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Even before their was such a thing as time, light and dark have battled agenst eachouther. This age long war has no ending, as it has no begining. They have battled long and hard, each trying despertly to tip the balance in their own favor, neither truely succeding. For there is no love without hate, no life without death and no heaven without hell.

They go together hand-in-hand. But in a world far from our own, there rages a battle few have ever seen. The eternal battle of light and dark. It is a battle that has lasted long before time began. Each fights to destroy the outher, each the ultiment weapon agenst the outher.

But in anouther place, the battle of light and dark rains hard and true. Each day is filled with the screams of war and the pound of steal agenst steal, magic agenst magic. Many have fallen, but more have arisen to fight. But as the war rages on, both sides have been growing weaker and weaker and weaker.

Unfortuantly, light has not been fighting a fruitful battle. Darkness has already begun to conquer them. Few fighters of light remain. For the light shines bright, but the darkness forever remains.

Chapter One

Emperor Yamato Ishida, King of the Dark forces of Magic sat alone in his throne room. The battle had been going well, as always. Light had forever been a challange, but like all things he would beat it eventually. Ice blue eyes that were as cold as the winter wind loward to the throne in which he sat upon.

It had taken him long to claim the throne that rightfully belonged to him. The very land in which some of his domain sat upon had been taken from the Light. After all this time Light had finnly been cornered. But as it always did it would countinue to fight him as they always had. When would they learn that they could never defeat him, or the Darkness?

He chuckled lightly, his laughter bounceing over the stone walls of his throne room. It wouldn't be any fun if they gave up. Half the enjoyment of winning was knowing that the outher had tried long and hard, but in truth were never really a match for you. True Light had defently given him a lot of trouble in the past, which was part of why he would enjoy destroying them so much.

Icy eyes flickered up at the entrance of his Captine, Daisuke Motomiya.

"M'lord, we've taken the Kingdom of Love and Purity. Lady Sora and Lady Mimi escaped along with Prince Takeru and Prince Taichi. "

Yamato's hands clinched almost inperceptly at the arms of his throne. Slowly he stood, his eyes gazeing calculating on Daisuke,"So all we toke was the Kingdom, none of the Leaders their?"

Daisuke shook his head slightly, raising a hand palm out at his lord,"Not exactly. We were able to capture Lady Miyako Inoue, the youngest of the Princeses of Love and Purity.

Yamato smirked with growing dark amusement,"Really? Where is she?"

Daisuke turned and made a gesture to one of the men behind him. They nodded swiftly and left the room. Secouds later Daisuke's secoud in command, Joyou Kido, entered in his arms their layed an uncounsis damsel.

Yamato smiled wickedly as he walked over to Joyou, his eyes falling upon the uncounise maiden in his arms. He frowned slightly. He'd rather been hopeing for a verble spar with the captive.

"Why isn't she awake?"He questioned, his gaze flickering mommentarly to Daisuke.

Daisuke spread his arms apologitcly,"She wouldn't come quietly so we used some SLEEP on her. She should wake up any momment now."

True to his words, a small moan came from Miyako. Slowly her eyes fluttered open, reveling a pair of golden eyes to the world. For a secoud in time that burned in eternity, Yamato Ishida found himself lost in their golden radience.

The momment was shattered though as Miyako's eyes burned in bright fury and her mouth opened without any hesitation to vent such anger.

"Dark scum! Put me down this instant!"She yelled in fury as she struggled agest Joyou's grip. Joyoue shared a glance with Yamato before seting her down on her feet.

Yamato's eyes lit in amusment,"Leave me with the Princess untill I call for you."

Daisuke and Joyou nodded and left, shuting the door firmly behind them.

