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Princess Miyako Yolei Inoue, of the Kingdom of Love and Purity the last, and most powerful, remaining Socerosse of Light, was like ice benith the lips of Yamato Ishida, King of the Dark Forces. She didn't move at all in response to the kiss that he ruthlessly bestowed. She knew what he was doing. He was trying to prove that she was now his possesion and no outhers. That he could do anything he wanted to her and noone would stop him.

He was trying to make her submit to his kiss and beg for more. Something which Miyako Inoue would never do. She pressed her hands feebly agenst his well muscled chest. Trying her best to shove him off her, it didn't work. She was no match for him in physical strength.....but on the outher hand....

Miyako smirked slightly benigth his lips.

Closeing her eyes drew upon the power that had been in her since birth. In her minds eye she drew upon the firey mass of magic within her. She felt her body go slightly warm, and she couldn't keep the smile of triumph from blazeing across her face as Yamato let out and oath as he jerked away from her; his lips a scarlet hue from the spell.

Fire flew up around her body, not burning her nor scorching the floor. Merely floating around her, ready to harm any who dared come in contact with her.

He touched his lips which were fast turning a blackish red. Though the instent his long, delecite fingers came in contact with his lips, though, the burns disspeared as though they had never been. She crossed her arms in a slow motion, it was a defensive gesture though and she was sure he knew it from the spark of dark joy that sprang in his icy blue eyes.

He raised an elegent brow and..laughed,"Very good, Princess. It appears i've underestimated you. Good, I do so love a challange. And you, I belive, shall be one of my greatest conquests. Soon I will show you just how much more powerful the Darkness is. And you will join my side in the eternal night."

Miyako seethed in anger. How dare he presume she would ever fall to his side. For she would never, not ever!"You overestimate yourself. For I will never, never join sides with you! Light is far stronger then you, and we will win! We will!"

He chuckled,"Sure, M'lady."his voice held light mockery,"Why don't you drop your little spell, before I'm forced to do it for you."

Miyako shook her head, her lips came to a luscouse pout as a single word rang from them,"No."

He smirked with obviouse enjoyment,"Fine, have it your way. I tried to be resonble."He mummbled something under his breaths then raised his hand, palm-out, at her.

The effect was immidet. Miyako felt pain shot through out her body. Twisting and turning. Ripping through out her entire body. Her mouth fell open in a silent scream as breath exploaded from her lips. She felt herself begin to sink to the floor, her magic dimming from the inside out. Feircely she fought to regain control of both herself and her own magic.

She tried despertly to reach within and bring forth the magic in which was her only shining hope. But each time she tried the agony inteinsified. Finnly she compleatly to the floor, proping herself half-up by the stone wall. She stopped her efferts for a momment and raised her eyes defeintly to meet thoughs of the dark lord.

"Tsk tsk, I wouldn't try that agine, love. Or you will begin to feel rather..uncomfertble."he smiled wickedly.

She forced herself to stand, wobbling as she did so. She felt weak, both bodly and mently. She knew the resone. Some how he had lowered her magic powers to such a deperessing amount that it was dragging her own physical strength to try and raise it back up to its normal amount.

"You-you bastard!"she hissed, her anger giveing her voice more strength then she herself possesed at the momment.

He laughed lightly, brushing off the insult like a peace of dust on his boot."I don't know about that."he walked over closer to her. She tried lightly to move away from the wall, to stand on her own feet. It failed however as she felt her eyes close slightly. She felt so tired.

She swayed forward, and Yamato caught her lightly in his embrace. Unable to fight back in her weakend state she raised her golden eyes to meet his in burning defince. Dark amusment were alit in sapphirely ice eyes as he watced her eyes close and her body go compleatly limp in his arms....


Heavy. Unseen force seemed to be weighed upon her as golden eyes flickered open to revel their radience to the world. She bolted up right suddenly, wild eyes flying over the room in utter confusion and fear.

