he had already discovered. So he went back, committed it to memory, and then went back to London. By this time, it was already around midnight, and he jumped into the hardware store. Griffin stole bags of cement and the proper tools needed to make a flat floor for his new home. He then took it back to his island and got to work.

By the time dark had fallen in the Caribbean, he had poured all of the cement and created was would soon be a level floor for his new lair. Griffin had even signed his name, and put the date. Once more to keep his mind off things. To occupy him with making it look almost perfect. Work helped to numb the pain of David's betrayal. Even though it had only been a temporary partnership from the beginning, he hadn't minded the company… until he had been trapped him in an electric current. Stuipd git hadn't even thought twice about coming back to help him while he had struggled for hours to break free. The work helped, and he was almost sad when it was done. Almost.

Once the cement had dried, he jumped back to his old lair to retrieve some of his landscaping lights. He hadn't expected it to take them so little time to find the place again. At least Roland hadn't been there. That was a good sign.

There had only been a few, all male, and they had just been arriving through the front door, having followed the coordinates with the GPS tracking system in the jeep.

Griffin took care of them fast. In a matter of moments he had disarmed them, beaten two with a baseball bat, and punched one in the face with one of his jump attacks. He had then taken the Paladins to his new favorite drop off zone. A shark infested area of water off Cuba. The anger had helped, but Griffin found himself wishing that they had been harder to fight. Maybe then he would have had something else to do. More time to occupy. More anger to be vented off.

He jumped back to his old lair and, keeping a wary eye out for more Paladins, began moving his things. It wouldn't take them long to realize that their buddies had gone missing. It wouldn't take them long to figure out where he'd gone, either. So he moved everything to the oasis that night. The same place he had stored his sketches the day before. Then he took the jeep and turned it back the way it had come, putting a brick on the gas pedal and jumping out of it as it drove off on its own.

When the lair was empty of everything, he bid it farewell and jumped back to London. Griffin then walked to the station and got on a train. He wasn't paying attention to where it was going when he bought the ticket. He wasn't going to stay the whole trip. Only when he was a few miles away did he dare to jump again. He didn't want any Paladins knocking on his new door too soon.

He took from the oasis a few landscaping lights and set them up in his new Hole. Griffin then began the process of closing the entrance. He didn't want to blow it closed after all, afraid that if he risked it, the whole cave would collapse. He was also on a nature preserve. If by some stroke of rotten luck someone on a boat traveling nearby heard the blast, things could get nasty. So, he went around the five islands, collecting big rocks and jumping them back to the cave opening. Soon he had it covered, and a few gaps went all the way through the wall to provide ventilation at that end. At the other end, in the smaller chamber, there was a small hole going out to the surface. Not large enough to provide light, but enough to give the place a breeze. When it was ready, he began moving in his stuff, starting with the rest of the lights and the batteries and generator he needed to run them. He then brought the fridge, his safe that he kept the money and smaller weapons in, and then the larger weapons, the bed, the shelves, and the plywood sheets that he used to put his sketches on.

With everything set up besides the solar camping shower, he finally surrendered himself to his exhaustion. After trying desperately to escape the mangled metal trap David had left him in, finding a new lair, killing a couple Paladins, and moving all his things, which added up to a total of about 48 hours straight without a wink of sleep or food, he was happy to fall onto his bed and black out, despite his empty stomach and lack of sheets.


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