Conclusion That night

Conclusion That night

Possible Household—back yard

A/N: Shego actually requested a standoff with Ron back in installment 2 if you recall….

In between the round trip to Denver and back, the teenaged quartet thwarted the bad guys' robbery attempt and packed them all off to jail in almost record time.

As requested, Ron actually stood up to Shego, keeping her off balance before pasting her into a wall with a monkey-powered punch and knocking her out.

After that moment, the hench-goons weren't so willing to deal with the Buffoon as they were before…and surrendered en masse, leaving the two evil geniuses to be wrapped up.

"That's awesome! Ah wish Ah coulda seen it!" Joss exclaimed.

"Now, Dear. Ya saw plenty the last time that Drakken varmint was in town. Remember?" Slim reminded her from where he and Jim watched the grilling meat.

"It wasn't much of a fight. Really," Kim assured her cousin.

"And you're okay, Yori? Ronald shouldn't have involved you," Ron's father worried.

Yori smiled warmly at him. "I appreciate your concern but Ron San made sure I was fine. I was very safe."

"As if I would let her be anything else? Hey, Dad, it's all good. We watch out for each other." Ron squeezed Yori's hand affectionately.

"You've got that right," Rick agreed while raising a mug of soda. "To us grads. Great in the past. Awesome in the future!"

They clinked glasses against each other.

And with that display of faith, it could be said that the transition was made. Ties of faith were secured. And the bad guys beware because Team Possible would be around for a while.

THE END (for now)