Dawning understanding creased their depths as unwanted memories floated back. A frown toke place on full lips as she stood, albeit woobly. He'd removed his magic-supressing spell from her. That much she could tell since she didn't fall back to the floor. Supriseingly she couldn't feel any limit on her magic anymore.

Mirthless laughter escaped her lips as she relized his intent. He'd said earlier he relished a challange, obviously he wouldn't try to take away her only weapon, atleast at the momment.

Miyako wiped her eyes tiredly as she stood here eyes wandering over the room with sudden amazment. The room was fitt for a Princess such as herself. It was elegently designed with wine-red carpets that were thrown about with dark blue ones casading over those.

Her feet gracefully sliped into the softness of it with a comfert unknown. To the right of her their was a huge golden dresser with a large mirror she could see herself clearly reflection in. On it their layed lotions and bottles and poweders and make-up and expensive and rare jeweles strown delectly about. Silver brushes and combs sat delecitly awaiting use. Golden eyes wandered downward to the feather soft stool that begged to be sat upon infront of the dresser.

Turning from the expensive items she walked over to the closet near the front of the room. Her eyes wandered over the silver doors and golden dainty nobbs for a momment before riseing to take in the deep lavender walls that sparkled with inner light.

Hesitently she opened the closet slowly. Her eyes wideing at the site before her. Dresses by the thousands littered within. By any color one could possibley imagin. She glanced down at her own attire at the momment. It was a small white bodice with flimsy white sleeves that stopped at the shoulders it dipped downward more then she wanted and had frills of tranclucent cloth near the waist that barely covered her hips and that was if she didn't move at all.

A scarlet blush coated her face as she rembered the Kiss the Dark Lord had bestowed only the night before. Haveing no desire to face him once more in her what she was clad in at the momment she reached with the closet and pulled out a silver dress with dark blue lineing. Eyes narroweing, she glanced over at the mirror agine, suspesion already clouding her mind. She glanced around hurrdily before finding a blue robe from the corner of the room.

Primly she walked over to the mirror and covered it. She wouldn't put it past Yamato Ishida not to use his magic for peeping needs. Lifting the silver/blue dress into her hands she began to change.


From within his own quarters Yamato Ishida smirked, a small chuckle escapeing his lustries lips. Apparently she wasn't as ignorent as he'd thought she was. He had been watching her from the mirror. Partly for the view and partly to see if she'd guess he would use his magic to watch her through the mirror.

Turning from his own mirror he walked over the window. His eyes gazeing over the land that was his own. He was strongest here. In his own land. It was his domain and his own magic seeped from ever crevise of it.

His thoughts flew back to the young Socerosse of Light. She was one of their few remaining Princesses. Only two more remained. Not that the other two really mattered. While they two had magic and the will to fight, they weren't as powerful as the younger princesss.

Years ago he had captured Lights own Princess, Hikari. She had been more beautiful then the tales had proclaimed, and so very strong. But he had worn her down eventually.

It had taken time but she had turned eventually. Comeing compleatly over to the side of Darkness. That had been what had weakened Light so much. She had been like the life blood of Light. She had been their Princess, and she had turned from their plight. The victory had been one of his most greatest triumphs.

Not long after he transition he'd captured her Prince, Takeru of the Kingdom of Hope and Frienship. His own brother. Like with the young Princess of Light he'd tried to change him as well. But he was deffently the Prince of Hope. For he never gave up hope of his rescue.

Yamato had used Kari agenst him as well. That proved fatal as she helped him to escape, dieing herself in the process. For her death Takeru had sworn to kill him for. Yamato highly doubted he would make good on his threat. Since Kari had turned back to Light, but still died the powers of Light had only weaked further. Their only hope of survivle resting upon their Princes's Takeru of Hope, and Taichi of Courage, and the Princess's Sora, Mimi, and Miyako of Purity and Love. They we're all that was left. But Lights survivle was resting heavely upon Miyako. Once he was finnished with her he knew light would be far to weak to fight.

Yamato smiled ruefully. Miyako was much like the Princess of Light Kari...yet stronger still. He would enjoy turning her the the Darkness. And this time he would make sure it be all the way.

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