(A/N): Quick drabble for SKF. Hope you like it, hon. And a general announcement - I've hit a wall as far as writing goes lately. I haven't written anything for a month, which is extremely disconcerting for me. So I'm going to be going on hiatus for a while. I apologize, because I know a lot of you are waiting for an update on Burning Bridges, and I do plan to continue it, but it took me three days just to write this piece. I'll be up and running again as soon as I can.

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In the weeks since their return to the Islands, they've learned what they need to keep the nightmares at bay. When the light scratch comes at her window, Kairi doesn't bother to turn on the small bedside lamp; barefoot, she crosses to the window and lifts the sash, stepping back as two familiar silhouettes climb over the sill. Her hands find theirs in the dark and she pulls them both into a strong hug, gauging how heavily the past is weighing on their minds by how tightly they cling to her.

She steps back, fingers still linked with theirs, and turns and leads them to the bed. Sora immediately clambers up beside her, gangly limbs knocking against hers as he slides under the covers and finds the comfort of her grip again. Riku holds back for a moment, as he always does, before he climbs over them and settles himself on her other side. His fingers find hers in the dark, but there are no words. There never are. She drifts to sleep with her boys' heads cushioned on her small shoulders.

She wakes to tangled limbs and her pillow damp with saliva, but as she gazes at their sleeping faces, she thinks there's nowhere else she'd rather be.