Miyako held her head high under the Dark Lord's scrutity. He circled her with a preditors gaze. His eyes savering her long perfect legs, which was perfectly outlined by the sheerly thin white nightie she was wearing that stopped around her mid-thigh and went up hangeing lightly around her body. His eyes rose higher to her taunt belly, perfectly shaped breasts and her white shoulders. His eyes at last fell back upon her face, which at the momment was taunt with fury. Her nose was small and anglic, her eyes a golden hue, her lips pink with a redish tint that formed a full pout that begged to be kissed. She was earth shatteringly beautiful.

His smirked suggestivly, his eyes lingering on her agelic features as he licked his bottem lip seductivly.

Miyako withdrew in disgust. Her cheeks takeing a redish hue,"Barbarian."she hissed.

He laughed haughtly,"You wound my heart, m'lady."The mockingness in the honorific wasn't lost to the violet haired Princess.

"You have no heart! If so it is weathered and blacker then the dead of night!"

"Is that so?"he questioned as he stoped infront of her.

Miyako felt her heart begin to thump. She feared this man with all her heart, she had a resone to. She'd heard many tales of how he cruel he was to his hostages, esspecialy the women. Forceing herself not to shudder she meet his gaze with flaming golden eyes,"Yes."

He toke a step closer to her. Miyako felt her body go taunt with more fear then she'd felt in her entire life. She wouldn't denie she'd had a rather sheltered upbringing, as most princesses did; but noone had ever terrifeid her...noone had ever....attracted her like he did before ither. Though she felt shame at the thought, she did feel an undenible feeling of attraction to his dark nature. The whole thing made her feel anger and disgust at herself. He was the enemy after all.

She toke a step backward, to get away from him to get away from that feeling. Miyako was acutely aware of her wardrobe at the momment. She was very aware of the shortness of it and the thinness of it as well.

'Whoever made these kind of night-wear should burn in hell!'she thought silently as Yamato matched herstep backward.

Instently she steped backward once more, only to find herself agenst the cold solidness of a wall. He stepped closer still to her."Stay away from me."She forced her voice not to tremble with the fear that was rapidly building within her.

He smiled, a small chuckle escapeing his lips."And why should I do that, Princess?"He cocked his head in a way that Miyako knew he wasn't looking at her, he was looking down on her. Which wasn't hard to do since he was 6'5 and she was 5'9.

"B-becouse I said so."She forced as much authority she could muster into the 4 little words she'd never really had to speak before. Back home all had followed her requests, if they were resonible that is. But then, she wasn't exactly 'home' anymore.

He leaned closer still, she could feel his hot breath on her face. She swallowed hard, wisheing with all her might he'd leave her alone. She was acutely aware of how close his body was pressed agenst her, and how little she was wearing. The whole thing made her cheeks burn in ebarresment.

He laughed darkly,"Your not at home anymore, Princess. You don't give orders, you obey them. And at the momment you will be obeying my orders."

Miyako's eyes burned in a firey blaze,"Never."she hissed.

He narrowed his eyes, a smirk comeing into play upon his face,"It will be fun to break you."he cocked his head,"I'm willing to bet your hopeing that your little friends will come to rescue you? Hmm?"He smirk widened at the look that passed her features."Yes you are, aren't you? Well, you shouldn't hope too much, for they will never rescue you. You are mine. Now and for all eternity. It will be fun to watch your precsouse light be consumed by my darkness."

Miyako bite down her fear as she responded,"Never! They will come for me, and you will be defeated. Darkness will never defeat the Light. Never!"she hissed, her old confidence welling up in her heart in unextengishble blaze.

He laughed agine, his eyes danceng with dark amusment at her words,"I will enjoy this."

With no more words he bent his head and captured her lips with his own. Her golden eyes widened as she squirmed benigth his deadly kiss. He merely leaned closer, traping her further between his warm body and the wall. Preventing movement of anykind. His hands fell to her sides, carreseing her taunt belly with melecony hands.

He smiled through the ravishing kiss as he felt a tremble run through Miyako. But wheather it was a tremble of anticpation or fear he didn't know.

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